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  1. Yes, and that's why I think this game is misaimed. I'd want to explore Hogwarts and its environs, learn spells and use them to discover secrets and solve puzzles, not be flinging them around like its a Wizarding 3rd-person shooter where you can transfigure your own chest high walls.
  2. I have heard that the effort Sega put into their 3D Classics on 3DS puts Nintendo to shame, so I should get at least a few of them while I have the chance... or maybe all of them?
  3. I think it's quite telling that when the Wizarding World is depicted generally (like in Universal Studios) its with that light-hearted and 'isn't the Wizarding World wonderful?' tone that the first movie had. Even the traps leading up to the stone are depicted more as a cool Wizarding adventure than anything else, and that's the tone I would hope any game adaption would have.
  4. The Castle is an interesting risk/reward balance. The earlier you go, the harder it is, but the better the loot.
  5. While I'm aware of the ticking clock, I'm reasonably sure I've got everything I could want from the 3DS eShop. The only thing that was a little tempting were the 3D Classics line that Nintendo and Sega did (I only have Excitebike) but upon consideration the only real draw of those is the novelty of the 3D effect and the full-fat games like Mario 3D Land and Link Between Worlds use that wonderfully, and they're games I prefer to replay anyway. I think the only thing I'm really missing is any Kirby game. Can any of those really be described as 'Essential?'.
  6. If it shows up on PS Plus Extra (no idea how likely that is) I'll give it a go.
  7. Is Rowling still in control of the story direction of the HP franchise? Like, if she wanted to write a story where whatever character outright condemned Trans and NB people she could right? No matter how poorly it fit the character or the world or anything. "Oh, yeah, Harry has always been Gender-Critical. Yup, definitely." (Makes rude gestures at Daniel Radcliffe behind her back) Or is it more the case now that while others can do the writing, she can just veto anything she doesn't want in the franchise, meaning that while they won't outright condemn it, you'll certainly never see anything Trans-positive in this game or anything else Wizarding World related?
  8. When it comes to Alt-Fire modes, any that require you to stand in one spot and do damage over time seem quite useless. Voidbeam and Shockstream are powerful, but they make you a sitting duck.
  9. IIRC, a Level 1 Weapon Trait won't activate until it's bar is filled, but a Level 2 or higher Trait will allow you to have the Level 1 or lower Trait until the upgrade requirements are met? I have hardly any Level 2 Traits at the moment so could be totally wrong about that.
  10. Hollowseeker is probably the weapon I find to be the most effective and reliable in most situations. The Carbine has some great traits to aid survival (Hardened, Leech Rounds) and the Thermogenic is the best for focused damage on a single target as while the Portal Beam outdoes it in that area, it activates too infrequently for me to rely on it (though I guess some higher levels of it might fix that). Or at least, it is so far. Once I get past the fourth Biome it's my understanding that some new weapon types get thrown into the mix...
  11. Thermogenic Launcher with Full-Auto Weapon Trait.
  12. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    Same, though I am a little worried about how well the game will perform. I don't doubt that at this point Nintendo have learned a lot about how to push the Switch further than they did when they were making its launch game, but I still worry that the ambition will be too much for the hardware.
  13. Gave this a try as it was part of PS+ Extra, admired it's nice visuals and the snippets of story it doled it through the logs, but then after dying to the 1st Boss a few times I deleted it as thought it wasn't really for me. But then something odd happened. I started to miss it, and kept thinking of ways I could have done better. The randomness of the levels, enemies and items got more appealing the more I thought about it. Even bad rolls of the dice can be managed if you play well enough and as Selene herself says at one point after a Death reset, I can do better. Redownloaded, and am now obsessed with it. After multiple runs I just beat the 3rd Boss and am fascinated with how things on the planet have changed. Also tried the Tower a few times, great for extra story and combat/weapon practice. I thought Roguelikes weren't my thing, but this game is definitely my thing. It's rather nice to try something new and find that it clicks.
  14. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    There is a Island Transfer Tool you can download from the eShop, but word of warning: you need an active user account on both Switch's to use it. I found that out the hard way, and while I decided to take it as a challenge to rebuild (perhaps even better!) I can still visit my lost Island in a dream... and see myself walking around it in that shirt and pants combo I haven't managed to get back yet.
  15. When I was deciding between a Series S & Series X I did look up what games were or were going to be X-Specific and couldn't really find any. I was unaware that Microsoft had actually made it a requirement that all games had to be playable on both.
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