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  1. This stuff sucks though, new items exclusive to the deluxe edition:
  2. Thoughts on the gameplay trailer: - lol the boulder falling looks just like the PS3 version - omg did you *see* that load time when going down the lift??! - I actually REALLY like the change to the spider's 'fill the corridor with fire' move as it is visually a lot more readable and makes sense - Omg the 'Demon Vanquished' font is terrible - So glad they fixed flamelurker's face! <3 - The effects of the player character being on fire are so cool - During the montage at the end, there was a neat bit where an enemy he backstabbed only partially destro
  3. Mirror mode is a good shout! It makes things you're intimately familiar with feel quite different
  4. I don't they plan on doing this at all tbh - they indicated as much during the excellent NoClip docu series.
  5. Poseidon and Zeus aid both do absurd big damage too when upgraded a bit. Poseidon is especially good if you get the extension on duration.
  6. In other news, just had the most satisfying escape in a while. Was simultaneously going for a couple of prophecies - needed Demeter's legendary to finish off the ledge boon's one, and because the spear had the darkness bonus I went for 'reach the surface with spear hidden aspect'. And golly gee it was amazing fun! It's all about the charge attack, baby! The fully charged version does obscene damage. Got some upgrades which increased the size of the attack and increased how far it travelled, which gave me some great heals. Had to play a bit more slower and tactically sometimes to
  7. Hades is the last game I've been so utterly besotted with that I do stupid things like get out of bed if I wake before my alarm just to play a bit before work. It's just a lovely game that pushes all of the right buttons in my brainbox. (oh and it really suits having a quick half hour blast or sitting for like 6 hours straight )
  8. Is it though? In other news, I love that my Zagreus is so accustomed to death, that after I return to the house...
  9. Fair enough. But I still don't know what @Delargeycounts as the last 3? I mean the last TWO are pretty tricky in tes of needing to see the credits before being able to talk the right talk, but otherwise...?
  10. Yeah it's great. There's only a couple of obvious 'repeats' I've seen in about 80 escape attempts! Been duo boon hunting recently, you know how Athena's cast is a bit weird? I've never really liked it, but oh man, the duo you can get with Zeus makes it bounce around like chain lightning does
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