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  1. Series X. I've said this elsewhere, but I've got a Switch, and PC with a Nvidia 970 or something or other that I can't remember, and I stopped playing anything vaguely 3d a while ago. I tried Dirt Rally 2.0 on it and it didn't really work. Last Xbox was the original one, last PlayStation was PS2. So right now the entire Xbox One and 360 catalogue being available in itself, is going to feel like a huge generational leap for me personally, so I'm hoping that when I dip into something actually next gen I'll possibly shit my pants. People have been
  2. I am tempted to buy this, mind: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Special-Edition-Xbox-Series-X-Drawing-Brand-New-Signed/313223341385?hash=item48ed90e549:g:P2UAAOSwcd9fZFgU
  3. It's a phrase I learned during my World of Warcraft days. A game that regularly encouraged the use of poop-socks.
  4. I managed to get one on Amazon, and I know this is selfish and horrible but was a bit reassured to see it now says 'currently unavailable'. I had the fear that they would just oversell beyond their allocation but that's just the preorder doubt creeping in. It was difficult at first but its done now and I think I can start getting really excited? The last time I was day 1 for a console was the Dreamcast. It's been some time. I'm definitely going to take the day off...but as was mentioned I'm not quite sure which. I might just take the Thursday / Friday off instead, so that it'll pro
  5. For me, game pass just seems like a better deal and also for me mostly the same can be said the other way... I am mostly interested in cross platform things. I might be a bit less common a use case though but I haven't had a PlayStation since PS2, nor an xbox since the original xbox. So I'm actually quite excited about game pass giving me a chance to dip into loads of old games to have a go. I'm going to be so spoilt for choice. If I'm honest also I think I'm going to most commonly play a lot of indie games and again game pass works well that way for me, but i really want to exper
  6. Oh. Oh oh. I'm quite happy to pay £59.99 for the Gamecube FZero to be lazily emulated on Switch.
  7. No. I have a 1p charge on my account. The thing is even listed as a thing costing a penny. It feels like an interest scam to me but I don't practically care about 1p. It's a back up... It won't be my first port of call for a series x.
  8. I feel like Shopto are real scammers with this 1p to preorder, but I paid it like a sucker. I don't even intend to buy from them, my hope is to just buy from Amazon because it's easier and simpler, but I have a whole bunch of links bookmarked to just see what happens tomorrow. No idea how difficult this one will be.
  9. My only weird disappointment with revisiting Sunshine right now - and bear in mind I've only played it for about an hour - is that it feels like it's taking a long time to get to some meaty gameplay. Mario 64's camera is really bothering me but there's a very instant feeling of picking a star, hunting that star, you're just in a level and playing. In Sunshine I suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed by the town and it took a while to just get into a level. This is a weird criticism but it's partly because the reason I bought this straight away was I liked the idea of being a
  10. So who would people go with then? Smyths or Game? Honestly part of the reason it put me off the 0% Klarna deal is that they are the choices...but perhaps that's unfair on them.
  11. I got nothing. So, that probably is my answer, thanks.
  12. Am I right in thinking that the All Access pass is cheaper in the long run? Apologies if this has been done but the thread is moving fast. I'm sure I read that it did, but with recent maths: Buy console, sub to game pass ultimate: £449.99 + (24mo * £10.99) = £713.75 AA: £28.99 * 24mo = £695.76 Since it's 0% apr it feels like the logical option, but to be honest a part of me doesn't like committing to 2 years of payments, I have the money available, and I'd only save £18.99 in two years, but have to buy it from 2 retailers I normally wouldn't have bothered with. Ev
  13. Bit of a random question but I think it will help me... I'd love to see shortish list of all the, say, PS4 exclusives, and Xbox One exclusives. maybe 10-20 for each that people said it was worth owning the console for. For cross platform, with the game pass service and price, it feels like Series X is a no brainer here. So exclusives push it, but I'm out of the loop, not having owned a 360, Xb1, PS3 or PS4 so I really don't know how to base the decision. I feel like such a list is a good indicator of what it's going to look like?
  14. I am struggling with a decision. For some context I have a switch. My pc is really old now. I don't think the processor could take any kind of useful graphics card upgrade. The last xbox I owned was the original one. The last PlayStation was a 2. So I am actually quite curious about backwards compatability as much as next gen graphics. Originally I wanted a ps5 as I figured exclusives were more of a thing, especially when taking ps4 into account. But £70 for a game seems crazy and I can't deny the appeal of paying for a sub for a series x and no upfront c
  15. I've got Kevin too but I don't think it's a problem. I am fairly certain that there was a "match week" where Liverpool played two matches as the app showed both team opponents, and so effectively, that week you were getting double points for a player (despite having 0 points for them another week). We did the triple captain for Salah that week, and got a fuckton of points as you're doing a little multiplier there. VIDEOGAME KNOWLEDGE! So I'm hoping we get that for Kevin at some point. We had a slightly frustrating week in that players we had last season, but don't now,
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