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  1. Deal still works in case that helps anyone’s nerves before pulling the trigger on three years of Xbox Live. Just did it. The wording is very misleading at the point of conversion but I checked and I’m good till 2025.
  2. Might be worth checking when your cloud save was updated. I did a bit of tactical save swapping between local and cloud to get all the endings (I had turned off auto-update but there is often a lag).
  3. I wonder how long the Liverpool training ground will be shut now the postponement is official.
  4. Had to drop Journey from a Savage Planet in the end after a decent few hours. It was good enough but really it’s the type of game where, for me, the most fun would be had from hunting down tricky collectibles and clocking off the side quests and I didn’t love it enough to give it that much time. Similar situation with The Messenger. I think part of it was the controls not being super tight - especially the shooting. Anyway, no regrets and good recommendation if you have the time, but delete and move on for me.
  5. Can some more people convince me to take We Happy Few off my to play list.
  6. If anyone is mulling Plague Tale: Innocence - pile in. I did it recently and regret NOTHING. It’s the perfect GP game. Probably about 10-12 hours to complete with no desire to replay. Looks great, bouncy story, gameplay adds enough to keep fresh throughout and, crucially, there is minimal FOMO motivation for collectibles and resources. I often manage to completely fucking ruin games by searching every cabinet and bin etc to get the best upgrades but I just got what I got in this and was made to feel surprisingly at peace with it.
  7. Right. I have Gamepass Ultimate expiring sometime next year and want to stack a bit more before the Live Gold price goes up. Can I do the whole Live Gold/GP Ultimate cheapo conversion thing with an active subscription or nah?
  8. Is Deep Rock Galactic good for light multiplayer funsies?
  9. The world really must be a daunting place for some people.
  10. Shit in terms of lambs to the slaughter for any multiplayer FPS etc. Basically nothing where enjoyment depends strongly on your competency relative to the average online dude.
  11. Any recommendations for online co-opy type multiplayer games that you can play with three people. Two of those three shit at games. Ideally a kind of situation where we could be on the same team. Already on the list GTAV, Payday 2, Dead by Daylight. Is Human Fall Flat good?
  12. Correct. I try to download all the shiny new games on GP so I can ignore them in favour of chipping away at miserable old clappers from years ago for whom the fun has long since evaporated.
  13. I have an Xbox One S with a hard drive full of games that I never play and a subscription to Gamepass, with access to games I never play, that expires sometime in 2022. I like this setup and was wondering what the advantages of spending £250 upgrading to an Xbox Series S would be. Things I like the sound of: 1) Better graphics 2) Quicker loading times Things I don’t like the sound of: 1) Limited space for games 2) In 12 months feeling like my console is last gen I am not really bothered about buying new games as I have an impossible backlog already. Essentially I like the idea of upgrading my Gamepass Jukebox until they fuck us all with massive subscription hikes in a couple of years when we’ve got no disc drives. Has anyone else done this and, if so, are you happy with your decision? Go!
  14. Ah, is that unseen place DLC? Thank fuck. I thought that was the next place on the list for me to visit. I did a Pumice (?) chalice dungeon because I couldn’t face it again! Anyway killed the Undead Giant but was low on supplies so decided to head off to grab some blood vials from friendly old Yarnham. Imagine my surprise to find that fucking ninja in the graveyard where Father Gascoigne died! On attempt number three I got him within an invisible sliver of dying but decided to play it safe and back off to get more endurance and pop a vial or two and he staggered me with a shot from a mile away when I was using the pissing vial and promptly killed me with a single swipe. He has now probably killed me eight more times in a row and I have no blood vials. Sad times.
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