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  1. Beautiful assist from the goalpost there
  2. Wow the complaining posts for something that was clearly a really nice, creative labour of love. Mirror's edge was chosen because the perspective is the same and it was one of the first first person games that wasn't, like, 80% brown. I thought it was obvious why it was in there.
  3. Probably fine. Just keep feeding and discarding and see how it goes. 3 days isn't really that long. I think after a while all the booze that's created starts to kill everything else off. I find I can judge the health of my starter based on smell. It's funky and gross if it's dying, hungry, or if other stuff is growing, it's less active and so on. If it's nice and vinegary, beery, and fresh (But still a little funky) and there are lots of foamy bubbles it feels active and good, and the fresh smell tells me that it's killing off everything else. I mean I do
  4. This is maybe a silly thing to suggest but perhaps you have a brewery that is personal to you? If we were doing the wedding tomorrow catering for about ten drinkers... I'd say we'd want Wylam because we just moved nearby, or Pressure Drop because we just moved away from near them. But then I'd wanna get some beers from Three Legs in Rye. They aren't the most amazing but I think the first holiday me and the wife had together involved an 8 mile hike to said brewery from a cottage we were staying at. Significant, you know. Most craft breweries taste pretty g
  5. I think we thought about keg set up for our wedding (which got cancelled last year, thanks to the pandemic) but figured out that cans were about as cheap and so much less faff. One big icey trough was enough to get nice cold fizzy beers ready for people. Then again if you have bar staff - our fear was having drunken people trying to pour foamy pints and wasting half of it. Majestic did a fairly decent set of prices for Thornbridge beers in cans - that way we could get a range of ABVs and decent lagers. They also sold us ice and the troughs but depends on venue etc. Tho
  6. cowfields


    Something I've been meaning to do is experiment with the cloth filters and paper filters I have for my V60. The cloth filter is a faff because you have to clean it and I think you can't really just leave it between uses - I've been putting it in the freezer to stop it going funky overnight. But, I don't have to keep buying filters, and my vague feeling is that it is allowing more oils through and I'm getting a slightly 'thicker' cup. Mouthfeel, something like that. It's making a really nice cup so I mean, there's that much reason to not go back to paper. I've got a packet knocking aro
  7. cowfields


    You might also want to think about other methods. Aeropress method is like filter in that it won't be sludgy because it's passing through paper. But because you're using some pressure to send water through you do get something less filtery, more espresso like. It's like a scale, where filter is on on end. Long, light, fruity. Espresso is on the other. Short, intense, syrupy, intense. I think aeropress sits a bit in the middle perhaps? I don't know if anyone mentioned the pouring method? If water is coming straight from a kettle the average one
  8. Can you elaborate on the ice cube thing? Is it just stick dough in the Dutch oven as normal but whack in an ice cube on top before adding the lid? I should try that! I sometimes spray the top with a spray water bottle before but with mixed results.
  9. I've not played Bastion but Transistor is not the same. But it has a lot of cosmetic similarities - They look similar, and the feel of the art and the dialogue is not far off but the setting is different. The delivery of the story feels very similar. Small bits of dialogue and lore uncovered as you play. It's a really interesting comparison to Hades. Hades is very much twitchy gameplay despite stats and stuff being part of it. Transistor is a sort of seamless mix of action with some light strategy / queuing of moves. It's hard to describe. It's not turn based but you can effective
  10. Oh that's worth a trip then. Coppers are a little further away from me but looks interesting enough to give them a visit. If we ever learn to drive then it'd be a bit easier! Rehills though is 0.5miles from where we live which is so convenient. And the guy serving us looked like he used to be in the Ramones, which was somehow a plus.
  11. Not sure... Still learning where everything is! The place is this place... Rehill's of Jesmond https://maps.google.com/?cid=1087305855688287868&entry=gps
  12. We moved to Newcastle a week ago from London so naturally we want to get all up in to the local breweries. Only really knew about Wylam before. Got a fridge full. But we discovered an amazing off license / local grocery shop nearby us by Jesmond Dene. Absolutely loads of interesting beers and lots local. Haaaaanyway... This marmalade and assam ipa from Northern Alchemy is really really lovely. Often these kinds of fruity ipas can be a little cloying or overly citrussy but it's got the perfect balance. You can taste the tea and bitter orange but it's not dominating. Th
  13. That's a bit of a reductive attitude to be honest. Non alcoholic beers are actually on the rise in terms of availability and quality. It's a really interesting growth in the market. Perhaps you like to get drunk every day of the week, but a midweek 0.5% abv beer is a great thing, especially now they aren't just some afterthought or some mass produced becks-blue type crap. Thornbridge Zero Five, Big Drop, To Øl, and many more are putting out some very refreshing, very drinkable beers where you can have a few, still enjoy the taste of craft beer without feeling drunk. It
  14. cowfields


    So I got a Mara X. I feel a bit like I have taken a leave of my senses buying such an expensive machine. This hit home when my dad said to me "So what does it actually do?" and all I could say was "make coffee and heat milk". Still it's a nice treat after a stressful house move. It looks great on the counter and has made some great coffee. The flat whites come out as good as any local coffee shop is doing. I need to practice doing the milk and getting latte art but it's tasting great. I also need to spend a bit more time trying different grinds and weights. The thing just pours hot
  15. I don't know about anyone else but I'm really inaccurate with my measurements. Especially with the starter. I figure that the unknown variables, eg how much water, when you last fed it, how much warmth there was, means that the weight becomes a little meaningless. As long as you did a sponge and after doing it for a while a little more or less water doesn't make much odds. It's something that you can do a bit by feel, I think. At least, if you do it often enough. I was at a point where I was baking a loaf every week, or 2 loaves every 2 weeks so just got a sense of it all. So in a
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