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  1. That's what I've been told & its certainly the way that the PlayStation accounts work, but considering that this is Nintendo we're talking about & I still needed both Switch's to transfer my software when I got the upgraded chip model, I'd be a lot more assured if someone had actually been through this process. Has anyone tried to log into their Switch account on a new machine without having access to the old one?
  2. Haven't had really any problems with the Switch (touch wood), either the original one I got at launch or the Upgraded Chip version I got last year. I did get the dreaded Joy-Con drift on the first one after about a year & half of use, but I just replaced the Joy-Cons & nowadays I use it mostly in the Dock with a Pro Controller. I have to admit to a growing feeling of Paranoia however. All but one of my games are downloads & as the number stored in the machine grows I'm starting to worry more & more about what happens if the unit breaks down or is stolen to the poi
  3. While I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a PS5 eventually, there are many questions I have about its storage & expansion options that will probably only be answered when the likes of Digital Foundry have a unit in their hands & dig into it. So i'm in no rush, & in the meantime, I have quite a backlog of PS4 stuff to work through, so I can see myself getting a PS5 at the first price drop, same as I did a PS4, & by then the remastered PS4 stuff like Control, Spiderman, etc should also be more reasonably priced for those who don't (or can't) take advantage of the free up
  4. Or as its otherwise known in the Mushroom Kingdom, Tuesday.
  5. I remember when the Underground Lake in Hazy Maze cave felt like a really well tucked-away secret area. Now it feels like a stroll down a corridor... a corridor with bottomless pits & rolling rocks, but still.
  6. Started with Mario 64 & noticed that I was playing the first few worlds pretty much on Autopilot as I already knew where everything was & how to get it. But as I played further & the levels started to get trickier & less familiar I slowed down a bit & once more started to appreciate all the nuances of the controls & the joys & challenges of exploring these worlds. This game still absolutely holds up after all this time. I just hope Sunshine fares as well. I don't remember having too many issues with it at the time, but it was definitely much rougher ar
  7. I really liked playing through the Room series on iPad but upon noticing it was on Switch I decided not to get it as playing it with a controller wasn’t appealing. Didn’t know it used pointer controls, so I’ll definitely get it & try it out.
  8. I’d actually completely forgotten about the version of Galaxy 1 that Nintendo put on the Chinese Nvidia Shield. I found a video on YouTube where someone is playing through it, & they mention how the pointer is mapped to the right stick & you can see how it mostly just sits off to one side of the screen when not in use. I suspect that’s it’s the Yoshi sections in Galaxy 2 that are the sticking point. I recall those being rather fast-paced to the point where I’d fail them quite often, as opposed to the Pullstars & bubble sections which were slow & metho
  9. Probably by making it more like the first 2 & replacing motion actions with controller ones, which I believe they’ve done with Galaxy 1 by mapping the spin to the Y button. I would hope they wouldn’t do that to Prime Trilogy though. I loved how immersive the pointer aiming made those games, allowing you to look around freely without having to hold a button & lock in place, & letting you soak up the detail the environments were packed with. It also allowed you to pull pull off feats of precise aim in the middle of combat, such as nailing the reflectors in the Plant boss
  10. There’s been a lot of videos on my YouTube feed speculating about why Galaxy 2 was omitted from the collection, but none of them have suggested what I think is closest to the mark, that the Switch’s Motion Controls aren’t up to the job, & this is something that might effect Galaxy 1 as well. It’s the pointer aiming that’s concerning me the most. On the Wii, there were 2 games that sold me on pointer aiming: World of Goo & Metroid Prime Trilogy. Both those games used it really well, but when World of Goo came to Switch the lack of a sensor bar meant that the pointer aiming kep
  11. Apparently they are re-releasing the 4 Champion's Amiibo for this, so that probably means all the Zelda Amiibo will have some function like unlockable weapons or outfits. It'll be nice to get some more use out of all those Zelda Amiibo cards I have a full set of. Perhaps you could even unlock different outfits for the Champions as well as Link. Great Deity Revali maybe?
  12. The only thing about Next-Gen that made me sit up & take notice was the use of the SSD in Ratchet & Clank to allow instantaneous movement around the environment. I'd like to see what other gameplay innovations that could allow, but the more practical benefit of the reduction or even total elimination of load times & slowdown is something i can certainly get behind.
  13. Reading/watching some more speculation about that little Guardian-like thing on the cover, the most compelling theory I came across is that its a Robbie/Purah adaptation of the Ancient Technology that might re-emerge in BOTW2 as a character/gameplay element.
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