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  1. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    I wonder if the variable Bluetooth Audio performance might be down to the version of Bluetooth the Switch uses? It has to be at least a few generations behind considering how often the standard is updated.
  2. Jarik

    Nintendo Switch

    While it's great they finally added Bluetooth Audio to the Switch, my TV has it so I connect the Bose QC35's via that method when docked & via their audio cable/Switch headphone jack when not. Great for when you don't have those options though as if it does work properly games like Breath of the Wild have wonderful atmosphere with their soundscapes.
  3. Jarik

    Oculus Quest

    It appears that a feature like this is being worked on. https://uploadvr.com/space-sense-quest-2/
  4. Jarik

    Oculus Quest

    I tried "Elixir" which was a free download. A very interesting taste of what Hand Tracking can do & the kind of game you can make with it. I didn't really experience any problems with it, no missed inputs or anything like that, so are there any full games on the Quest 2 that use the Technology or is it not ready for that yet?
  5. Would you say the 3DS remakes of Superstar Saga & Bowers Inside Story measure up to the likes of Dream Team? As far as I can tell they’re the same games they were on the GBA/DS & as I’ve already played them through on those consoles they don’t really appeal.
  6. This. It always seems to be the case that when new tech is announced unless you go for the absolute top-of-the-range there will be sets that claim to have it but don’t get it right such 1080p sets that are actually 720p or claiming to have HDR without having the brightness & contrast levels to actually do it right. It then usually takes the announcement of new tech/standards (4K/8K, HDR10) before the sets start getting the previous ones right.
  7. So that's Dream Team, Paper Jam & the 3DS remakes of Superstar Saga & Bowser's Inside Story? I remember playing Superstar Saga on the GBA & not being that blown away & never finishing it. I liked Bowser's Inside story much better with it's new gameplay ideas such as the Bros helping Bowser out from inside his body & played it through to the end. Dream Team was IMO the ultimate culmination of the series with it's Dream World/Luiginoid mechanics, great writing & fantastic soundtrack. As I said, Paper Jam didn't review that well but I am still curious to check it out one of these days, & it does seem to currently be occupying that space where since it isn't that old you can get a copy fairly easily & for a reasonable price. Superstar Saga & Bowser's Inside Story don't quite seem to be at that point yet.
  8. I’d forgotten just how good Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros is, especially the Soundtrack: I never played Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam though as it didn’t review well at the time. Is it worth playing after the high that is Dream Team?
  9. Update: It arrived, I put it in, charged it up & played a couple of hours of Super Mario 3D Land, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros & Ultimate NES Remix & also left it in Sleep + Streetpass mode for the rest of the day. The battery is still showing 3 quarters charged. The real test will be how it fares long-term, but encouraging so far.
  10. After looking through Amazon, this one appears to be the best bet: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07262B3RP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_QVPVENBKYX46X84X47FY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 It's the one with the highest frequency of positive reviews, but there are sufficient negative ones sprinkled in amongst them to make me think that a bad experience/defective unit is just a risk that you run. Edit: I’ve decided to go for it. I’ll be sure to report back on how it works out.
  11. Jarik

    Oculus Quest

    Walkabout Mini Golf is fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of the pastime, but it’s been difficult to find places out in the real world that offer it. This is an excellent simulation with some wonderfully designed courses, & the extra gameplay offered by the harder course variants & the little treasure hunts you can go on are just the icing on the cake. Unfortunately however, my WiFi connection for the Quest 2 isn’t the best so I haven’t tried Multiplayer, but this is the kind of game that motivates me to do something about that.
  12. I’m a little worried about my 3DS. I have a New 3DS XL that I got when it launched but I’ve noticed that the battery hardly lasts any time at all when it’s in Sleep + Streetpass mode. Even on a full charge I can barely get more than a few days when I used to get at least a week. Ordinary play (without Streetpass) on a charge seems shorter too though I couldn’t swear to it. Is this a sign that the battery might be on the way out? Nintendo don’t do replacements anymore & Amazon appears flooded with unreliable knockoffs, so I don’t know where to get a reliable replacement.
  13. I alternate between hearts & stamina until I fill the second stamina wheel, then focus on hearts until I have enough for you-know-what, then fill the third stamina wheel before going back to hearts.
  14. Was playing this yesterday, & I had decided to travel up into Akkala to find the Travel Medallion. This time however I decided not to rush. I rode my horse at a trot rather than a gallop & admired the scenery & environments as we passed. I also frequently deviated from the path whenever I spied something interesting & explored ruined settlements, completed Shrines, spoke to people & helped them with their quests, found Korok Seeds etc, & as I was doing this it occured to me that years ago this would have been a major quest in the game, if not the game itself. "The Legend of Zelda: The Quest for the Travel Medallion." "Link & his faithful horse Epona go on a long & perilous journey to the far off Akkala region in search of a Legendary Medallion that is said to allow it's wielder to Teleport. Will Link be successful in his quest to retrieve this legendary artifact, which may help him to rescue the trapped Princess Zelda?" Then upon getting all the way up to Akkala, lighting the furnace (pretend this was necessary to get to the Labyrinth Isle) figuring out the Labyrinth & defeating the Guardians under it the game ends on a shot of Link looking over the Akkala region. "Congratulations adventurer! You have taken another important step on the road to defeating Ganon & rescuing Zelda. Join us next summer for another thrilling quest... The Legend of Zelda: The Mystery of Eventide Island!" I'm very glad the game isn't broken up this way, but it just reinforces my belief that it is pretty close to the Ultimate Zelda adventure generator, & you can play it any way you want.
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