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  1. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah first half was enjoyable to watch. We had a seat near the corner to the right of all the goals scored (goalie's POV) so a great view to see the goals happen and to see, at one point, Mourinho dancing like a crab. Second half got messy, I am not sure what they lost, maybe just got a little bored, complacent, I don't know, and it was a really soft goal and without wanting to take away from Middlesbrough felt like Gazzaniga's mistake rather than a great goal. The sausage rolls at the stadium are still lovely.
  2. Is it also that they aren't able to discern in a crowd full of fans who are generally shouting constantly through a game, which of those might have been making monkey sounds? Which of them might just have been booing? As Stroppy says, it's about evidence, although I do feel like "can monitor every fan" is a stretch.
  3. Rush rally 3... Not 2? Anyway I bought it as ever since getting a switch I kinda stopped playing on my pc and the big hole that left was not having Dirt Rally. I've only briefly played rush rally and it's no Dirt rally but it scratches that itch. The handling feels nice enough, a little stickier than dirt but the lack of analogue acceleration and brake isn't a big deal, I find myself just "Tapping" a bit. For the price it's worth it I think, if you aren't into any other racing games.
  4. Can you imagine this rule being applied to tennis serves? If a foot is over the line, its a fault. But are they spending minutes drawing lines trying to figure out if its a fault because a racket was too far. It'd be ridiculous. Anyway. ERIKSSOOOOONNNNN
  5. I'm a spurs fan. I would have preferred Pukki got that goal. It's ruining the sport. His feet were so far onside but the lint on his shoulder as he leant forward gave him an unfair advantage? Bull. Shit.
  6. Some kind of fizz for breakfast, some kind of wine with Christmas dinner (which will be about 2pm so it's lunch). Then it's freestyle, but I expect we'll be doing cocktails. The OH recently discovered Aviations so we have all we need to make those. I'll make Amaretto / Whisky sours and old fashioned's. If we make it to a cheese board I'll have Port with that. This won't actually necessarily be Christmas day but the 'second christmas' we'll have at my parents. We're visiting her dad and step mum in France for Christmas day itself, and I'm not really sure how it'll go down, but they're a lot more controlled and healthy than my boozy family, and I think I might be thirsty for a lot of it. I'm going to buy myself a nice single malt to bring and offer around, but I'll have as much of that as I can.
  7. I've never tried making yoghurt but I'm curious We quite like Skyr because it's thicker and a bit less creamier and supposedly healthier for being less fat and sugar and more protein. So I did just Google this: https://tidbits-marci.com/instant-pot-skyr-yogurt/ Which might be something if you have an instant pot. Mind you the yoghurt function is probably just a low heat and not really a thing.
  8. More fool everyone else. The goalie shouldn't have been complacent like that. And of all the "oh his lace was offside" calls that rule put goals, he was clearly on side, and it's nice to see a var rule correct a bad call for once. I was at St James Park on Saturday and really enjoyed the game and seeing Shelvey's goal so it was good to see him clinch the match again. Was a tense match for us (as Newcastle fans) because I really didn't expect a result like this from the way it started. But Newcastle seemed to get clearly stronger as Sheffield got more and more frustrated and then started making mistakes. The Saturday game against Man City really felt like a win and was a great match to watch. We had really great seats* and I was just buzzing for ages afterwards. * We felt a bit bad because I believe the availability of seats is a little bit due to the boycott against Ashley. But we were in Newcastle for one long weekend and since my other half was a junior magpie when she was a Nipper, we couldn't not.
  9. Oh, something that didn't occur to us at all was that we might be able to pause it. Is that a thing you can do? Midweek football on Telly always results in one or the other missing a goal because they were preparing dinner (it's usually me)
  10. The little player videos of the goal scorers in the bottom left are so fucking tacky. Ugh. Although.... I kinda want loads of different people to score now so I can see each one. Ffs. Did amazon make the players record them? Is a goalie made to do it?
  11. We were at the spurs stadium. Got pitch side tickets so that was a lot of fun. Felt like spurs were putting up a good fight with some real opportunities... Then just kinda lost it and couldn't get it back. Still... Was really fun. We really need to get to the hive soon though. Also we were sat right where the pundits stand on the pitch doing interviews so between us and the pitch was all this av shit. Kinda fascinating.
  12. I've got one where you put the tub in the freezer. It's a bit of a pain because it takes a long time to be sure it's fully frozen. On top of this, I thought that i'd make basically-frozen ice cream and it never quite gets all the way. However...it still is fine in the end. It does work. I just had to readjust my expectations that it's not something I can just spontaneously do, I have to decide one day I'm making ice cream, assemble and pre-chill ingredients and the tub and then when it's made I've got to let the ice cream itself freeze fully before it's cold enough to serve. So that's some advice on expectations. I don't regret not having a fancy one that does the freezing itself. But this is fine, I shouldn't eat too much ice cream, and it's too niche a product for us to spend too much money more money on. It gets the job done fine. After tasting some in La Cinque Terre earlier this year, we made Basil gelato. IT IS AMAZING. I've seen a recipe out there for 'shandy' ice cream that uses lemon and hoegaarden that's next on my list. I expect we'll make more sorbets and fro-yo in the summer too. What's nice about it is if you ever make a cake or something, being able to scoop on a dollop of ice cream for someone and tell them you made it yourself and it has a slightly exotic set of flavours in (eg indian spices, basil, whatever) it's just that bit more impressive when hosting.
  13. It's not hard to make a rye sourdough. Rye bread is pretty much mix it and bake it. You need to let it rise but since there's no gluten you can't knead it. It's just a wet slop. It's dense and has a lot of flavour. And it still tastes good toasted with butter and marmite. I thought spelt had gluten?
  14. Oh also @Liamness you don't need a banneton either. They help, but I started by just shaping in a normal pyrex bowl. I've also done it in a loaf tin. There's something special about getting those floury banneton rings, but it's all just cosmetic. But if you have a dutch oven you've got one of the most important pieces of kit I think. I'm baking in one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lodge-litre-Pre-Seasoned-Double-Handles/dp/B000LEXR0K/ref=asc_df_B000LEXR0K/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=231885836073&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=890829938271828953&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046004&hvtargid=pla-343926127884&psc=1&th=1&psc=1 I love it because the 'lid' will sit flat so that you can easily put the dough on that and use the thing upside down.
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