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  1. If I had your collection unless I had major money issues id never sell it.
  2. Stop making me jealous of you. Bet you have a nice CRT right too?
  3. ive just listed my jap saturn in trading - have bought another jap one in grey, for a lot more, but not yellowed and my wife is moaning
  4. I'll let you know what I think of it, it's coming Monday according to UPS
  5. Basically yeah. A lot of money but you get what you pay for!
  6. So import charges of 55.25, just paid them to UPS, so in total about £280 this satiator is costing but in for a penny in for a pound
  7. if you ever want to sell it please let me know
  8. you have a this is cool saturn. Thats not fair. and yes @Jei is a very good egg
  9. I'd destroy the machine. If I can clean up the jap one a bit so it's less aestheticly offensive to my wife I'll just keep that. If not I'll ask a kind soul here to sort my pal console for me, or buy a pal console with switch already done I guess
  10. Awesome thanks mate orderered some of that stuff in that thread was only a fiver will give it a go!
  11. I'm too tired to know if you're winding me up!!
  12. I would destroy it. There is no question of that. I might ask @Jei to do it for me
  13. My wife is moaning about the extreme yellowing on my jap model.. lol
  14. So wise ones if rllmuk, will a pal saturn output 60hz using the satiator I have on order without modification does anyone know?
  15. Just got an official 1 and 4 from jei for £25 but thanks buddy
  16. What's the deal with ram carts? I don't need the action replay one now I have the satiator coming, any recommendations on best ram cart to go for?
  17. thanks mate - wont let me download, says too large for zip on the fly - any ideas other than clicking each individual rom lol
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