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  1. this is, well, OK. I am a big wrestling fan, and a huge TNA fan, so i guess that prob adds to the OK bit. hmmm.
  2. thanks - I think ill go for the 360 :-)
  3. so do we know if there is any discernible difference between the 360 and ps3 versions for those of us with both consoles?
  4. my three yr old loves go Diego go - might be worth looking at
  5. my wife has recently had a baby and she loves wii fit. obviously its no replacement for a gym or jogging etc but in her circumstances, ie 2 small kids and little time to go out etc, it fits perfectly i think some of the balance games are quite good fun too, especially the ski jump!
  6. I preordered ir from game ages ago for £29.99, dunno if thats good though
  7. I find TNA refreshing. I have watched wrestling for some 18 years now, and the recent Angle Styles match (a few PPV's ago) was outstanding. I dont have time to watch raw, smackdown, impact every week now but do record them all, and i find myself more inclined to watch an episode of impact than either of the wwe offerings at the moment (I dont count the appaling new ecw show). In my opinion, the WWE's biggest draw right now is the fact its HD!
  8. I actually quite like TNA as a promotion
  9. I also have preordered the pal release in case it turns out to be rubbish, but to be fair can it be much worse than SVR 08?
  10. Good Point! Bioshock, then...
  11. New Super Mario bros. has given me a lot of pleasure; I really enjoyed Bioshock, too.
  12. if you look at the back of the console, through the air vents you can see the fans. apparantly, those fans which have no visible writing on them, are much quieter. and those that say DC Brushless or some such - like mine - are noisier. also, the lot number can mean something too apparantly, with 0726 being the best on average and 0725 - again, mine - being the worse. this is all according to many different new owners over at avforums
  13. what 'version' do you have choddo? the guys at avforum seem to think the types make a diff noise wise - if you look at the back to the fans do they say anything on them or no writing?
  14. lol - indeed - I was not sure what else to take, and remembered my nephew wanted this so took it. got a free faceplate too, which i suppose is nice as its free. But I will be going back tommorow as even my nephew said it stinks. I'll take it back and trade for something else
  15. main reason i bought it was for the larger HDD - and I'm a ' it's new' whore EDIT: plus not really £300 as I sold my premium for £185, so take into account the 2 games as well not much really to 'upgrade'
  16. I just got one from HMV with bioshock and transformers, not really interested in blue dragon. cost £299.99. I asked GAME to price match for reward points but they told me they would not price match on consoles. its as loud - so quite noisy - as the 5 month old premium it has replaced. HDMI, at least before i have calibrated it, looks slihtly worse on my 1080p sammy than VGA, but as i say I think that will change when i tweak the settings. quite pleased with the deal though, virgin had similar but were mainly older games
  17. http://www.hmv.co.uk/hmvweb/displayProduct...&sku=638896 students get 10% off as well apparently if they have an NUS extra card
  18. Guardian Heroes on saturn, Sonic 2 on game Gear and Fifa 06 on original XBOX
  19. Toshiba 32Wl66 - initially through composite at 50hz, and a lot better than i expected (i only have play and sports) received my component cable this morning, much sharper and crisper now through 480P, i suspect when i get hold of zelda it will be a huge difference Im pleased though
  20. Im not sure on that model - maybe check out avforums will prob be lots there about it - but for me VGA is far superior on my tosh imo, and the upscaled dvds through vga are immednsely better than over component i find
  21. very much depends on your TV i think
  22. Zero i reckon. I have been everywhere this morning, and I mean everywhere, in Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester and Swindon. and none to be had. Currys swindon had a few but they sold out within minutes of shop opening. Im gutted :-(
  23. they were shite for me. didnt get mine until new year from them!
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