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  1. I’m Kaywinnit the night elf Druid on Nethergarde Keep. I only ever levelled one alliance character in my 14 year WoW history, a worgen warlock (even then I boosted it once I got to somewhere or another). So this has been a COMPLETELY new experience for me and that’s been really cool, though it is frustrating to not know your way around at all Im level 12 and have been having fun levelling my professions as I go as well. I love how everything has meaning. Like yeah I’ll kill some more spiders for my cooking, or when you finally sell something on the AH and you don’t need to worry about buying your next round of skills where the money will come from
  2. Just horrific. There’s no sign of him in the car, god knows what happened, awful to think about I was at Cadwell Park when Ben Gautrey died, similar thing where they’re in a blind section and there’s nothing anyone can do (he came off at the mountain). Ugh
  3. You were the first person I thought of! Im in Chicago for a work conference and was so psyched to discover a game was on whilst im there.
  4. I've just booked tickets to see the Blackhawks vs Redwings pre-season on September 18th
  5. Me too Also just wanted to say in the post-qualifying interview Lewis gave there was something wrong with his left eye. I think there was definitely a bit more than a sore throat going on Max for pres!
  6. It’s showing at some cinemas in the UK on the 26th. https://mycineplace.com/event-releases/what-we-left-behind-looking-back-at-startrek-deep-space-9
  7. I agree. Everything is expensive now, at least with games you get a lot of bang for your buck IMO. I spent £30 on some crap food and a couple of drinks last night, £18 on a return train trip... would rather have spent that on a new Zelda
  8. I think potentially that was a flashback/from Cloud’s mind, but even then you’re right we didn’t see him until Kalm I don’t think...
  9. This is me too. Basically if I have to spend too long figuring out how to play a game, I don’t want to play it. I’ve not figured out what that time is yet but I echo all the sentiments from others here re The Division 2 and Destiny. Its weird, because I absolutely lapped up world of Warcraft back in the day. Maybe it is just a time thing - maybe then i WANTED that level of involvement. Glad I’m not alone. #GettingOld
  10. It’s happening on console too I think? The voice over says to select your hero when you are still at the loading screen, if that’s what you mean.
  11. I’m nearing the end of Disc 2 now, it’s so surreal to have a playtime less than 20 hours. There is so much going on at this point of the game, lots of lovely story, most of which I’ve forgotten. I guess I haven’t played these bits as often Ain’t no gettin’ offa this train!!!
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