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  1. is Ori being enhanced? I’ve not played it yet and it would be a great time to jump in. This is probably how a console launch should be for me. Not adding to my pile of shame but enhancing what I always go back to I am still umming and ahhing over the £££ (Series X) but I have absolutely rinsed my Xbox One, especially since 2016 thanks to my Xbox buddies so I know I will get my use from it.
  2. The AT is doing pretty well at the moment and Pierre doing well in it, I’m not sure it’s the worst thing that he’s staying, everyone talks about how hard the RB is to drive.
  3. Fabinho has been brilliant lately when he's played in defence. I'm sad, but I'm glad he should have the opportunity to shine.
  4. My Xbox One is 500gb and I have 2TB attached, sitting at around 80% full I think. Its amazing how quickly the storage gets eaten up though by 100GB COD games that then do massive 60GB updates on a regular basis Ill just need to do some shuffling about to make sure the games I actually play that are enhanced go on the box itself
  5. Ahh thank you @Popo and @moosegrinder What about previous gen games that are going to have enhanced updates for the Series? Stuff like Rainbow Six Siege?
  6. I’ve already got FFVII and FFVIII on Switch. What are these new ones? Ugh!
  7. What’s the excitement about the expansion pack? I was always happy with a usb 2TB on my Xbox One but I may be less discerning than the rest
  8. So I apologise, I don't have the energy to try and find the answer to this in the wider interweb .. hopefully someone knows I've got an XBox One with some games installed on the drive, I also have a USB 2TB hard drive which has most of my stuff installed on it. I'm guessing my game saves are all in the cloud? (I've got Game Pass Ultimate or whatever already). So when my X arrives, what do I do? Can I plug my USB drive into it and carry on with those installs, or what happens? Gawd I'm a n00b.
  9. Mane got covid and Son injured i dunno what to do! Not going to drop Mane but may swap Son out for a week? Hmm....
  10. I really want to like Bottas more than I do. He’s just so beige.
  11. Racing green and pink? Wtf.
  12. Ive book 9th-11th off. Didn’t take any leave during lockdown, haven’t got any better reason
  13. Amazon are putting up the S later apparently
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