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  1. Yeah I could've sworn the bit of him walking through a palace (THE palace) was from the Olympics opening ceremony
  2. I’m sad it’s over The race was so dull though The rookies this year have been such a highlight for me - Lando, Alex and George - they’re a great act. Lando in particular has injected some much needed personality and fun, really bringing a new dynamic and clearly has the skills to match as well.
  3. Yep I’m going in relatively blind here, too. All I’ve done is have a quick look at the exclusives in each game and plumped for Shield (which was my preference anyway, I always lean more toward the defensive side of things ).
  4. Just packing my bags for four nights away with work. Translation: just bought Overwatch for the third time, now downloading to Switch
  5. Is it just me who feels a bit Hyypia-Henchoz about Virgil and Matip? I know Hyypia wasn’t quite as good as VVD (well, he is in my eyes, bloody love Sami)... Virgil must never leave us
  6. FFS I thought the game was today got so confused at 3pm. Got the third kit for my bday Does anyone know if it’ll be possible to watch Villa v Pool on the 2nd Nov? I’m working but with internet... and with a villa fan!
  7. I really don’t understand how or why Vettel got driver of the day?
  8. Got new phone/new iOS so can upload smaller pics now yay!
  9. Still keep getting an error about uploads!
  10. Hooray I have pics again!! SPAM
  11. Oh and I forgot to say how comfy the seats were. Squished together admittedly but they were cushioned
  12. So, I had an EPIC time at United Center on Wednesday. I would post pictures but I’m still waiting for my sub to be renewed The thing that struck me most in comparison to UK sport/venues was the atmosphere. Everyone was so happy. It was a truly family friendly experience. Red shirts as far as the eye could see (including the Redwings ones obviously). DETROIT SUCKS / LETS GO REDWINGS alternating chants in the stands without any shred of animosity. Not sure if it’s always like that or if it’s a pre season quirk but still Had great seats, centre of the rink in the third tier, front row. Could see everything. And the brand new Blackhawks screen was AMAZING. The team really played well and seem to be gelling nicely. I’m adding them to my list of fangirl teams since I spent nearly £200 on tat
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