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  1. My new subscription starts with issue 200 so very much looking forward to see what @strider and the team have come up with
  2. A Tim Follin Prog Masterpiece, I honestly don't know how the SNES did this!
  3. I've just bought a used jasper 360 for this very reason. Just got to get the modding bits now and hope my mediocre soldering skills get me through. Don't suppose anyone has a Jr programmer they don't use anymore!?
  4. Shameless promotion but I'm selling my Ldk in the trading folder if anyone's interested.
  5. Just to note I haven't lived in Leeds for 3 years but as arcade club looks like it's on Kirkstall Road which is one of the main arteries in and out of the city, especially for students, you'll have no problem getting a bus from there into town and back.
  6. Just tried Road Blasters but it didn't work. Loaded up but in the game the road didn't move and all the surround was corrupt.
  7. Depends on the emulator options. Most give you a choice to have original aspect ratio but also have the option for software based up scaling of some kind.
  8. Yes mate will let you know later tonight.
  9. I've just tried Pacland and Todds Adventures in Slime World and they both seem fine, although this is the first time I've ever played any Lynx games so don't really have a base of reference!
  10. I've got the vertical version of the ldk handheld and it's pretty damn good. Allegedly it'll play some PlayStation titles though I've not tried it myself, and the only issue I really have with mine is the snes emulation is a bit iffy especially if the snes cart had custom chips, but hopefully that'll get better over time. Plus overclocking it gets round some of the issues with that. But for old handheld emulation it's great. An working through links awakening on it at the moment and gba, master system, nes and genesis emulation all seem to be spot on.
  11. Giving this a bump as looks like Blade Runner is going to be playable via ScummVM and they're testing it now in the latest build https://www.scummvm.org/
  12. Could you just stick a gotek in it? That gives you the convenience of the original hardware with a slightly more modern storage system.
  13. I have the same ambition! I've been looking at blitz basic tutorials for the amiga as I think that might be the sweet spot performance wise without learning assembler.
  14. My grey +2 was my first proper computer at home and I remember it fondly. I had loads of games for it (all still at my folks) and wish I still had the machine! Another great 128k game was batman the movie, the music sticks on my head to this day. Robocop was also great too.
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