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  1. Digitiser is back

    Funded already and 2 stretch goals met as well!
  2. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Most people used joysticks back then anyway rather than pads and pressing up to jump on a joystick felt a lot more natural than it does on a pad.
  3. AMIGArama Podcast Episode 21: Nitro

    The podcasts not that bad mate Although some of the movie tie ins were pretty bad for me it was still amazing comparing them against what their Speccy counterparts were like. I owned Robocop and Batman on the speccy and seeing them on the Amiga blew my mind back then.
  4. AMIGArama Podcast Episode 21: Nitro

    I think a lot of amiga owners had batman thanks to the A500 Batman pack.
  5. AMIGArama Podcast Episode 21: Nitro

    Still remember the cheat code to this day. Type jammmmmm on the title screen!
  6. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Nice article on Lawro here: http://www.football365.com/news/a-football365-love-letter-to-mark-lawrenson
  7. AMIGArama Podcast Episode 21: Nitro

    Another good one Lorf and like you I never played this back in the day. I jumped straight to the likes of ishar and black crypt.
  8. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    If you're using the whdload version you should be good to go as it'll be the latest one and patched with any fixes.
  9. AMIGArama Podcast Episode 21: Nitro

    I remember getting the demo on Amiga Format but not getting very far in it. Don't think I got on with the controls much, plus I think it was a bit late on in the Amiga's life, I may have even turned to the dark side by then and had a PC as well!
  10. AMIGArama Podcast Episode 21: Nitro

    I really do have to fire up jetstrike this weekend and have a go.
  11. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Yeah it was tricky to play and the time based stuff was frustrating. Also on the a500 the vector 3d walking around could be ponderous. It played much nicer on the a1200.
  12. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Did think at the time it was odd having a 30 something bloke voicing a teenage boy! I also had some delphine software adventure games I used to play a lot too. Operation stealth and cruise for a corpse although don't think I finished either.
  13. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I didn't pick that up till I had a PC but I've fond memories of it. Chris Barrie of Red Dwarf voiced him if I remember correctly.
  14. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Meant to also mention it was the Amiga that cultivated my love of the old point 'n' click adventure too. The Secret of Monkey Island and Lure of the Temtptress were the 2 that immediately spring to mind. I even put up with Beneath a Steel Sky and its 372 disks!

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