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  1. It's used, but seems not very used
  2. Been offers a launch console with ghosts and an extra pad, mint as new with receipt for £350 locally. Decent deal? Keen to try out the bone
  3. Been offered a used bone with cod and an extra pad for £350 locally, receipt included. What you reckon? Fancy trying the bone
  4. So I today orderedo my third ps3 - sold my first two at cost due to car issues and unexpected Christmas expenses, but new new one should be here tomorrow!! Got the Knack bundle and just wondered whether people think it's worth a play through?
  5. Just to add to other comments, I found my PS4 to be much noisier both in use and standby on the top shelf in my AV unit which has no cable hole, than in the bottom shelf which does have a cable hole. So my advice is to place it somewhere where there is as much air movement as possible behind it, and it is then whisper quiet on standby and no louder than you'd expect in use
  6. spent ages adding y'all earlier - feel free to ignore me! if I missed anyone, please feel free to add me (same user as here) thanks all
  7. So I picked up my ps4 this afternoon. Flawless, update issue as others have had but fixed that by going into settings way Downloads quick, about same noise as ps3 slim I'd say
  8. to be fair, I have had 13 pints of Grolsch, but this post has made me sooooo fucking excited to pick up my ps4 tomorrow from Tesco
  9. so i cancelled my PS4 order from may/june last week - not slept a wink, thought I'd have a quick look on hotukdeals and I have just ordered a PS4 and knack for £385 to collect tomorrow from Tescos - SO EXCITED!! (how am i gonna pay for this lol)
  10. What's ac4 like on wii u, compared to ps3 as I'd like to buy it on one.. Any thoughts?
  11. I had both x1 and PS4 preordered, cancelled X1 last week and just cancelled my PS4 too. Reason? well aside from the expense of Christmas, I simply wont have time to play it. New Mario on wii u will be great, and I have barely touched GTA5, ps+ games a a stack of steam stuff so I'll wait until the new year. I'll miss the launch day buzz though and think both machines look ace!
  12. I have had both pre-ordered from the get go with amazon, cancelled the xone a few weeks ago and close to cancelling the ps4 now. Really excited etc, but i have tons of games not played yet on my ps3 plus account, have a 360, a wii u with mario 3d incoming and then a decent pc as well. Just over the top for now, especially with the expense of Christmas. I think I'll play all I want to on current gen for now and then pick up a xone or ps4 sometime next year. Feel old being so sensible
  13. And it's £24.99 at currys/PC world at mo...
  14. Just watched the new trailer for Mario 3d, is it wrong for a 32 year old teacher with children to get so excited over a video game?!?
  15. Dimahoo - have PM'ed you :-)

  16. thanks for this just ordered an rgb with stereo lead for my MD1/MCD combo
  17. Modern Warfare Killzone 2 Wii Sports Prototype Fifa 09 (10 maybe, too soon to say yet...) EDIT - COD2 so so close to the top 5, too.
  18. I bought road rash on the Ps1 today, and timesplitters 2 for the xbox. 50p and £1 respectively at a car boot. I must say, road rash is a lot of fun (loved it on the 3dO) and timesplitters looks cool too!
  19. I have just got a new slim and I wanted to say wifi wise, its sooo much better for me! I can actually stream stuff, and have a decent signal - never had that before on ps3
  20. had a good few hours on this now and I like it. I have been playing CM/FM for as long as i can remember and i have liked this enough to pre-order it (£10 plus handling fee)
  21. Thanks, i am with you now. and I hate those in this game to be honest, very frustrating.
  22. excuse ignorance but QTE? I thought the moves were good, it seems like a slimlined versionof SVR to me. There are the usual modes in exhibition, and then 3 distinct modes where you can choose to relieve classic moments, or change them in some way. You are awarded for hitting moves etc that happened in real life in one mode. i really like the cut scenes etc too, but then as I say im a huge wwe fan and i remember most of them fondly. as i did the random legends theme music that plays when you boot it up, was great hearing koko's and brutus'! graphics very good, though a little exagerated but thatsd to be expected. i will hopefully have time to have another romp at this later, but first impressions are its a decent arcade type wrestling game that will appeal most to diehard fans
  23. just spent a few hours with this, and I think its OK but then I'm a huge fan. Im enjoying it more than SVR 09 and Impacty, which was too frustrating
  24. I have been trying all morning, every conceivabkle date and none. if only I had an AMEX card....
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