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  1. It's not so hard to learn, especially with automatic clutch.
  2. Woohoo! I'm not in general much of a racer, but with some help from a good car&tune I found recommended on the internet, I'm #1 in rllmuk A-class. For now...
  3. Cheers for this, I had a fun time bumbling round this course. I really hate a couple of the corners
  4. Can someone send me an invite to the club? My ID is PaulTheNth
  5. What he says still applies: put as much logic in stateless functions as possible (passing state in via args), because then the code is easier to understand and it's much, much easier to write tests for (aside from the idea that this might help parallelisation). Isolate state mutation, and write functions with narrow interfaces -- these are good principles no matter how small your code or project is. I don't think mobile apps are any different from games, in that both require maintenance of a ton of state (in fact, games surely have _more_ state).
  6. This is a great article, and doesn't just apply to game code.
  7. http://norvig.com/21-days.html
  8. Sliced, with mozarella, fresh basil leaves, good olive oil and salt.
  9. Portal for me. I literally loved it.
  10. Add me up. PaulTheNth. I'm not particularly good, and by that I mean terrible.
  11. Tetris in BBC basic: 0d=d:IFdVDUd:a=POINT(32*POS,31-VPOS<<5):RETURNELSEMODE9:GCOL-9:CLG:O FF:d=9:REPEATVDU30:REPEATGOSUBFALSE:IFPOS=28VDUPOS,15,VPOS,24;11,26:IF0E LSEIFa=0PRINT:UNTIL0ELSEUNTILVPOS=25:v=ABSRNDMOD7:i=0:VDU4895;3:REPEATm= 9-INKEY6MOD3:FORr=TRUETO1:t=rANDSGNt:IFt=rCOLOURv-15:VDUrEORm:i+=m=7AND9 -6*r:IF0ELSEFORn=0TO11:d=n/3OR2EORd:GOSUBFALSE:IF1<<(n+i)MOD12AND975AND& C2590EC/8^vVDU2080*ABSr;:t+=a:IF0ELSENEXT,:VDU20:UNTILt*LOGm:UNTILVPOS=3 Explanation here http://www.survex.com/~olly/dsm_rheolism/explanation.html
  12. Thanks for the headsup wk.. just watched it, and thought it was brilliant
  13. caveman


    The demo scared me silly, but I didn't really get the combat. I'll have another go today.
  14. Hmm, how come you are all playing space giraffe? Is it on xbla yet, cos I can't see it?
  15. caveman

    Blitz 3d

    It's great, and perfect for knocking stuff up quickly. Don't they do a trial version?
  16. It was like The Bill crossed with The Dead Zone. The lead actor wasn't up to it, and the cameraman needs to calm down a bit. I quite enjoyed it though for some reason
  17. I love them, especially in games where they're done well. There seem to be 4 sorts: 1. Ones given for playing the game as it's supposed to be played. 2. Ones given for doing something that you wouldn't normally do in the game. 3. Ones given for doing something difficult in the game. 4. Ones given as payment for doing something the developers want you to do. The (1) variety are weak as they suggest playing the game isn't reward enough in itself - Prince of Persia is the worst for this where most of the awards are for finishing levels. The (2) sort (survival in geometry wars, collecting dogtags in Gears) are my favourite encouraging you to explore the game a little more, and to generally play around. And (3) are good too - encouraging you to get good at the game. I don't really like (4) - a lot of the GHII rewards are like this: watch the credits, or buy all the gizmos in the shop. I've been quite surprised by how much the achievements mean to me: I'm not usually a completist when I play, but the permanence of the achievements makes them much more desirable. I don't really care about my gamerscore though, nor would I play games I don't like (eg Hexic) even though there are some cheap achievements to be had.
  18. I've had this game almost 3 weeks now, 5*'d normal, completed hard (5*'d up to woman) and am up to the 6th set on expert. I ROCK.
  19. Your oven is broken, and cooking at a lower temperature? Happened to me once - one of the heating elements was duff.
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