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  1. Seems very interesting, so image still through the hyperkin which I'm very happy with but audio separated. Could work
  2. No luck with amp. Looks like I'll have to either live with it, or find a new TV connection option :-(
  3. Hope you manage to get it sorted mate. Saturn wise I wonder if my amp will offer a reverse audio, or else I'll go mono I guess
  4. Well that's frustrating, not sure how it can be fixed?
  5. I knew I'd heard that before somewhere! One of my favourite YouTube channels
  6. Yeah on my Panasonic LCD the hyperkin looks the part but I'm convinced the left and right audio are the wrong way around!
  7. I just love the idea of having all my fav games on my fav ever console loaded and ready to play. I know it's expensive but to me it's much more appealing that say a PS5 so I'm glad I made the decision to import one. Actually getting decent output from the hyperkin hdmi cable too, good enough I think to not have the bother with an ossc
  8. If I had your collection unless I had major money issues id never sell it.
  9. Stop making me jealous of you. Bet you have a nice CRT right too?
  10. ive just listed my jap saturn in trading - have bought another jap one in grey, for a lot more, but not yellowed and my wife is moaning
  11. I'll let you know what I think of it, it's coming Monday according to UPS
  12. Basically yeah. A lot of money but you get what you pay for!
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