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  1. I agree. Everything is expensive now, at least with games you get a lot of bang for your buck IMO. I spent £30 on some crap food and a couple of drinks last night, £18 on a return train trip... would rather have spent that on a new Zelda
  2. I think potentially that was a flashback/from Cloud’s mind, but even then you’re right we didn’t see him until Kalm I don’t think...
  3. This is me too. Basically if I have to spend too long figuring out how to play a game, I don’t want to play it. I’ve not figured out what that time is yet but I echo all the sentiments from others here re The Division 2 and Destiny. Its weird, because I absolutely lapped up world of Warcraft back in the day. Maybe it is just a time thing - maybe then i WANTED that level of involvement. Glad I’m not alone. #GettingOld
  4. It’s happening on console too I think? The voice over says to select your hero when you are still at the loading screen, if that’s what you mean.
  5. I’m nearing the end of Disc 2 now, it’s so surreal to have a playtime less than 20 hours. There is so much going on at this point of the game, lots of lovely story, most of which I’ve forgotten. I guess I haven’t played these bits as often Ain’t no gettin’ offa this train!!!
  6. @Jamie John I’m a tad puzzled why Okami HD is on the abandoned pile and you’re considering getting No No Kuni 2. They are different styles, but both are mahoosive time sinks. With Okami HD the key is to set aside plenty of time for the intro etc as it’s a slow start with minimal saving. But yes they are different styles. I loved No No Kuni but I couldn’t really get into 2 sadly. Okami is one of the best Zelda games ever It’s truly epic though, so a big time investment, but story and character-wise and in terms of pure feels, it’s way up there as one of my favourite games of all time (hence the avatar I’ve held for ~ a decade).
  7. Theres one that 3x speeds everything (except the FMV sequences), which I am using a lot. Makes travelling quicker, battles, everything. Again I mostly turn it off in the proper explorey dungeon bits. Another disables random battles Another constantly refills HP, MP and Limit meter in battle. So I’ve used this a bit but I don’t really feel bad about it - this is a game I’ve finished many times but still left things undone, I may actually get to experience them at last! (One thing I’m trying to do is max out an All materia ASAP so I have plenty of Gil to help me destroy the weapons later).
  8. On my way to Rocket Town now, had a massive blast through today starting from Corel. Glad to get through that bit quickly as I always remember it being a bit slowwwww. My characters are levelling rather well, too. It’s a bit too tempting to use the cheat when grinding but I’m generally being good in the proper dungeony bits. I still needed to look up how to do certain things in Nibelheim, even after all these playthroughs and all these years
  9. The non-party characters seem to be staying consistently a few levels behind my main ones. I don’t see them level up or anything but it means you don’t get to the end of the game with a bunch of level 10s.
  10. Barret haters! I don’t hate him, I just feel the need for a lil’ female solidarity. And Red XIII is basically a lion, and I’m all about the cats.
  11. All the more reason I want to give her a chance!
  12. Yep when Cid arrives I usually include him. Always Red XIII as well, usually that’s my three, but Tifa until Rocket Town. I dunno it just feels so familiar and comfortable! I like Red as he’s an interesting character to have around, quite a different perspective. And he’s a really good all rounder. Tifa I do find a bit lacking except for her awesome awesome limit breaks. Its sort of annoying that Cloud is such a good all rounder because it makes it hard for the others to shine IMO. When in the early game in Midgar his magic does more than Aeris it’s hard to justify making her part of the group.
  13. Right, I’ve binge watched this over the past couple of weeks. I can’t decide what I feel about it. Random thoughts from all episodes up to current on Netflix. Why can’t I stop watching it?
  14. So I’ve just departed Costa Del Sol, and feeling pretty good! Party is Cloud/Red/Tifa and thanks to a bit of 3x grinding with some 2x growth materia items I’ve got a few level 2 spells and some extra limit breaks. Really makes the grinding thing easier. Trying to be disciplined otherwise and not cheat battles though Every time I play I think to myself ‘nah, this time I’ll try different characters for my main party’ and I never do. Picked up you-know-who in the forests near Fort Condor
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