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  1. hercules

    The Bookies

    Almost pulled in a biggie last night. First horse came 2nd (would have been £17k)
  2. hercules


    Craig Pawson shouldn't be allowed to officiate an Arsenal game in any capacity, the guy has an agenda against Arsenal.
  3. hercules

    The Bookies

    Sad way to end the decade. Nearly pulled in £4k over the Christmas holidays. Monalee got caught on the line after the jockey lost her irons over the last fence. Hopefully my luck will be in next time.
  4. Last post from me @feltmonkey 1. That is not trolling 2. The notion that because you support the club in question better qualifies you to talk about your club isn't correct. 3. You have no idea whether I watch more or less of man utd than you. 4. I said Woodward is a bigger problem than Ole. 5. You have taken offence to a football fan habing a differing opinion to you and you insulted me (you are better qualified to talk about Man utd) 6.you did invalidate my views based solely on me not supporting the club in question. 7. I stated a couple of times that with that attitude sport radio presenters, journos and pundits views are equally invalid unless they support said club. (this was repeatedly ignored) 8. It is evident you don't want a reasonable discussion on here unless it is with a fellow man utd fan that agrees with you.
  5. I thought we could engage with other fans the same you do in pubs. I haven't trolled in any way and just wanted an honest discussion.
  6. @5R7I ask a group of man utd fans their view on the manager, saying I personally don't think he is what you need to get you back to where you want to be. Am told "I am not in as good as a position to judge" because I don't support said club. That is rude and delusional. Because you don't share my view and because I don't support the club doesn't make my view invalid. As I said with that mentality you wouldn't listen to any pundit or journo unless they specifically follow your club.
  7. @5R7 i came in here to have a reasonable discussion. I gave my honest view, if it differs to others that is fine but to be told my view isn't valid based solely on me not supporting the club in question is just plain wrong and it is delusional aswell as rude. If all of you are happy with Ole that's great as you are fans of the club. I personally may not agree but that doesn't excuse the reaction I have received.
  8. @feltmonkey I gave you my view on your manager, you precede to tell me you know better as you are a fan. (pretty delusional and rude) give you reasons why it is a wrong assumption, rather than admit you turned an honest conversation into an argument and you were wrong, you just ignore. It has become clear that the majority of Rllmuk football fans don't want an honest discussion regarding football in any capacity and would rather snipe at people who try to engage.
  9. You are making it an argument, how rude is it and how self entitled it is to assume you know better solely on you supporting the club in question. Again with that mentality why would you listen to any football radio presenter, pundit or journo? That is what's delusional.
  10. Who says I don't watch them every week? With that mentality why would you listen to any pundit or journo who doesn't exclusively follow man utd?
  11. @feltmonkey with all due respect, your view that I'm not in as good a position to judge based solely on not supporting Man utd is delusional.
  12. hercules


    Yes I agree, I wanted Arteta originally although maybe the extra 18months at City will be the reason he is a success with us.
  13. Bit like arsenal with Kroenke, the Glaziers aren't going anywhere. So at the very least you need a manager that will maximise the players you have and make them play better than they are. We have taken a risk with Arteta, performances have been vastly better and we got the result last night, Hopefully it works long term. I personally think Ole has been there long enough now and while he has done ok in stages, I don't think he is the man to take you back to where you want to be.
  14. @spork that's fair enough, I agree Mctominay was a big miss as he has looked your best midfielder this season. Greenwood also has some real class about him (stands out when he plays) I personally don't think solskjaer is ruthless enough or tactically good enough for you but can understand your optimism and wanting to give him more time. Also don't trust your scouting and recruitment for years, Woodward seems to be your biggest problem to me.
  15. Genuine thoughts on solskjaer? Obviously you have another big problem in Woodward but do you guys believe he is good enough? We kept Rashford quiet yesterday but he is having his best season for you, players like lingard and matic shouldn't be near your team. I think Fred has improved massively for you this season. Dan James is ok but should be a squad player for now (too lightweight) The Pogba issue needs sorting quickly aswell, can't be helping the team either way.
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