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  1. One little thing about the Shinespark puzzles (that the game doesn’t make clear) is that you don’t need to hit the blocks perfectly. As long as you make contact with one of group of them while Shinesparking it will chain-react & destroy them all.
  2. On my second playthrough & the game flows so much better now I have a better handle on the level layouts & how smoothly Samus can move when I'm not checking the map every 10 seconds. Entered the second EMMI zone & did the normal sound check... not in the immediate area, move on. But as I ran down a corridor it was coming down the other way, so screech to a halt & book it in the other direction with it chasing me, but with a smooth series of wall jumps & slides I left it completely in the dust & got where I wanted to go anyway & felt like a total badass in doing so.
  3. Regarding the teleporters, is it at the point when ADAM says something along the lines of “You are now ready to face the last Boss” that they all become unlocked so you can travel between any 2 of them instead of the pairs they’ve been restricted to up till then?
  4. The white glowing area means that there's a secret that hasn't been discovered yet, it'll go away when you can actually see the item & it becomes marked on the map.
  5. Final boss was rock hard but then surprisingly simple once I had the pattern down, just like all the others. Ending thoughts. I'm also very glad that I copied my almost-complete save file to a new slot before starting a new game, as the unlocked teleports will make 100-percenting the items much easier.
  6. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    I think licensing might be a major part of it. What did Nintendo have to agree to to get Banjo-Kazooie, a game without which the service would be much less worthwhile? Could they possibly manage Goldeneye under a similar sort of deal?
  7. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    I want the N64 & Genesis games & I want the Animal Crossing DLC so it works for me, but I understand that it doesn't work for someone who doesn't want all those things.
  8. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    I understand that it’s a rolling fee, but Nintendo have clarified that you can keep everything you bring from the DLC into your main island if you don’t renew. You just can’t access the resort anymore. For some people a year of ‘work’ might be enough. Perhaps this is Nintendo testing the waters & when it comes time to renew they won’t offer something else also worth about $25, and if they do it will be something that goes away completely if you don’t resub, like a Splatoon 3 expansion.
  9. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    I've seen numerous takes that $30 extra is too much for the N64 & Genesis games & I agree, but they all seem to miss that that includes the Animal Crossing DLC which is $25 by itself, making the N64 & Genesis games $5. Nintendo could have introduced a middle tier where the base option plus N64 & Genesis was $25 or even $30 (making the 'full fat' option have a $5 discount on the AC DLC) but they didn't, leading me to think that they weren't sure how well the AC DLC would sell on its own (how did the Splatoon one do?) & so they joined them together in an attempt to boost sales.
  10. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    So it's 5$ (not sure about the UK pricing) for the N64/Genesis games & $25 for the Animal Crossing DLC with no option not to have the DLC? I was on the fence about the DLC but I guess i'll go for it. I'm very curious now what happens when it comes time to renew. Are they going to offer something else worth $25 or are you just going to be locked into the higher tier with no option to downgrade?
  11. It is a little strange how the difficulty of the puzzle doesn’t seem to relate to the rarity or power of the item you get as a reward Some of the trickier shinespark puzzles give you 2 missiles but some much more basic (IMO) ones get you an energy tank. I suspect it’s for the completionists out there without risk of alienating the more casual players. I like to give each puzzle a good effort but if it turns out to be tricky to the point of frustration I just shrug & move on.
  12. Considering how busy the map can get it seems odd that there's no option to 'toggle' certain map icons on or off. As it is, you can only highlight all icons of a certain type (as long as you've already found them) & this includes all the already collected ones. The markers have turned out to be quite handy, though of course I started using them liberally just before finding out they're connected to one of the games only bugs.
  13. Going around the map collecting upgrades & found a rather devious speed booster/shinespark puzzle. I always knew my pitiful skills at that technique would come back to haunt me.
  14. Are we still in the phase where retailers are getting regular restocks but they all immediately sell out? I'm just waiting until that's no longer the case but it's seems that it'll be sometime in early 2022 before you can just buy one normally.
  15. I like how threatening the EMMI are as it makes clear that this isn't something Samus can overcome with brute force. You need a mix of patience, stealth & strategy & the final satisfaction of taking them down is all the sweeter for it.
  16. I would say i'm about 1/2 or 2/3rds through. The have appeared. Love it so far. The fluid way Samus moves, the progression of her powers, the way secrets are handled (giving you a general area rather than having to bomb the entire map or spelling it out) & the new threat the EMMI pose & how you have to respond to them are all excellent. There is one fly in the ointment however. Many times now i've tried to explore a previous area with a new power only to find that that the way back has been blocked, & only sometimes with something that needs a new upgrade. One time a door was simply 'sealed' for no reason. I hope the game opens up before I get too close to the end as I want to item hunt.
  17. I'm happy with my current Switch (the improved chip model with the better battery life) & have no need for the OLED model. That's what I keep repeating to myself anyway. Let's see how long it is before I crack.
  18. Gave the Rewind feature a try when killing an enemy with a Card I really wanted, but no-go after dozens & dozens of tries. I'll give it another shot when I have some Luck-boosting items.
  19. Despite avoiding most content I saw a brief snippet where a player tried to run under an EMMI that was climbing on the ceiling, only for the same animation that appeared in the first trailer to play out where it approaches Samus from the side & (if you fail the button prompt) grabs her by the neck. This seems to point to it being a Quick Time Event that triggers whenever they get close enough rather than something that's more integrated into the gameplay.
  20. As I understand it's a sequel to Metroid Fusion where Samus is...Somewhere, for...Reasons. I think that's enough to start with really.
  21. I've been avoiding news about this as I want to go into it as fresh as possible, but I'm wondering if I should at least read the reports on the website that the Direct mentioned? Do they set the scene without spoilers?
  22. Didn't I read somewhere that OLED screens are more power-efficient than LED's? I'm sure that's something that GameXplain, NintendoLife, Modern Vintage Gamer, etc will put to the test when they finally get their own units, but it seems that if there was a noticeable difference in Power consumption, Battery Life, etc from the LCD model that's something Nintendo would want to make a fuss about.
  23. My Switch spends most of its time docked & it's hooked up to a pretty good TV so the OLED model does nothing for me. And yet... I still kinda want one. I think i will get one eventually, perhaps next year when I'm allowed to travel again.
  24. Got this on the Switch & am working my way through the GBA games in order. I remember playing Circle of the Moon on an original GBA & struggling somewhat to see what was going on. That's no longer an issue here & the game does look a bit basic, but it does have certain flow with the movement upgrades & how the DSS system changes how you can attack. I know I played Harmony of Dissonance but I don't remember anything about it except that I fell off of it at some point & didn't finish it. Second time's the charm? Aria of Sorrow is almost certainly going to be the cream of the crop. Have replayed that one multiple times over the years & am looking forward to doing so again. Don't really have anything to say about Dracula X/Rondo of Blood. Never played it. The games do look lovely in the Switch's handheld mode, to the point that i really hope we get a GBA Online at some point in the future.
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