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  1. Hmm am I being dumb, is there no way to pause / quit to title screen?
  2. Settling down to play some... Kitten decided to join in!
  3. Sorry it's not real news. BUT IT MUST BE CLOSE. https://twitter.com/ReeceShearsmith/status/1196854076123820032
  4. AW YES Y's managed to switch my digital backer copy from PS4 to PC... TOMORROW! ..I also have not much time to sit and play games at the moment
  5. Just started this tonight on PC - OH MY GOD ITS NICE TO BE IN AN INTERESTING FALLOUT TYPE GAME AGAIN. Golly it's pretty, too!!
  6. Yeah holy shit this is fucking great. First VR I've played in months! Mad mashup of like Rez, Superhot, and Guitar Hero. It's mad at a box of badgers but I love it.
  7. Why are MS so bad at this? 'Admin approval needed to install'? Really? Despite me being the admin account on this PC and running the app as administrator, I still can't install. To the high seas, then. Fuck this.
  8. Ah, nice one both. Will check it out. Was doing my shopping via web browser initially!
  9. Fucking lol, just the rubbish MS store. Kept taking me to the Xbox 'version', eventually found it by going through the list of 'included with game pass' games, though that was a bit hilarious too as it was not listed under O for 'Outer' but under T for 'THE'. Obviously!
  10. Am I missing something here - I signed up for Gamepass for PC and this isn't available? No worries if that is how it is supposed to work, I was just under the impression that I'd be able to check it out for $1 a month!
  11. Exactly, Arthur doesn't even seem bothered that his healthcare provision is removed, I mean, it seemed pretty lacklustre in the first place. Had he even been taking his meds? I felt it was a bit blurry as Arthur himself was a pretty unreliable narrator.
  12. Totally! I really loved watching this movie, it was gripping and proper drew me in for the duration. But the more I think about it, the more I feel the mental health / anti establishment themes were a bit flimsy and not really explored in any meaningful way, which seems a bit of a shame.
  13. I don't think anyone really thinks that, but the film doesn't do much to break away from the stereotype that mentally ill people eventually cause violence.
  14. I'd never even heard of this until today. SkillUp review has me sold, sounds like just what I need form a single player story game!
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