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  1. I've not been following the news on this yet, has anyone heard whether it's gonna have the 9 different ending things?
  2. Nioh was weird when I played the first fwe hours. A lot to like, it's a bit like Ninja Gaiden Souls, but with STUPID TEDIOUS amounts of loot. It's weird, but kind of alluring.
  3. ALSO: omg 60fps Demon's Souls is up and running! might be time for a replay!
  4. Heheh. I'll give you that the combat is probably the best it's been in Dark Souls. Though I prefer Bloodborne's frantic feeling. Bosses too were pretty great. But ultimately it was all too familiar for me by that point. It's still GREAT. And I still LOVED the first time through it. It's just, none of the games have managed the lighting-in-a-bottle feel of adventure and exploration of the first half / two-thirds of Dark 1, though. Except for Hollow Knight. Sekiro's a weird one too. I really like it, it had its own vibe and sense of mystery. I felt they missed a trick by not having more than one weapon though (like, a spear / flails would've been excellent). And those weapon arts were a bit weak.
  5. 94%! And omg pretty!! I have to confess, I had to google where the last flimsy key was (it was the weirdo the other side of the Coliseum, I'd never have found that!), but glad I did!
  6. I dunno man, ds4 definitely seem to just nick the "loads of things" (eg graves / cages) style of Bloodborne and basically looked a bit too much like a copy imo. I swear a lot of the scenic props were just identical.
  7. But that example of Quake is using raytracing for EVERYTHING, including the usual rendering (I'm guessing). i.e. even the geometry and stuff will be drawn with RTX, which is super intensive. You can use it in cut down form for lighting / reflections / shadows.
  8. Ray-tracing is like, super hardcore maths, man. When you have to do that for every single pixel onscreen, it gets intenseaf.
  9. ha, yeah I'm literally blind to anything Star Wars related bar the OG trilogy.
  10. Man I forgot about this demo: I mean, you can even see the storm troopers authentically reflected in the shiny guy's armour. :O Scenes.
  11. Of course I get that, but then why specify that no game dev effort is needed? It just makes it more confusing than it needs to be (for me at least!)
  12. Ha! Nah I was saying I'm not fussed too much, when my favourite games in recent times are not very technically demanding! Raytracing is very impressive looking though, I can't deny.
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