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  1. Sorry for asking without going back through the thread but with max at the back for a technical, what does it mean for his three place penalty? Has that been absorbed into this or does it carry forward?
  2. Ive a feeling he contributes a LOT in the behind the scenes stuff. Sure I’ve seen it spoken about on various bits and pieces, teams love working with him for that reason
  3. She did yeah. But she was sort of “last of the previous era” in a lot of ways and it seems to be a lot better now for the female cyclists than she had it. Nicole Cook had a bad time too.
  4. That's because his age puts him in the young/not fully formed bracket; the prefrontal cortex is on average still developing until around age 25 and this is the area responsible for a lot of higher reasoning, decision making, planning, impulse control. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3621648/ And a nice little part on a graphic on that link "the ability to balance short-term reward with long term goals" - in F1 terms, the ability to think it might not be best to go for it on that turn when you're probably going to carry momentum a little later for the safer option. All of this seems very relevant to the discussions happening around the weekend's events!
  5. Well, I’m not complaining, I really don’t want Max to win the championship. He’s an ass.
  6. Sky commentary continues to annoy. Talking about how it’d be nice if Lando could latch onto Max to give Lewis a tow. As if Lando wouldn’t have any other tactics to follow, like say, keeping Lewis well away from Danny Ric
  7. I actually thought of this more as “you hold no interest to me, nothing you can do could be threatening, I don’t need to assimilate you because you are inferior” arrogance. You’re right it was mostly just a plot device and I was young and naive (now just naive), but the drama where they suddenly realised they’d been outsmarted was decent.
  8. I’m really not surprised in the least that the organisers went down the cautious route with Spa, in particular. Seeing Lando go off near enough where Anthoine did…. His accident was in the dry also. They weren’t ever going to risk it IMO.
  9. Just seen that Nat Phillips has signed a new long term deal as well, which actually surprises me as I thought he might be off but I’m really pleased we still have him after his efforts last season.
  10. Not having Fernandes might prove to be a problem
  11. Except Eurosport also had Jo Rowsell, who was excellent. Kirby is always the same
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