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  1. cowfields

    Katamari Damacy

    Weirdly the JP version seems to say it's out on the 20th. Strikes me as odd that they'd have the demo before anyone else, but the actual version later than anyone else. We will see, I suppose.
  2. cowfields


    Is anyone playing Psyvariar Delta then? I just got this for Switch and though I've not had much time with it (sort of waiting for my vertical switch grip to arrive) I don't quite get it yet... I played a lot of Psyvariar 2 on the PS2. I loved it, going level up level up level up...I wouldn't fire a shot, just swirl around grazing and bashing into things. Anyway....the ships move a lot slowly on Delta, and I don't understand what all the different modes and ship types do....maybe it's just not the kind of crazy grazing that Psyvariar 2 was? Which is a little sad, but I think I just need to properly learn the 'right' way to play. I do remember when it clicked for Psy2 - I thought it was quite boring when I just shot everything down, and then you realise that you actually have to wait for things to shoot bullets to get the most out of a level.
  3. cowfields

    Christmas Fixin's 2019

    Great ideas. Next question - anyone want to come round and help make this? I'll pay you in leftovers, if there are any. My guests won't be allowed to mix with the help (that's you). Frustratingly I have my work Christmas do the night before, so that cuts into prep time, but anyway. Thanks for the ideas. I'm super excited.
  4. cowfields

    Christmas Fixin's 2019

    Maybe this is a thread hijack but anyway... I'll be hosting a soirée for our friends before Christmas. The actual Christmas Dinner on Christmas day I will help out with but it's very much my parents gig and I am just a roadie. But this soirée... People will arrive at different times. Maybe stay different amounts. We (me and my girlfriend) don't have the space in our house to seat the full Guestlist (10 including us) at once so I want to do a buffet. I want to keep topping up with nibbles, canapés etc. But I want it to feel Christmas dinnery! So pigs in blankets, obviously. Stuffing balls, yes. I'll probably still do turkey because most carnivores are quite happy to pick at meat. I'm thinking bread sauce as a dip, maybe Carrot and parsnip crisps. That kind of thing... Any ideas?
  5. On an impulse I bought the Japanese version of this while in Japan last week. Me and my GF had played the arcade version in Akihabara and she really enjoyed it, so we gave it a go. I'm actually annoyed that the joy cons aren't good enough, I thought motion sensor and rumble should be decent enough for an experience now? Seems like not, haven't played it yet (I only just got a switch, and i'm forbidding myself to open it just yet). I didn't want to have to buy the drums just for this version, as I'd feel obliged to buy two, and dropping another £100 on this game feels like a lot. When you say the Joycon method "is pants"...how so? Unresponsive? or just loses the mood of the game? I guess all the drum is just hitting joypad buttons with a stick, and thus the fun has indeed gone.
  6. cowfields


    East London Liquor Company's Batch 2 is my favourite of recent times I think. Good enough I'll sometimes sip it on its own because I think it's flavour is good enough for that. Their "normal" gin is actually really good for the price (about £20 I think?) Batch 2: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/26556/east-london-liquor-premium-gin-batch-2 Normal London Dry: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/26554/east-london-liquor-dry-gin And it's my go to 'house party' gin, because of the value for money I think. I appreciate the price because I believe they made a sort of promise to not overprice their gin, and always have an 'affordable' gin on their line up. Their bar is great, and they make good cocktails. I recently got some of this on an impulse - it's REALLY grapefruity. Easy drinking https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sly-Gin-London-Pink-Grapefruit/dp/B075KQ5MXV The point of gin is not to have a favourite anyway, it's to have many favourites, many things to add to it (eg rosemary, ginger, lime, fruit, whatever), and many tonics. I admit we've become really lazy, and we just buy all the fever tree cans. But if I could be bothered to keep a stock of soda water or have a soda stream, I'd get into tonic syrups. I generally do at Christmas because my parents have a soda stream...
  7. cowfields

    The Beer Thread

    It's the green lanes one. Is that the same one? My geography is bad... Not been to the starting gate but been past after we saw ice hockey at Ally Pally. Am guessing that's the same? It's not that far from us. We just discovered loc ice hockey so expect we'll be in there before long!
  8. cowfields

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    It's mine too. Was amazed at how it came out, and blow torching the top made It bubble and char on the crust which was great too. So much so I made about 10 people a little pizza each in quick succession thanks to how simple and quick it is. Made for a great Eurovision party! Hadn't been going out with my girlfriend for very long at that point, and most of the people were her friends meeting me for the first time. I got a good approval rating thanks to the method. I've always had trouble shaping and getting on the pan without fucking the shape a bit. But I think I might be getting a flat lodge cast iron pancake pan for my birthday... Specifically for pizza. Barely a lip on the pan so I'm hoping that levels up the technique.
  9. cowfields

    The Beer Thread

    I should have clarified, that it's a bit lame stocking Gamma Ray. And they've always had a problem with overpricing their beer. Gamma Ray is on Ocado in cans now. So why was a Tottenham pub, a mile or so from the brewery, charging £5 for 2/3 of it? It's their 'mass produced' one now so it just seemed a bit odd, I think they're doing it because it's the popular brand, maybe they're trying to clamour back some profit from importing a bunch of Mikeller. I think Beavertown can make some really good beers though, but there is something about them that sort of irks me. I've often seen a lot of their beers inexplicably more expensive in pubs than they have any right to be.
  10. cowfields

    The Beer Thread

    This is more of a "Pub" post than a beer post... The Brewdog pubs often are full of wankers but as someone said that's a very real risk in 95% of pubs in London, so it's occasionally a preferable choice. True Craft Tottenham just opened near where we live. There's not much in the way of nice pubs near us, so a new one that does nice pizza, good takeaway bottles and a good selection on tap was very welcome... ...Or so we thought. The Mikeller passionfruit Weiss was really nice. But why are you stocking Beavertown? Aren't people over that? Just because they're in Tottenham. I mean, the Gamma Ray was one of the most expensive things on tap, being served in 2/3rds for some inexplicable reason. Anyway, it was echoey thanks to there being no soft furnishing, a mess of tables, really busy and people sat at the bar so queuing for a drink was awkward. The selection of beer was really good and the pizza was really good but it made us realise we've been spoilt a bit with good beer. There's just so much of it, it's so easy to get, that now it's not enough to just serve a good product, they could have done better with the vibe. It just felt like a cafe, and I think we are surely over that in craft beer land. I mean, it's okay if it's an actual tap room where the beer is being made, because you can forgive that - they're a working brewery after all. We got a pizza, but as soon as that was done we walked to the Salisbury. It's dark in there, but it's cosy, it always feels friendlier and the beer selection is just as good, probably better.
  11. cowfields

    No Man's Sky

    Whether it's "Next" or this new save, I feel much luckier. Money seems like less of a grind, right? It's easier to find treasures - at first I was worried it would trivialise everything, but when you see nice looking ships for 25 million you realise you're not as rich as you thought and there's still some grinding you could do. It seems more generous - After a coupe of archaeological digs ( keys and a chest ), farming those larvae things while avoiding horrors eating you, or crashed freighters I've just found myself making a lot of money faster which meant I was able to buy a new gun - something I never really was able to do in my last pre-next save in twice the time played, and I've got a second ship. Both of them are little but having some cash means I'm already going through some kind of upgrade progression. You don't have to farm everything, you can just buy bits for an upgrade and assemble a new blueprint fast. It's less punishing, less grindy, a lot more fun. This vaguely reminds me from when Vanilla WoW went from a brutal grind fest into a game that was actually accessible and fun. Also in the luck factor, in the first system I visited after my starter, I found a lush red planet - it's basically a version of Earth but where chlorophyll is red. So I've started a base, but everything is outdoors. Didn't feel worth building a wooden shack considering there's absolutely no hazards at all, at any time. Lucky me. It's a lovely place, all there is so far is a few of the portable machines I could build anywhere, and a portal that I don't know how to use. But I've got big dreams after I've explored some other systems....
  12. cowfields

    No Man's Sky

    Long waffle post: I can't remember when I last played NMS, I never felt like I fully got into it despite really liking it...I hated the haters, it was a great experiment. Without any knowledge of Next I had always meant to get back into it. But I feel lucky to have waited and to come back now. I can imagine if you put hours in then all the changes to crafting may or may not make things better, and I can imagine the pain at a 2nd major reboots of how it all works if you have a much longer save game could bring mixed emotions. I think there's something a bit tiresome with the stages of crafting - you have the final recipe but there might be quite a few steps of gathering, assembling or processing, and trying to work out what you need to make and gather and process could be easier to grok somehow. But on the other hand I remember the last time I played, very early on I would have to gather a lot of different elements and never be able to hold in my head what they were all for. So you'd arrive at a vein, wonder if you needed it, farm it, realise you didn't...have to travel to sell it because you didn't have the inventory space...having no guide either didn't help. But now it's easier and simpler to know what you have to go out and actually collect, at least in the tutorial stages. So I'll forgive a slightly clunky process for the assembling right now. Also money doesn't seem so much of a grind. With the hidden relic treasures, or the horror larvae spawn things there's some way to get to a couple of million quickly. Which at first felt a bit imbalanced but then I see all these ships for 24 million and it's back in perspective. Whereas before, I just felt overwhelmed with what it would take to make any kind of decent money to afford a ship with spare slots. The core principle of just wandering around discovering things hasn't gone, or the excitement of a new system is still there. But all these little gameplay changes have made it a lot easier to actually enjoy that side of things.
  13. cowfields

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I agree... If it was that intentional why was his hand open? In slow mo you see his hand flop about. The speed and time to make a decision is important here. Scrubbing video in slow mo removes an element of reality here.
  14. cowfields

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I saw that guy on Rick n Morty
  15. cowfields

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    I keep admiring this picture - it looks like Marvin is actually sat there, just reclining from across the Turntable. he's really into your grooves. I mean, his grooves.

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