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  1. The Desert area in Skyward Sword. There was something so very melancholy about how even though you could use the Timestones to restore this dead land & it's inhabitants back to the life they once had, it was only ever temporary & limited to a small area, & it will be dead again once you leave.
  2. Upgrade the Sheikah Slate Bombs, & for the first few rooms you can destroy the enemies with them & collect their weapons, giving you a good starting selection. Other than that, patience is good. Sneak around & up on enemies & pick them off. Mind you, that's only the starter trials. The medium ones don't give you the leeway to be sneaky & you will have to rely on skill, which is why I've never managed them. On that subject though, you may not be aware that the trial is in 3 stages & you can leave inbetween them, with an boost to the sword each time, so you don't have to do them all in one go.
  3. It was because they were so clunky that I was unwilling to explore with them. Using the Magnesis method however, I've checked out a couple of lakes & I'm planning to explore along the coastlines. Just make sure you stop occasionally to "scan" the bottom of the body of water looking for those telltale Purple outlines of chests, & also keep an eye out for collections of gulls circling around, as its means there's something there too.
  4. I found a way of making rafting less slow & cumbersome, but it turns out that it's been known about for ages. Still, i missed it, & I find that the metal treasure chests that are found in pretty much every body of water work just as well as metal weapons.
  5. That is a fair point. The 2 games I mentioned (Smash Hit & Proton Pulse) don't need the controller & can be played just by moving your head & one button. I have been impressed though by the fact that most of the time you can see the Go controller in VR & it has pretty accurate motion tracking & pointer, to the point that you can even turn it side-to-side allowing twisting motions. Some games even even have overlays that turn it into a Magic Wand (The Well) or a Sci-fi Multitool (Star Wars Droid Repair Bay). Both of those games make more of an effort to use the capabilities of the Go Controller, & I've just started another called "They Suspect Nothing" which appears promising as something that not only uses the controller for more than pointing but also as a more substantial experience with levels, high scores & unlocks. My feeling is that there's still mileage to be gotten out of the Motion Tracking/Pointer aiming capabilities of the Go Controller that might go unexplored if everyone immediately jumps ship to the Quest & forgets the Go even existed, & the Go should continue to exist as a more affordable & easier to use alternative than the Quest which nonetheless has it's own solid VR experiences.
  6. While I agree with your point, I'm a little put out by this sentiment which I see being echoed across pretty much all the Quest reviews I've watched & read. The Oculus Go is self-contained VR platform that I don't think the Quest should get to erase just because it has better visuals & motion tracking. I have some games I love to return to on there such as Smash Hit & Proton Pulse as well as quite an extensive Wishlist that I dip into whenever I want something new. Add to that the quite extensive list of 360 & 180 VR videos provided both by Oculus on the Home menu & on the Youtube VR app, & IMO you have a solid little VR platform which can stand on its own as well as an appetizer for something meatier like the Quest.
  7. Of the Mario & Luigi games on 3DS, I love Dream Team Bros to bits but by all accounts Paper Jam was rather phoned in & Bowser's Inside Story is, while great, still a remake of a DS game that i'd already completed with an extra mode featuring Gameplay that i don't care for. Are the latter 2 still worth picking up if I can find them for a decent price, or are they both a step down from Dream Team?
  8. That is so cool. Like I said, i'm happy with the Go for now, but i'm definitely keeping the Quest in my Amazon wishlist & when the time is right (lower price, bigger software library, Go starts feeling too limited or just 'ehhh...I've waited long enough') i'll definitely be jumping in.
  9. There's a lot of videos in my Youtube feed ATM of various people trying out the Quest & reporting on the experience, & one of the things i was unaware of is that you can define just how big the area you can move around in VR is, all the way from a narrow cylinder immediately around yourself to being able to 'paint' the boundaries of the VR area in the real world so you can move around more freely. How does this work with the actual VR software though? Do some experiences demand more room to move than others?
  10. I'll be keeping an eye on this, but for the time being at least, its 'Little Brother' the Oculus Go is a lovely little self-contained VR platform with quite an expansive software library that frequently has stuff on sale, so I'll stick with that for now.
  11. On the subject of Puzzle Quest for the DS, it's available as a DSiWare game on the 3DS eShop. It doesn't appear to be a cut-down version either (except for lacking the Plague Lord DLC) it is the full DS game, which AFAIK makes it the only full DS game DSiWare ever had.
  12. I do get that. One of the most atmospheric experiences I've had in any game, let alone Zelda, is the first time I made my way deep into that icy realm while equipped with the Rito Shirt & Leggings combined with the Travellers Hood, it's little cape flapping in the freezing wind. I love the way this ensemble looks & i would wear it all the time if I could. It's when other upgrades such as Stealth, Attack Power or Climb Speed could come in handy that my issues come in. At first, yes, I can just toil my way up that mountain, through that fight or hunting for food without such advantages or by using temporary upgrades such as Food or Elixiers, but that effect timer stresses me out & no matter what I'm doing, I feel like I'm wasting it. My only other option is to switch clothing, which often results in Link looking like he's run through a clothesline, & in Hebra, you only have one slot left after using 2 for Cold protection, which usually means headgear, & I hate losing that cool hood which is exactly what I would expect someone in a cold environment to wear. If, during the late game, you could 'absorb' upgrades like climb speed or attack up from wearing the associated garb for a length of time or it could be granted by Monks or 'bought' with Spirit Orbs, that could provide the same kind of upgrade progression that Zelda has typically been known for, & an environment like Hebra or Gerudo Desert, which was a slog when you first encounter it, you can return to with your upgraded skills, get around more easily & discover more of its secrets.
  13. After having played the game for hundreds of hours, that is the one equipment addition I would want the most. As for the existing systems, my suggestion would be a tweak to how the clothing special effects work. I would like for it to take the Final Fantasy 9 'Ability Learning' approach where if you wear a certain clothing item or set for a certain length of time, you could 'learn''that ability & have it active outside the set, or perhaps have the ability granted by a monk in a Shrine deep inside somewhere where the ability is required. This way, you could have Cold Protection, Climbing Boost & 'Snowshoes' equipped all at the same time, which would make getting around the Hebra Mountains much less of a chore.
  14. With the VR mode added for the Labo VR Googles, there's now a few different ways to experience BotW in VR. Here they are in ascending order of Price, Complexity, & how good of a VR experience they provide:
  15. I've been considering getting a PSVR but despite hearing people say great things about the likes of Astrobot & Tetris Effect, it wasn't enough for me to take the plunge as I have a forest of cables around my TV already & only one spare electric outlet. Being able to play Zelda in better clarity than Labo VR can offer (even if only slightly) just might push me over the edge though as I loved the taste of that experience that the Labo VR gave me & I definitely want more... Does it really work?
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