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  1. sprite

    Nintendo Switch

    Can you link your preferred card to PayPal and then use PayPal on the Switch?
  2. What’s the first thing you did after you finished it? ive not done any postgame yet and wondering where to start. FFXV I had clear choices based on my quest log! Once I defeat the bosses in FFXV again I’m gonna go back to 7R I reckon.
  3. I fired it up again but didn’t get far I need to try again, the opening section is pretty dull. I remember how much it clicked from say Chapter 3 so maybe need to give it a chance!
  4. Totally with you on this. I got pretty stressed playing a big dungeon in FFXV earlier because it’s crashed on me loads, and I was worried I’d lose it all I was tempted to go back to the start just to save.
  5. Feeling very similar to you I think, @Stanshall and looking to my gaming as an antidote for the world itself right now. I never usually have time to commit to single player gaming but lockdown afforded me that opportunity. I wasn’t planning on buying Animal Crossing but I was there at midnight to download. It was perfect. I’ve not spent as much time on it lately though as I got stuck into some hefty games. Played through FF7R, but thinking of going back for the post game stuff soon. Dabbled in some other bits, then started FFXV from scratch after a loooong hiatus. That game isn’t perfect at all but I absolutely loved it in the end, and I keep going back to finish off bits and pieces. I love the main characters. Hell, I even levelled fishing to L10! Think I’m nearing 50 hours And once I’ve done as much as I want to do, I’ll finish the main story again. Trying to decide what’s next, and I’ve downloaded RDR2 off Game Pass on recommendations. Won’t jump on just yet though as I bought Battlefield V in the sale so have been doing the War Stories and multiplayer. It’s intense, not exactly relaxing, but bloody epic all the same, and it rewards the intensity with some really awesome story pieces (and the music... it’s a long way to Tipperary...) I fired up FFXIII in a wave of nostalgia and forgot how cripplingly dull the first chapter is. Gonna be a bit of a slog if I want to persevere. Fancy finishing Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Uncharted 4. Dunno what to do first. Probably Uncharted, I bloody love those. And then there’s the online stuff with pals. Warzone still a firm favourite fancying Siege again too...!
  6. sprite

    Final Fantasy XV

    Is this chapter 13? I think I did the easier thing...
  7. I’ve just re-bought XIII on Xbox for £5.99. I’ll wait for XII to hit Game Pass. Need to decide when to swap over from XV! Not ready to leave my boys yet. Theres one thing to say for lockdown...it’s really rekindled my love for JRPGs. I mean it never went away but literally having nothing else I need to do some days has allowed the indulgence
  8. Totally get you. Although eventually (after 3.5 years and a completely failed attempt initially of playing it) FFXV did click for me, it's the open world stuff I struggle with, too. I don't want games to think I'm too clever, mostly I'm along for the story/ride, so happy to be taken from place to place
  9. sprite

    Final Fantasy XV

    Nope. Maybe I’ll try and fit it in sometime. I know it fills in a lot of story but the idea of needing to watch a film first to make a game make sense is kinda pants plus mr Sprite asks me “what else is on?” 10 mins into most things I want to watch. Lockdown fun.
  10. sprite

    Final Fantasy XV

    Still playing! I did all the DLC, and will go back through them again I think for some more trophies. Episode Ignis was by far my favourite (also: Extra Verse), with a really awesome mix of enjoyable combat and story. Episode Prompto was the weakest for me as I didn’t enjoy the gunplay. This is the first time I’ve really felt the need to go back and keep playing after finishing the story in a Final Fantasy game. Most of the others the additional achievements and goals all felt so far flung that I couldn’t be bothered (I did breed a gold chocobo once...) or I didn’t see there being much point (I’ve not even gone back to FF7R yet, but I probably will). Just enjoying still hanging in this world. Want to try and max the guys’ skills. Keep doing hunts. Stumbled upon Ultima Blade today Hunts in Altissia are annoying AF when the gondola takes so long it’s daytime when you arrive at your location, though.
  11. sprite

    Final Fantasy XV

    Yeah Gladio’s absence was proper lols. Prompto just came back with a bombshell and it’s like erm, ok. Iggy‘s tale (based on the cover art) wasn’t quite as awkwardly placed I guess.
  12. sprite

    Final Fantasy XV

    And FINISHED Overall, I loved it, but it’s a bit of a hot mess Not really spoilery but hey People done the DLCs? How long are the Episodes, roughly? Worth doing?
  13. The side quests don't bother me, at least not compared to FFXV. I want to feel like I'm clearing my quest log in FFXV but it just gets longer and longer. At least FF7R has a finite number and it's never overwhelming.
  14. sprite

    Final Fantasy XV

    So it wasn’t all good (Elena....) but Grandia II had its moments. Cam Clarke as Ryudo and Jodi Benson as Millenia
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