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  1. April 10 is Good Friday. Maybe they've just done it so we can all have a nice long weekend with it. Wait, does postie deliver on Good Friday? WHAT DAYS MUST I BOOK OFF? OMG OMG.
  2. Watching Villa v City was pretty grim. Felt sorry for Villa in a way but after going 3 down they just didn’t even seem to want to try. There was one point where someone had made a really good run at City’s defence, he was well away, turned around and literally no one had bothered going with. At least, that’s how it looked.
  3. Yeah I don't think Barrowman has unicorn's physique. Height and build both seem off for me. I've also never heard him go falsetto, but I've not exactly followed his musical career closely
  4. I genuinely can’t believe they didn’t guess it was him though. His voice is so, so distinctive.
  5. Lara Croft has a road in Derby, it’s not surprising she made the stamps Dizzy I just remember being hard as nails and I never got very far with it. I think I was too young for it really. Or too stupid.
  6. I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed or not that Sephiroth appears at the motorway or something... BUT.... It’s really not that much sooner that you see him for the first time if so. In the original game you had a very long flashback sequence in literally the first town you hit after that boss battle. It feels much further because you are out in the world map for the first time and the game feels suddenly huge, but it really does feel like splitting hairs. The villain is introduced at the end of Midgar, you just get eyes on him about 20 minutes later. All depends on context and how it’s done for me. I’m not expecting a chance bump into Sephiroth as you both head out of town. Again I’m not sure how the encounter happens has been confirmed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a flashback, or him getting in Cloud’s head, or something like that.
  7. Yes @bradigor I know he gets a fair bit of stick but I was really impressed with Lallana today. I think he was a bit rash at times shooting rather than sharing but otherwise he felt like a really steady force in the midfield. May just be me though And I bloody love Adrian.
  8. It adds up fast when you consider what you get at the end of seasons. I've got more gold weapons than I know what to do with now.
  9. For my Xbox One I have a cheap Venom charge dock with two battery packs, £15 on Amazon. I got my first one when I first got my Xbox One in 2014. I’ve just replaced the venom kit as the batteries aren’t what they used to be, but I’ve never had to stop playing due to it. £15 for five years or so is pretty good IMO.
  10. there’s always loads of people playing on Xbox. Queues for support and tank are very swift (like 1-2 min) but usually 5+ mins for DPS.
  11. I’ve largely been ignoring all this stuff, just trying to get into it properly. I find all the levelling and ranks and things a tad overwhelming. Will have to make the effort to dig a little deeper!
  12. March Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe £79.99
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