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  1. Ha, I just posted this in Elden Ring and was aobut to copy/paste here. From on the case already, all the PC servers for Souls are down. Should be fixed soon enough!
  2. PSA - this is also for PC Dark 3 players so will post there, some exploit has been found inthe game's coed that allows a hacker to reun executables on your PC. GREAT! TLDR - Bamco have tkaen servers down today to investigate. The same eploit would theoritcally be in Elden Ring since it shares some the same codebase. Allegedly the community PC multiplayer hack prevention tool Blue Sentinel has already been upgraded to prevent it (Blue Sentinel will basically be essential for PC Elden Ring players imo), but with any luck it'll be fix by From ahead of then.
  3. This is a good shout. Though it is limited use so I'd save it until I had a bit more of a battle plan than 'farm humanity'
  4. Farm if you must, but at the same time I find farming for ages to get a few humanity, to have three INTENSE goes at the boss is even more disheartening than just trying over and over solo. Don't you dare go hollow on us!!
  5. Also it's been a while but I'm sure there's a faster way than taking the spiral stairs.. You defo unlocked all doors and shortcuts?
  6. You don't need solaire. Coop doubles boss health. Learn the fight solo. Make sure your weapon is +10. Don't use consumables until you're confident you can win. Take one out first. Use the pillars. Don't use lock on. (short on time!)
  7. Ah man, I really need to get off the internet for a bit. This looks ace, but I also wish I hadn't seen it. Are you sure you want to click? The hype machine is only going ot get worse. Good luck out there, Fromsoft fam..
  8. Fair enough, my understanding of it (i.e. from googling it a second ago because I didn't know what it meant!) was where only males were involved! My bad.
  9. Surely it would have been 13 yr old boys in fetish gear if that was the case?
  10. Just to say. This game is ten years old soon. Jesus wept. Noclip did a nice vid on it recently: Also, Hydrogen by MOON is still an absolute BANGER.
  11. Ha, and that's fine, there's a definite 'comfort blanket' feel to the first Dark Souls for me, I've played it so much.. it's very dear to me. However, beyond 'build diversity', Bloodborne has the most consistently high quality of interesting level / enemy / encounter design of the lot, imo. It was the first game where they nailed the nightmarish complexity of the environmental details, all the sideways gravestones and piles of coffins and other clutter is brilliant. It's so overwhelming at times (in the best, terrifying way) that it's hard to tell where you can / can't go in the world. Best DLC of all time, too. And THAT MUSIC. Plus trick weapons are just AMAZING.
  12. Yes, to second @Mike S you shoudl defo play Bloodborne next out of the already-released games. It's their best game to date IMO.
  13. I do wish and dream for a From game in the mould of Elden Ring, just without bosses. I'd bloody love that. I do enjoy the bosses, but the adventuring is my favourite bit. Learning the map. Where the good items are. Looking back over where I've been and realising distant landmarks are places I was walking around 10 hours ago. Coming out of a cave, into the light after hours of darkness. Feeling the satisfying sizzle of neurons in your brain connecting the pieces of the gameworld after inadvertently using a shortcut. Starting a new character, using prior knowledge to make runs for the cool items you found previously but couldn't use due to stats. Planning a character. Cooping. Invading! Oh god they're the absolute best games.
  14. Yes, do it! Nobody on this forum will tell you to git gud, the souls community here are generally super nice and helpful And don't sweat the accessibility too much. You might not understand everything immediately, the only advice I can give is to read the screens / menus carefully, ask questions on here and take your time. Most of all, don't get disheartened when you die! Know that you'll eventually destroy whatever currently blocks your progress. Elden Ring looks way more suited to giving the player plenty of scope to 'bugger off for a bit and do something else' than the previous ones. Very useful if you're stuck at a hard fight. As a small anecdote, when I first played Dark Souls 1, it took me about 50-60 hours to get to the rough half way point of the game (Anor Londo, fact fans). I can make the same journey in about 1 hour these days. With patience (and a bit of help from strangers) you'll git gud automatically. Join usssss. Preordering on payday, so hype!
  15. Staggering news. Some fuckin' cahones on Microsoft for sure. Massive brands with Xbox perks? Crazy times. Still, I haven't bought anything Activision (aside from Sekiro eek!) in years and years.
  16. Wiper's excellent post has resulted in both me and the Mrs separately caning Unpacking tonight, somehow that had passed me by completely. What a lovely little game, very smart at what it does. I've had to stop at 2013 as I need sleep, but she's carrying on next to me in bed with the laptop! No fair! We both hated cluttering up the boyfriends super smart pad with our stupid giant red colander amongst other junk. Don't want to say any more as you need to play it to get it, but this is the kind of game that reminds me why I play games!
  17. Last boss spoiler, freshmen may wish to avert their eyes... Everyone else, I lolled:
  18. I'd save Demon's (PS5) til last! (I've still not played the PS5 version, sadface) Funny actually, I think the only one which feels 'wrong' and old is Dark 2, I've still not managed to play through Scholar of the First Sin!
  19. I think playing them through in release order is a nice idea - it could well be difficult to go back to play something like Dark 2 after playing Elden Ring! Though at the same time, being in on the hype and adventures is one of the best things ever, too.. Oh god it's nearly time for everyone to share stories and things again!!
  20. I started a fresh soul level 1 run on this as I pine for something to play while waiting for Elden Ring. Still such a great game. Its actually been long enough that my memory is a bit hazy in where some of the key items are! Nice. Made good headway and have beelined to gargoyles, downed them easily with a +5 battle axe bought from Andre. Took a sneaky route through darkroot to blighttown, but was gutted I couldn't get back up to firelink that way without the master key. Bums! I need that large ember from the depths, man! Also @geldra welcome! Imagine having the whole of fromsoft's output waiting to be played like that! So jealous.
  21. This is a good little game! Managed it in 3 today Wordle 212 3/6
  22. If you're on PC there are some options on PC Gaming Wiki And to chip in on the current conversation, I'd say it's a solid 7/10. I enjoyed the adventure and watching Kratos and the boy's relationship change, but the main gameplay of combat and weak-as-piss "puzzles" wasn't the most captivating tbh.
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