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  1. what is happening on my TV right now This is like the exact opposite of last week’s Styrian anthem
  2. I’ve got season 18 of NCIS recorded from live broadcast on my Sky Q box. Will they vanish? I can still watch today for example.
  3. Ok cool thanks Fox is my default “when nothing else is on” channel. Bit of a shame.
  4. Disney doesn’t own those shows specifically I don’t think. Certainly NCIS is owned by CBS.
  5. Surprise, Fox is now gone from Sky because Disney+. It’s not exactly must see TV for me but I dunno how I can watch the latest NCIS or Bull now…
  6. Oh yes I’m a fan of Milllar’s as well. I didn’t want to be, but I think he’s handled what he did/went through really really well and his insights are brilliant.
  7. I was at a track cycling event in Derby (I can’t remember what it was, for some reason.. I just remember this rather fetching photo of Kenny De Ketele amongst others (Wiggo and Cav were teamed up in the Madison)) and Carlton Kirby was actually the commentator on the day. He was brilliant and I’ve always enjoyed his rambling. The thing that stood out for me from that even though was how much respect he carries from the riders from all nations.
  8. Yeah it’s about 6 mins behind now (I’m on Apple TV whilst cooking my dinner)
  9. Why is Tyldesley going on about the Super League and how great it is that so few players here were part of that, that they weren't co-conspirators? The players were never part of the decision making. Hmph.
  10. I spent a bit of time recently reading up on how the weight regulations changed recently for drivers versus the car, basically now in F1 meaning that they don't have to go to those extremes. The Yuki Tsunodas of the world no longer have an advantage for being light and tiny (I guess actual physical height has other aspects that may be considered too mind - hi George!), because he has to have a weighted seat to make his weight up to 80kg to match the others. I mean for some of those taller guys, 80kg is still going to be tricky to maintain and still keep a level of muscle mass that they really want perhaps. But for others, it means they can actually do things like weight train to build muscle and be stronger, without worrying about the added weight being an known disadvantage. And they don't have to glamorise eating disorders. Also pretty shocked by DC's approach to that one.
  11. He could. Remember when he wrapped himself around the post instead playing whoever?
  12. I stupidly booked my HIIT class in the 5.15 slot but I took my iPad in and put it on the unused treadmill next to me so me and the instructor could both enjoy the relatively dull first half… Now on the treadmill walking to get my steps in whilst watching and I really hope no extra time coz I need a wee. Come on England!
  13. Ironically just remembered it means French Corner.
  14. Also. WOW Switzerland and what a gent Patrick Viera is.
  15. Tram! In a town called Franschoek there’s a tram and bus that basically take you from vineyard to vineyard where you do wine tastings (basically anything from £5-10 for a fair lot of wine and some nibbles). As the day got on (bit merry obvs) we ended up at our last stop of the day and these rowdy British lads were jumping in a water feature getting told off. Gets back on our bus and I’m sat behind, they’re jovial enough and eventually I clock who it is. Something about a golden boot joke. Anyways, short time later he’s got the whole bus singing. only time my dad came with to South Africa and he got a photo with Ally (cropped my dad out…)
  16. Ally is sounding a little hoarse Did I tell my story about him on a South African wine tram?
  17. “Look away now” so he TELLS everyone what happened?
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