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  1. Thanks guys I'll grab beat and astro, worried wipeout will make me very sick judging on past experience!
  2. so, VR bought again. Any games on sale you'd guys recommend? I have VR worlds, job simulator and superhot from my last PSVR adventure.. also - any recommendations on a nice stand for it? one that will charge the moves (ordered) and DS4's even better, maybe even one with added cooling for my OG PS4 thanks guys - going to have a good read through this thread now
  3. oohh I shall have a gander, thank you :-)
  4. thinking of taking advantage of the current lockdown to revisit VR - when i had it before I had to stop due to motion sickness but I don't think i gave it a chance and didn't build up to it properly, plus the kids are desperate for me to get one again as they loved job simulator. Anyone want to sell their setup, or know of a decent place to grab one, let me know!
  5. Very possibly but my reaction has been quite severe, I played tumble VR the second time. Such is life!
  6. so did the IPD and spent 10 more minutes (I know, I know - should have waited 24 hours) and di nothing intensive like driveclub. Came off - head now thumping and I feel ill again. Not for me. Such a shame as it really is an outstanding experience. Good news, though, is that means the 2 move controllers I have bought will soon be in trading for anyone needing them!
  7. Yeah i wouldn't be able to see anything without then! short sighted in one eye and long sighted in the other...
  8. No i have not done that - thanks for the tip. Head still hurts now but sickness wearing off! Im wondering fi the fact i have a high subscription for my glasses may be part of the issue. I dunno - I want it to work for me because I was truly blwon away but it. the Kitchen is unreal!
  9. first experience of VR. I played VR worlds demo (driveclub, wayward, london heist) tumble and the kitchen. I want to throw up. I really hope this doesn't mean I am not able to use it, as the experience truly blew me away!
  10. thanks - played for 20 minutes and i feel as sick as a dog! loved the experience though, not loving the way i feel at the moment!
  11. So - have mine now setup! couple of questions:- 1 - The image on the TV isn't full screen and is a little fuzzy, is that normal? 2 - any tips of glasses clouding up? 3 - did anyone manage to make it through the kitchen in one sitting lol? thanks, jason
  12. If anyone has a spare invite I'd be very grateful :-) Bluejmc2005 gamer tag
  13. Saw a white one in the flesh in Game today and I think it's stunning, which is really annoying when my own setup is all black!
  14. I sold mine because I needed the cash - then bought back once I had the money.
  15. Thanks mate - I figured as much :-)
  16. Hi all - I sold my PS4 and the PS+ subsctiption ended last month. i ahve now got a new PS4, and whilst I can download my retail games I cannot download old PS+ games like resogun. Its set as main console and licenses restored etc. I am currently on a 2 day trial of PS+ while i wait for my subscription to arrive from tescos. Any ideas why this is?
  17. same issue, seems to work if i wiggle it a bit for a while so looks like its a dodgy HDMI port. poo.
  18. hi all My PS4 keeps dropping audio - goes off completly for a few seconds then comes back. switched HDMI cable which seemed to work for a while but its back again. Anyone had anything similar?
  19. It's worth buying in my opinion if you get a good deal and see it for what it is. Games like Mario 3d and Mario kart 8 can only be had here and for the current entry fee it's great value. Don't expect every third party blockbuster to arrive but do expect a solid console with a great and useful second screen that will allow you to use all of your old wii peripherals and provide lots of unique content. I sold mine but always knew I'd buy another as I will be doing imminently
  20. Yoshi - thanks mate, will get it ordered! somethingwitty - what about DR3? is that worth a go :-p
  21. so i bought a one! I guess i need to buy a TV mount for the kinect (any recommendations?), and download KI. Any other big recommendations? got fifa `14 for £15 for the code which is great. Having owned 2 ps4s, the biggest difference thus far is how much quieter this machine is when running games. I have pre-ordered TF for £37 from tescos which seems a great price
  22. yep I think i'm going for it. I will keep the second pad and pick up fifa 14, but will sell Ghosts as no interest really so its a decent price. i will then buy titanfall at some stage - KI looks like something I'd love too. Has receipt too so hopefully no issues if it goes wrong. i cant see it reducing down much more to be honest. is it worth sticking my virgin tivo box through it?
  23. id prob sell ghosts, or trade for DR3. I have managed to get him down a bit, i need to have a think! thanks for taking the time to advise
  24. Yeah true Ridge.... Not sure what to go for...
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