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  1. Keep COD as it is, put MW2 multiplayer for series x on GP, 4K Dolby Vision and Atmos and they’ll have me forever
  2. Rob Hubbard’s in game for Delta is basically the Aphex Twin has used The Delta in game music in his DJ sets, which was a mind blower first time I heard him do it.
  3. Just renewed for three more years, thanks to all in the thread for help.
  4. Thanks, she’s got Roblox and Minecraft, I’ll suggest the Lego games to her
  5. Thanks, just switched it off. I’ll buy 3 years of XBL subs at the weekend and should be good to go next week
  6. Calm down sister, some of us don’t read this thread that often
  7. My £1 upgrade to Game Pass runs out this weekend, can someone explain in idiot proof terms how I go about extending this? I’ve read I need to let it lapse, so,do,I have to turn off auto renew? And how long does it have to lapse for before I can stack a load of XBL subs and go again?
  8. Anything decent for a 9 year old with her first gaming laptop? Poppy Playtime and Among Us are the current favs.
  9. Being able to run the MD/SNES library off a memory card, with that screen and build quality, is what I’m after
  10. This with a dock could make this comprehensive TV and portable solution for 8 bit and 16 bit gaming with a jailbreak firmware
  11. The guy played a pretty instrumental role in my life, setting me off onto this lifelong hobby.
  12. How well does the Super NT scale up on a 55” screen compared to the Mini SNES?
  13. Can someone explain, as though they were talking to a child, just what the DAC does ill be honest, I fancy a Super NT and I still have a dozen or so SNES cartridges, but how easy is it to play a rom on it?
  14. Besides cables and 8bitdo pads, is there anything actually for sale on the Analogue site?
  15. For me the Combined Arms games, especially assault, are a highlight. I’m a bit miffed there’s still only 4 maps for them.
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