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  1. Have any of you seen the Game Alan Wake running on a HD TV? looks awesome
  2. well if they dont get enough to fulfill orders, ill take just the console for now! id rather that and go buy some other games, than wait for it to come in
  3. I would imagine just the console with game and mem card slung in
  4. I cant check anything online as I ordered in store. I called them yesterday - was on hold for 28 mins - and the bloke just said all was good. didnt take any of my details or anything. I ordered the PGR Core pack as thats all woolies offered! But they have taken the money so Im confident now
  5. lol, woolies have actually billed my card proper now - heres hoping....
  6. Its all madness, Im a Dad with responsibilites and bills to pay and Im getting all caught up about bloody XBOX 360's!! Makes me feel like a kid again!
  7. Hey I did the same, but now Im worried. Woolowrths have actually taken the money from my account now - that must be good right - but GAME have not taken the money, and it is no longer 'reserved' on my card!!
  8. Hello everyone - Im new to these forums. I ordered my core pgr3 bundle at my woolies store, mid-november, reckon I will receive it by launch day? the funds are held on my account but not taken yet
  9. Ill take it if you still have it...
  10. lol a fair few! to clarify my situation, I pre-ordered 2 core packs, one from Game.net, and one from woolies in store. Both have charged me, so Im hoping for 2 packs come Friday! I will also be trying to find a premium pack on the release day from tesco or somewhere like that
  11. Hello everyone, Im new to the forum. Been reading it for last few dys, I found you when searching for pre-order xbox 360 links!
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