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  1. just updated mine, now cant play fifa o7 on live. says i have to be signed in, which i am!
  2. over at avforums ppl are reporting the same problem. Mine should be here soon, was sent today 2nd class from gameplay. I have a unmodded bulky PS2, ill report back how it goes when it arrives
  3. hi - id be interested in getting involved, im a complete pro evo newbie but well up for it! lmk
  4. just thought id let you all know if anyone wants one, also dixons have a 500 bundle in stock
  5. This must be bull right? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/XBOX-360-UK-PREMIUM-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. Hi - check out the trading its their now for 30
  7. they called me today to say they have dispatched my stsem via parcelforce 48 for delivery monday - we will see
  8. I think im sold. Ill buy the cube, set it up in the bedroom, and then slowly collect the games you have all listed as and when I can find them at bargain prices. when my 360 arrives, that can go in the front room and look all nice and shiny, while im in the bedroom catching up on 3 years of missed gaming brilliance!
  9. was hoping you would all reccomend a WWE game, i love me wrestling a need one!
  10. getting quite excited about a machine that is close to death! really makes you think though, with all the stuff happening with the 360 right now you can get a camecube with an excellent back catalogue of games for 50 quid.
  11. they seem to be selling for around 30 shrink wrapped on ebay so after fees and postage etc i could end up with a new machine for 25 quid!
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions guys - I think ill pop to Argos tommorow. £50, brand new console, ill flog mario football on eBay as it seems to be quite poor, and hopefully that will fund buying a few must have titles as they seem to be quite cheap now
  13. what are the WWE games like on it?
  14. thats what i was thinking, i could buy a mediocre 360 game (lets be honest thats what the majority of launch titles are) and a kebab on the way home, or own a new console
  15. coming from someone who has never had a GC before, do you think its worth getting one now? i ask as argos have it on specila at the mo, 50 notes with mario football, so im tempted. I miss the greatness of my old nintendo games from Snes and N64 days
  16. Hi! thinking of picking up a GC, what would you say are the top 5 must have games on it? excluding RPG's im not too keen on those!
  17. hey ill take that core order, thats what im waiting for!!!! lol they told me yesterday that the reason i dont have mine is because they dont have enough memory cards. Im giving them until 3pm tommorow to contact me, or im gonna go all out to cause as much mayhem for them as possible. Watchdog, local rag, go into stores and cause strife, emails to coperate addresses etc. enough is quite frankly enough.
  18. anyone other than me still not got their system?
  19. i reckon its def worth a go, if not you can sell on eBay for a slight loss, but at least your have your 360
  20. easy sell on ebay, or simply take them to your local game store with receipt and use the 10 day return policy to return them all for refund!
  21. i have PD0 if your interested, check out the classified section
  22. for some reason that pack says more than 14 days, but the system selected from the front page says 3 days
  23. gameplay online say delivery in 3 days.....have to buy at least 1 game with it but thats all. I called them to ask if this is likely and he said yes, with core packs, and 100% before christmas
  24. 0870 333 7111 when and what did you order?
  25. my situation is still the same, expecting a call back from woolworths monday. absolutely shocking way to treat customers if you ask me, im just glad mine seems to be an isolated case and you guys are all pretty much sorted
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