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  1. Have to say I’m continuing my love affair with the Quest. So much so that I still haven’t bothered organizing for my monster PC to be shipped over from the UK( with huge Steam VR and Rift collection) so that I can try Link. Maybe I will do that for a Christmas present. But with the time I have to play I’m finding the collection so satisfying. Recenty, The Under Presents is great, trippy and encountering live actors is a major head fuck. Pistol Whip is so much fun although I have a lot of work to do to get good at it. And I’m really enjoying Espire 1 even though it’s buggy central so may wait for a patch or two before diving back in. Three recent games all offering something very different. More people need to get The Under Presents though, it’s bonkers in such a good way!!!!! oh, and Quake 2 just released. Something to dive into when I complete Half Life VR
  2. Episode 2 story is very underwhelming and the graphics seemed glitchy to me (weird shadows etc). Was all set to refund it but then had a quick blast on the dojo which seemed like top fun and I didn’t care for the episode 1 dojo very much. So will give that another go and see if it’s worth keeping.
  3. I was really finding anything to hold my interest, the last game to do so being Breath of The Wild. While I very much enjoyed my Rift when I had it, it often seemed like a chore to get everything working correctly. The Quest has changed EVERYTHING for me. Suits my busy family lifestyle, can be playing in seconds from deciding I want to. Lots of skill based, arcade style games plus some deeper and creative ones. I just love it so. And I love the instant on, fast load times, relatively cheap software and also not to mention it essentially feels like having an arcade of the future in your house. Tried going back to the odd pancake game but can't remotely get into anything.
  4. This exactly. I purchased Dance Central and really did quite like it, it seemed very nicely done. However, song selection seemed limited (for the price) and I therefore couldn't see myself spending a lot of time on it as I like to mix it up more. Thus the near infinite (ish) amount of Beat Saber content just makes for endless fun. So I returned Dance Central for a refund but it did seem like fun and was pretty slick...so I would recommend doing the same. If there's anything I am on the fence with I simply buy and try. I think the limit is 5 returns a month / don't take the piss. I did this with Elven Assassin last night and decided to keep it. While basic, it was really good fun in co-op and I think very much worth it as a pick up and play arcade game at that price. But if there was no refund option I wouldn't have bought it.
  5. Still worth getting that cable for some PCVR streaming and just as importantly custom beat saber songs which takes it to a whole new level.
  6. Yep, it worked well enough on my Shadow Cloud PC (which is in a data centre hundreds of miles away) to make me immediately start the process of shipping my gaming PC from the UK to Canada. Purely so that I can stream PCVR games locally. I have high hopes that it will be ‘good enough’ to enjoy and play Skyrim, Rez etc. and it’s all so simple, just install the app on a PC and log it in with your Oculus account and you are good to go (you also need to own a copy of Virtual Desktop as well as sideload the version that allows for PCVR streaming). Will report back once I have my gaming PC.
  7. The general consensus seems to be that Virtual Desktop does the best job, but I don't have my gaming PC shipped over to Canada yet so I've been unable to try a local connection. But essentially 5ghz, Virtual Desktop, your PC hard wired into the router and having a clean line of sight to the router. If you don't own Virtual Desktop I think it's worth owning regardless, or you could just buy it, try it and see if improves things for you and if it doesn't then refund it (you do need to sideload VD after buying it on the store to get the PCVR streaming capabilities).
  8. I found End Space a little repetitive when I tried it on the Rift at some point in the past, although not sure if things have changed. Some Quest highlights for me (mileage may vary depending on your experience of other VR devices and whether you have strong VR legs): Beat Saber (with custom songs via side loading) SuperHot Moss Sairento (my favourite of the moment although you do need to have found your feet in VR) Red Matter Tea for God (via side loading) Half Life (via side loading) GunClub (much better after the last update) Pinball FX Racket NX Racket Fury Big Screen Tilt Brush Virtual Desktop (used to stream PC and PCVR stuff) Drop Dead Think that's about it for now. SculptVR looks interesting but haven't got round to that yet.
  9. The port really is excellent. Rock solid and to be honest I was not expecting the Quest to be able to produce graphics of this quality.
  10. Just a couple of updates on my continuing love of all things Quest. Continuing to have so much fun with Sairento, the new map and gun with the DLC just adding to it (very reasonably priced) with another free map coming in a couple of weeks and co-op boss battles at the end of the month. Great stuff. Red Matter seems really solid so far, puzzles not overly taxing and with a great atmosphere and very pretty for a Quest game.Time Stall looks really nice but I got bored of the gameplay mechanic after the first level but that's probably because it seems so slow after Sairento. Be interested in watching some of the NextVR events as the video quality in the stuff they have up already varies from good to excellent. Have also set up a Shadow Cloud PC that I've been streaming STEAMVR to just to experiment. While the lag isn't too bad, it doesn't really work with fast moving PCVR stuff but have been having a blast with Google Earth back in my life. But I'm about 1000 miles from the nearest data centre. Definitely now thinking of shipping my gaming PC from the UK so I can set up a local stream of PCVR stuff directly from that PC to the Quest. For those with a gaming PC, a 5ghz compatible router and the ability to plug the PC directly into the router then I would definitely recommend trying Virtual Desktop with this set-up. Even playing on a cloud PC 1000 miles away I got a ton of enjoyment from a few things (finished Vanishing Realms for instance) so I think a good local setup could be VERY playable indeed (depending on how tolerant you are to a little bit of lag). Still, it was fun to see No Mans SKy in VR, even if it wasn'y ultimately playable for long sessions with that set-up.
  11. Would second Beat Saber which is an absolute joy....as is Superhot. Space Pirate Trainer and Racket Fury do what they do very well and are excellent value (SPT is limited in scope but is just great fun and almost certainly won't induce any sickness!). Racket NX is fantastic (especially multi player) and I Expect You to Die is a good seated experience that again should be comfortable for people new to the Quest. Of course, my favourite of the moment is Sairento...but you need VR legs for that one. Oh, and a few interesting looking releases tomorrow (Red Matter if you like puzzlers and want something very pretty)
  12. Putting more and more time into Sariento and finding the core mechanic and the game play just SO MUCH FUN. Especially once I realised you can do advanced moves such as flipping upside down etc. The feeling of pulling off multiple head shots while upside down in slo mo before sliding into a plasma sword uppercut is just BRILLIANT. Now my goto game for Quest and some of the most fun I've had in VR (including when I owned a CV1). Love it and can't wait for the DLC. I really can't believe I have some crazy arena ninja future sport in my lounge for the price of a couple of pints.
  13. You install LambdaVR through Sidequest snd then just need to copy over a Half Life game folder from Steam and that's about it. You can use HD textures which makes it pretty sharp. The train ride at the start is a bit of a barf fest (it feels like it moves SO FAST when you are in it in VR), but played the first hour or so I guess and its very playable and therefore awesome in small doses it seems and great to see Half Life again from a different perspective after all these years.
  14. So far the release schedule has been great I think, tons of great content already with plenty coming every week or two, most of which I find very reasonably priced (but then again I still see VR like having an arcade from t he future in your living room so it always seems such a bargain to me). Sairento has suddenly become my game of choice. Didn't get it when it was released, but have seen the devs have updated it a couple of times already and seem very dedicated so decided to give it a try. It takes an hour or so to get into it, but once you do its just so much fun (provided you have the VR legs to handle it).Going into slow motion after doing a wall run while shooting crazy ninja things in the head is just so satisfying. Apparently they are working on multiplayer as a free update and all for just 16.99 (canadian dollars so I guess around 11 quid on the UK store?). Anyway, there isn't a story mode and it's cut down and cheaper than the PSVR / PC counterpart, but it's just glorious fun with the added freedom of no fucking cables getting in the way. Anyway, now sits next to Beat Saber and Racket NX as my current top 3. I am enjoying dipping into Half Life VR every now and again though...just for a nostalgia kick.
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