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  1. I want to know which version of Souls they've been playing if that's "souls like combat", I bet I has a stamina bar. That is definitely the unique thing about souls combat..
  2. I promise I mean this in the kindest way possible, but sounds a bit ADD to me! Does this kind of hyper focus happen in other stuff you do? I'm basically the same. And I'm defo further along 'the spectrum' than most. But I don't do the forgetting how to play bit enough to feel like I have to start over. Having an obsession keeps me sane. I think.
  3. Holy crap today's daily was fun. A0 is so easy lol. But look at the state of this deck, it was sealed pack (or whatever it's called), get to choose ten cards from 30. Mad a couple of dud picks, but thanks to hoarder every card got added three times. My god it was strong and fast immediately. And I just had SO MUCH good fortune. Like taking red key at end of act 1 and then immediately getting omamori!! I lucked out on a ? room early act 3 and got a mind blast, well, 3 mind blasts. Suffice it to say, after that it was a breeze, carrying about 200 damage on my first turn was nuts, especially when I also drew Tantrum in my first hand. Thanks bag of preparation! I took 4 elites in the final act (since I had black star), despite taking the 'upgrade all cards, you can no longer heal' event. Poor Nemsis got killed in 2 cards. Big head died second turn. Donu died first turn. What a beast!
  4. I've still beavering away at this, been stuck getting everyone through A2, Defect took sooooo long! Did ironclad A3 at lunchtime. About to take silent for a spin before bed!
  5. Rewatching Animatrix (2003, jesus I'm old) tonight, can't believe Kojima basically nicked the baby idea from this: They even refer to it as her 'baby'!!
  6. It's been ages since I was mad into this game, but from memory the fountain's heal is pretty meagre, I definitely had more than one life saved by a big fat blob of darkness dropping after beating a boss!
  7. It does give you a good heal after bosses though (presuming you're not on a new heat level).
  8. Lol what weird gatekeeping. Why do you get to decide what's a good use of twitch? Who cares if some people want to make / support boobie streams?
  9. Your friendly reminder that everyone should be using something like Bitwarden.
  10. How weird, my brother and I have been discussing the ways in which we'd do a remake of Werewolves of London recently. He'd just wanna do a straight remake. But for me, the original game is too basic and a bit crap. I'd make it a rogue lite, randomised map and item / victim locations. Permadeath. Make the police actually scary. Would make it so you'd somehow be forced into being seen in public as the wolf, and murder people for clues etc. Maybe the wolfs senses could help you find victims. Sleuthing in the day time, trying to get clues. Not sure whether I'd set in modern times or go for Victorian, as modern armed forces would decimate a werewolf, lol.
  11. Well this a particular nostalgia hit I wasn't expecting how lovely! Gonna have the music in my head all day now!
  12. Well fuck me sideways, that was the most fun run I've had on this game yet. Still don't really like Watcher, though! But shit, when I had almost endless card draw, silly amounts of energy, and the ability to push my luck in Wrath with skipping turns and doubling my block (unfortunately had to lose Entrench in the 'falling' ? room right before the last boss, boo!) and using cards like Streamline on double damage, I was an unstoppable killing machine. Amazing scenes all round. So many fights ending without enemies getting to even do anything. So many turns went pretty much perfectly, I was grinning the whole time. Even the Pandora's box result was awesome! Wish I'd recorded it. Also I reeeeeally appreciate that I discovered the 'daily debate' threads on Reddit for every single card in this game. Very helpful for a noob like me, to read various people list out pros/cons of cards in a single place. Like I almost didn't take Conclude! It made multi-mob fights an absolute breeze.
  13. Having said that, this deck is... interesting for Watcher, 2 fights into Act 2. Swapped relic for the Astrolabe, was gutted initially but it gave me Study+, Wheel Kick+ and Just Lucky+, which have been absolutely amazing to be fair! Prismatic shard at the first shop and now we've got a bit of a rainbow deck going
  14. Good grief I'm having a terrible evening in the Spire. Ascension 2 with all classes, and it's kicking my arse!! Waaah.
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