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  1. Oh also @Liamness you don't need a banneton either. They help, but I started by just shaping in a normal pyrex bowl. I've also done it in a loaf tin. There's something special about getting those floury banneton rings, but it's all just cosmetic. But if you have a dutch oven you've got one of the most important pieces of kit I think. I'm baking in one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lodge-litre-Pre-Seasoned-Double-Handles/dp/B000LEXR0K/ref=asc_df_B000LEXR0K/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=231885836073&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=890829938271828953&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046004&hvtargid=pla-343926127884&psc=1&th=1&psc=1 I love it because the 'lid' will sit flat so that you can easily put the dough on that and use the thing upside down.
  2. In other news I made hotdog buns this weekend. I added a little sourdough starter for the lols, but because I needed the bread the same day, I also used dried yeast. I do that occasionally. Unlike the simple sourdough ingredients these guys had butter and milk in. They were great actually. Edges were crusty but not too crusty, just a little crunch but soft enough in the middle. We bought bratwurst from the excellent Sausage guy in Walthamstow Village. I didn't get a picture of those.
  3. Just make Sourdough. There's nothing wrong with the video...mostly anyway. He's right - a long fridge ferment does seem to get just as many, but finer bubbles. I often see instagram bread posts (because I follow #sourdough like a loser) that seem to show off huge air bubbles like some kind of sour badge of honour. But all I can think is how my marmite will just fall through those onto the plate. It also fits around my work / life because I can do one stage one evening, and then leave dough in Bannetons in the fridge until the next. And cold bread is easier to score with nice patterns. He's also right in that water and time will just naturally develop gluten. So I don't think kneading is the be all and end all - you can just do a bit to ensure everything is mixed. Stretching and folding can actually help a lot, which is difficult. I get my other half to do that when she's working from home. Here's the part in the video I disagree with though: It's not a twice daily thing to feed a sourdough starter. That's bullshit. Some people - and I was like this - feel like it's a another family pet. Except unlike a cat if you forget to feed the starter it will surely wither and die. It's really hard to kill a starter, and I don't feed mine as such. I make bread maybe fortnightly. I leave the starter in the fridge. When it's time to make bread, the night before I make a sponge with some starter. This is left overnight or longer, and it reactivates the starter, gets it all working again. When I make the dough, some of that goes back in the starter jar so it's replenished. So that idea is silly. Starters are easy to maintain, and dry yeast goes stale, it's also hard to keep buying fresh yeast. I think Sourdough isn't hard, it's not _really_ a faff once you're used to it. It's just a few steps over time. But each step is short. My full cycle is something like this: 1. PM - Create sponge as above. like 2 mins. It's just mixing, no kneading. 2. AM - Make a dough in the morning. It's basically mixing flour water salt and starter. Give it about a 5 mins knead. This whole process takes about 20 mins* [ if you are at home, stretch and fold periodically, or get your girlfriend to do it, but plenty of times I've not bothered ] 3. PM - Split and shape dough into two bannetons. This is about 5 mins. 4. Either - Put bannetons in the fridge. Bake when I have the time to Or Leave bannetons out for a faster ferment, maybe put in fridge, if I think I'm gonna bake same day. Baking is about 30-40 mins per loaf. I slice and freeze one so that keeps us going for the two weeks. I try not to wolf down warm bread in one go. So the prep is about 30 mins of my actual 'doing' time, but this is spread over 48 hours. I don't see it as hard work. It's harder than buying bread obviously but fuck is the bread good. * So - you mentioned Autolyse. If you have time, after mixing dough but _before_ kneading you'll have an easier time if you let it sit for 30 mins. But, since I often do this before leaving for work, I don't always have the time. I might mix the dough, have a shower, and that gives it some more time. As with the stretch and folding, the best loaves are when I follow every step. But I don't always, and you're still going to end up with something that tastes amazing. I mean look at this shit...DREAMCAST BREAD
  4. I guess the thinking if if you can drink in your seat, you could in theory be drinking for the entire 90 mins + extra time + half time, because people will go back to the bar and get rounds in. That's still more than how many you can physically buy let alone neck in the the half time break. Still, I'm not sure if allowing people to drink again would really be a problem. Maybe it's also a litter thing? I don't think there's any way of enforcing it practically, but it'd be nice if they at least just let people have 1 drink per half in your seat.
  5. I bought Transistor. I thought "It's only £3, and since I never actually played it on PC despite buying it and leaving it in the pile of shame, I'll feel better about finally playing it" That's such broken logic I can't quite understand why I"m convincing myself of it.
  6. I'm curious about what's going to happen soon because the Chelsea / Spurs women's game attendance was something like 25K. They said this is up from 5k at the highest attending game last season. I think they obviously sold tickets cheap ( we seemed to get extras for free by accident ) so that's part of it, but The Hive capacity (Spurs women) is 6500. I think Kingsmeadow where Chelsea women is 4,850. But they're showing that they can outsell that by 5 times? Now, I doubt overnight they could sell that many tickets for every game, but these teams are going to outgrow capacity quickly. Will they just play in the main stadiums? Or will they try to get dedicated stadiums? I'd expect the former, but then we have a bit of a scheduling thing. I mean, I'm sure there's a way to manage it though. We bought Spurs women's season tickets, they were cheap, but we probably won't go to a lot of games just because the Women's stadium is a trek for us, but we can walk to the main Tottenham stadium. So I really do hope they just start playing more there, because then we can show support. But I am concerned that the Women's league becomes expensive, inaccessible like the mens is. It was great seeing so many families at the women's game, the atmosphere was more diverse and friendly. I'm not really answering the original question. I think it'll be good to have a mix of teams in whatever the top division is, so Premier League and Super League aren't all the same teams, and there's a bit of a mix and some teams that don't have a mens. It'll be fun if some Women's teams start Men's teams. In terms of changing focus, I don't really want to change, for example, World cups I like that they are separate so I can really focus on one tournament. But the Premier league is just a silly amount of football games to be into anyway, but it's one of those things where we watch a few games, but enjoy just keeping tabs on the running scores more than anything, so I think we can easily just split our focus on both.
  7. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    My favourite part is the beer cups filling from the bottom. And the sausage rolls are surprisingly delicious. I'm sure there's more impressive parts to the stadium than those facts though.
  8. Those inflatable, uh, bangers, were awful. Just saw the waste everywhere, there's no need, the kids there were pretty good at making noise. Was a good atmosphere and plenty of chanting in the Spurs away bit, but on the whole the whole vibe was great. We saw England (mens) vs Bulgaria on Saturday and it just went to show how awful fans can be, but the Women's game showed how great they can be. The mens game was full of angry men looking like thumbs just being shitty and obnoxious. But the family vibe at the women's game was lovely, just a much more relaxing day. We had a great family sat behind us, a dad who was clearly a long time Spurs Men fan but also seemed to know all the names of the Spurs' women's team, but he had his 2 daughters who were footballers. They must have been 12-ish, as they talked about pitch size and when they'd be playing on a pitch this big soon and so on. Just gave us a lot of energy. Anyway we're all set for the Spurs / Arsenal match at the local stadium. We'll get to the Hive at some point, but it's a bit of a bloody trek from Tottenham!
  9. Hey folks, bit of a random one: Something about the season tickets we bought for Spurs Women's team got us comp tickets to Chelsea vs Spurs tomorrow, at Stamford Bridge. But we ended up with extras. I don't really understand how...but they're proper physical tickets with seat numbers so it's all good I hope! We've given a couple to friends but we've got 2 spare tickets to this game tomorrow (sunday 8th). I'll give them to anyone here for face value price. The bonus is that they say the grand total of Zero Pounds. So they're free. Two tickets sat together, but not with us so it won't be weird. Anyway, if anyone's interested, PM me!
  10. We bought season tickets for Spurs "Ladies" as they were £50 or so. Having spent over that for a single Spurs mens game more than once, it felt rude not to. Not sure how many games we'll get to... For a start I think they play at "the hive" which feels miles away (as opposed to the main stadium which we can walk to...) but it does get us comp tickets to the Chelsea game. We're excited to follow the league though.
  11. We were there at the stadium for that. It was sort of an amusing game in some ways...Some fans were so angry I can't imagine they really get any enjoyment from the £££ they spend on games. My Fiancee is a Newcastle fan so was pleasantly surprised, and it was actually nice to see them be a much improved team after the last game against Norwich. So you know, another side to the coin. So as I'm basically a 50/50 split Newcastle and Spurs fan, seeing Newcastle get 3 points made it less frustrating. The last 30 minutes just felt like the same pass-semicircle around the goal with no real shots. From that point of view Fans were shouting at them to take a shot but from where we were sat (at the top, overlooking the goal) I really don't think Newcastle were letting any gaps open. On the few occasions Newcastle broke back from situations like that, they got better attempts on goal than Spurs did. So all this said, I don't know whether it's better to lose a game than play a tactic that worked to keep their lead. I would say it is not. I do wish Spurs had a bit more of a tactic to try in these situations though. I guess a game when it's both your teams you can look a bit more objective. If I had no love for Newcastle then I'd probably be much more frustrated.
  12. Really love watching someone prick about with CAD software for five minutes after an amazing goal. Just to see if someone's little finger was further than another little finger. Riveting stuff.
  13. We saw Alex Cameron at Green Man last year and became hooked: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/6y9QkSGMnFRJRbKzh0j91A You have to listen to the lyrics, it's a subtle comedy, but he's playing this sort of deeply flawed character. I won't explain or point out where it's funny, but "True Lies" is the one that had us giggling. But it's also a cracking album.
  14. cowfields

    vinyl lovers

    When the lid is down, just wait an amount of time, and then a cat will be sitting on it. Their soft fur is ideal for picking up and removing dirt. Unfortunately, then you just have cat hair instead of dust, I'm not sure if that's what you were hoping for. GET OFF MY RECORD PLAYER YOU STUPID CAT. YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE ROXY MUSIC. ---- Changing the subject, I'm trying to go Spotify free. So far I could listen to all my vinyl on Spotify, but without that service, having to get the tracks digitally is hard. What.cd would have been good for this moment, as I want to try and go FLAC all the way. I have no problem Yarring music when I bought the vinyl new. Are people here just using Spotify to listen to their music away from their record players? Or do you have a method for syncing your digital library with your analog one? For anything I haven't yet bought - I am going to try Bandcamp for wherever possible. Shipping costs can be awful, but it's nice to instantly get all kinds of file from Bandcamp, stored centrally, while the record label or artist sends you a Vinyl copy themselves. I've found with those download codes, some are expired,(wtf), some only download 320mp3, which is fine but I'd rather have lossless. Most actually don't have a code at all. Not everything is even available to buy digitally, and I've struggled to fine decent quality torrents or whatever. So I'm even considering buying CDs to rip. We've got the USB Audio Technica, so as a last resort I could actually 'rip' the vinyl. Ho hum, it's nice having a proper digital music collection though.
  15. cowfields

    The Spurs Thread

    There are a bunch of buses that will go up that road if you want to cut off a bit of time. Not sure how busy they'll get actually. We're actually going before that to the Inter Milan match, we're looking forward to seeing the new stadium. I imagine we'll get a bus some of the way but we could actually walk it from our house. Also, The High Cross (tiny) is tiny pub that used to be a public toilet, with a lovely chap that runs it and good beers. But you can also get Lucky Chip burgers from The Bluecoats too. Imagine that one will get quite rammed on a match day though. We got Newcastle tickets. the OH is a Newcastle fan first and foremost so it's nice to see both teams play. Though, I imagine it'll be as much a counselling session for my fiancee as a nice day out, all things considered with NUFC. Anyway - The Spurs ticketing experience was terrible though. Can't believe how shit the eticketing site was dealing with the queues.
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