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  1. I've been playing Mr Driller on the Xbox 360 loads. Still not beaten your score.

  2. Miss you big guy :(

  3. You'll be sorely missed mate, RIP :(

  4. Given that I loved the idea of the first Two Worlds, but thought it was genuinely one of the worst games I've ever played, I really, really want the sequel to be great, but will need some convincing.
  5. Indeed. "Well, it's not complete shit... 8/10!"
  6. I TOLD YOU. You're wrong, but I knew you'd hate it.
  7. Y'all know that sneaking stops you falling off the edges of things, right?
  8. If anyone sees thatrevchap appear on the server, that's me.
  9. I've not tried Mad Gear zone yet, but I've enjoyed the rest, except for the Lost Labyrinth boss stage, which is a terrible piece of game design.
  10. Goddamn. I really thought I'd built my house miles away from anyone else.
  11. I always preferred the Master System version of Sonic 1 to the Megadrive version. Am I broken?
  12. Really liking this game, but Lost Labyrinth Act 3 is a complete cunt.
  13. I don't get Stair Dismount - I don't feel like it's in any way predictable, so I just chose impact spots and strengths at random, went through all the levels and deleted it.
  14. Street Fighter IV is absolutely excellent. Controls are simplified, but done well. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed. By the way, it might be worth spending 59p on Minigore just to get used to using virtual control sticks if you find virtual controls to be a problem at first.
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