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  1. How weird, my brother and I have been discussing the ways in which we'd do a remake of Werewolves of London recently. He'd just wanna do a straight remake. But for me, the original game is too basic and a bit crap. I'd make it a rogue lite, randomised map and item / victim locations. Permadeath. Make the police actually scary. Would make it so you'd somehow be forced into being seen in public as the wolf, and murder people for clues etc. Maybe the wolfs senses could help you find victims. Sleuthing in the day time, trying to get clues. Not sure whether I'd set in modern times or go for Victorian, as modern armed forces would decimate a werewolf, lol.
  2. Well this a particular nostalgia hit I wasn't expecting how lovely! Gonna have the music in my head all day now!
  3. Well fuck me sideways, that was the most fun run I've had on this game yet. Still don't really like Watcher, though! But shit, when I had almost endless card draw, silly amounts of energy, and the ability to push my luck in Wrath with skipping turns and doubling my block (unfortunately had to lose Entrench in the 'falling' ? room right before the last boss, boo!) and using cards like Streamline on double damage, I was an unstoppable killing machine. Amazing scenes all round. So many fights ending without enemies getting to even do anything. So many turns went pretty much perfectly, I was grinning the whole time. Even the Pandora's box result was awesome! Wish I'd recorded it. Also I reeeeeally appreciate that I discovered the 'daily debate' threads on Reddit for every single card in this game. Very helpful for a noob like me, to read various people list out pros/cons of cards in a single place. Like I almost didn't take Conclude! It made multi-mob fights an absolute breeze.
  4. Having said that, this deck is... interesting for Watcher, 2 fights into Act 2. Swapped relic for the Astrolabe, was gutted initially but it gave me Study+, Wheel Kick+ and Just Lucky+, which have been absolutely amazing to be fair! Prismatic shard at the first shop and now we've got a bit of a rainbow deck going
  5. Good grief I'm having a terrible evening in the Spire. Ascension 2 with all classes, and it's kicking my arse!! Waaah.
  6. I'm not sure what dictates the seed we all get, possibly is related to platform / version though.
  7. Aaah, so close on the daily. I was really missing some big damage / scaling for the Time Eater fight. And man I only had about 25 max hp by the end! Especially gutting as I was slowly but surely just decimating everything else. Got him down to about 20% HP but I just couldn't keep up with the blocking and do damage at the same time!! Hard to get cards with these settings... What's the best idea, go for shops / elites, I guess? Next time. Look at this ludicrous amount of relics tho!
  8. Well, that was awesome fun, I think my Watcher only took about 10 actual damage through the whole run! Hope this deck skinny enough to not be scoffed at!
  9. Jesus Christ, state of this guy after turn 1..
  10. That 'fight an act 1 boss' event from Act 3... Slime boss. I'd made a copy of Ragnarok+ after buying the Dolls Mirror at a shop, drank a flex poition, killed in two cards THIS GAME.
  11. Oh man this Watcher run has been excellent fun so far. My first card taken was Ragnarok. Since I'm rocking Snecko I've just gone for some mad high-cost, high damage cards. Also picked up a Vault, which is just INSANE when it's occasionally 0 energy. I beat the Act 1 boss in a 'single' turn
  12. TRYING WATCHER. Got Snecko Eye from the whale... Wish me luck!
  13. BTW, today's daily climb is an all-claw deck Going to check it out later! Edit - scrap that, it's 5-of-the-same-cards, with Defect. So you might accidentally get 5 claws.
  14. we need the cool bot they have on the StS reddit which automatically explains card names!
  15. Another super good fun run completed Had cards and energy coming out of my ears, The Silent was basically unstoppable. Was nice to feel like I was 'strong enough' at the start of act 3, so went for ? rooms and shops more than fights or bosses - used doppelganger for the first time, it was mad powerful. Nightmare copying Fletchettes and drawing hands full of skills was so fucking great. Had some amazing turns where I was close to the end of my deck and managed to proc Adrenaline and use Acrobatics twice, etc, and get huge Pen Nibbed damage out of finisher. What a freaking game. Endlessly replayable. Totally genius in its design.
  16. I really need to play Watcher more. I am absolutely terrible with her! Also - just had my first ever run where I had the balls to actually take Apparition - was excellent for Ironclad! It's funny how the events seem sooooo negative when you're a new player. "OMG I can't survive on half HP" to "OMG who needs block anymore" is an interesting and excellent transition of mind
  17. Lol. I'm a long way off going for super skinny deck challenges!!
  18. Having said this, I then finished off this run over lunch time, first one in a while where it felt like I was thinking about things properly and making good choices for pathing / cards etc I love the Defect when you get a strong channelling deck going.
  19. I'm waaaaaaay back into this all of a sudden thanks to realising there was an android version... OMG toilet breaks take too long now!! I'm so, so bad though. Enjoying watching various youtubers/streamers play to spot things / synergies I'd never noticed before. For example, only just recently discovered why cards like pummel and sword boomerang are so good for Ironclad, once you've got some strength bonus!! Jeez! Feel stupid. I do love Jorbs, but I'm also enjoying this guy, who's a bit louder/more annoying, but quite amusing imo.
  20. I'm all in. My feelings towards the 2nd and 3rd films have changed somewhat recently, want to watch them again. This was quite interesting (but long!) about many things, but the big one being how the Matrix is an allegory for transness
  21. Dat grenade launcher noise
  22. Quake had great atmosphere but the level / encounter design was pretty basic imo
  23. Even Quake? Don't get me wrong, I loved Quake back in the day. It's hardly as smartly designed as Mario 64, man.
  24. People talking about painful fingers because of constant dashing, I just wanted to point out you can just hold the attack button to attack at maximum speed, just in case you didn't notice. That way you can just tap dodge with the lower part of your thumb when needed. Sorry if that was mansplainey.
  25. Press r1 near the weapons in the hall..
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