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  1. I would agree, even though the Koopas briefly pausing to dance along with the "wah-wah" threw off my jumping-on-them timing more than once until I learned to account for it.
  2. I would love for the metric tonnes of fanservice present in Smash Bros to be applied to any other type of game. I really get into the character reveals & all the excitement, & then I actually try & play it & it all drains away.
  3. I'll spoiler this as it's something I was kind of expecting to happen, but it didn't.
  4. I guess for me it was Kingdom Hearts 3. All the stuff I like about the series (The Disney/Final Fantasy balance, Classic Worlds) was minimized (there are no FF characters in the game at all, unless you count moogles) & all the stuff I dislike (A world being simply a rehash of the movie plots) was front & centre. I counted at least twice when the game all but but shoves Sora & Co out of the way so that the movie's plot could happen uninterrupted. The only cutscene I ever felt the inclination to rewatch was when a Birth By Sleep plot-point was resolved. It wasn't all bad though. Getting to explore the worlds of Toy Story, Monsters Inc & Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty awesome. I just dreaded the moment when the game would say "fun's over, time for the movie plot now."
  5. Isn't there a Nintendo Direct happening sometime this month? I doubt they could make it a shadowdrop what with all the other WiiU Ports having had cart releases too, but still, it's nice to think about playing Mario for Xmas... mmmm.
  6. Considering all the other WiiU Ports this one coming over would seem to be an inevitability, & unlike Tropical Freeze or Captain Toad where I waited for a sale, this is one I wouldn't mind getting right away for full price.
  7. While replaying the original & thinking about plot, this teaser came into my mind & I wondered... The Zelda series has been fond of the "Sealed Evil returns" trope for a while. but this teaser seems to imply that Link & Zelda aren't willing to take their 1000 years & run, they want to defeat Ganon for good, not leave him for future Hyrule to deal with. This is perfectly understandable if you consider that 100 years ago they almost lost everything playing the "Defeat the Sealed Evil" game, a game that Ganon is just as sick of as everyone else, hence his attempt to change the script rather than play his assigned role. I could of course be wrong in my interpretation of what's going on, but if this is true it would represent a departure from usual Zelda storytelling tropes, something we've all been wanting for a while. But would Nintendo actually be willing to depart from convention to that degree? I think we all remember the quote about "what would Link do?" If Zelda was to take a more active role in proceedings. Part of me hopes that the fact that Zelda is in this teaser trailer means she will have a bigger part to play in the sequel, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the happenings that go on means she's trapped/imprisoned/possessed/etc & is once again the damsel that Link must rescue.
  8. Jarik

    Google Stadia

    I just don't trust that Google will be willing to work out Stadia's problems if doesn't start reasonably strong & head upwards from there, which is even more of an issue if you're bought full-price software from them that only works on that service. Of course, Google is welcome to prove me wrong & make me eat my words. I'll keep my napkin, knife & fork ready, just in case.
  9. Jarik

    Google Stadia

    The whole thing would be both more understandable & desirable IMO if the “Stadia Pro Deal” price was the Standard Price for all these Streaming-only versions of the games.
  10. Jarik

    Google Stadia

    From what I understand, as long as Latency is a thing, Streaming a Videogame over the Internet is going to be a problem, & with today's (& even tomorrow's) Internet, Latency is still very much a thing. This means that only way Game Streaming is going to be viable as a mass-market proposition is if the Networks the Internet run on are upgraded so that Latency is either done away with completely or minimized to such a degree that it might as well have been, & that is what Google should be focussed on.
  11. Jarik

    Google Stadia

    There’s a couple of videos on YouTube now of people unboxing the Controller, along with a Chromecast & Pixel 3, that Google have sent them. I can’t help but feel that’s rather pointless. I want reports on the service, not the devices, as that’s what Stadia will live & die on.
  12. Jarik

    Google Stadia

    "Sir, it appears that people still have hope." "I see... better make the controllers out of poison ivy & dip the Chromecasts in the special long-lasting stink solution. If that doesn't work... we may have to deploy the bees."
  13. Jarik

    Google Stadia

    Well, I must say that Google’s attempt to completely & utterly ruin the reputation of Game Streaming appears to be shaping up wonderfully. It’s a good thing they didn’t actually want it to succeed, as in that case this would just be embarrassing.
  14. I agree with that, but as it is you have to go through a lot of the game & complete one of its toughest challenges to get it, which usually means you've gone through most of the game already & all that's left is mopping up some Shrines & Koroks. IMO it would work as either a New Game + type feature, where after earning it in one game you can begin another & explore Hyrule in a different way or as built into a new type of game. I still cling to my pet theory that the teaser trailer for the sequel ending with Hyrule Castle rising from the ground means that the next game is going to take place in the Sky, which would mean... Loftwing Divine Beast!
  15. I tried getting into Twitch a while back, but 3 things stopped me. The first was that the only 2 streamers I really liked uploaded their streams to YouTube too so I could watch them later at my leisure, the second was that as Twitch is so closely tied to Amazon it doesn't seem to work well on non-Amazon streaming devices (it's not on Roku at all) & the third was that as I was supporting both these streamers on Patreon the whole "Bits" & "Subs" stuff just went right over my head. So I guess I don't really care if someone is trying to poach Twitch streamers to build a competing service, just that I think they'll have an uphill battle with Twitch having Amazon's clout behind it.
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