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  1. Oh, nvm me! If anyone else is in the same boat, though: https://fulfillment.fangamer.com/kindling/bloodstained/resend_survey
  2. Hmm, struggling to find the link to my backer page, can someone help?
  3. Oh blinking heck, I'd not followed the news on this for a while... I've forgotten which version I requested. I bet I chose Switch, which is annoying as my children have basically kidnapped it from me.
  4. His voice is so utterly legendary Excellent interview.
  5. I thought the biggest problem was distinct lack of Tingle.
  6. Why does a Contra game need damage numbers and health bars?
  7. I hear you, but it's the way of the world man. Making a game costs so much money. There's no way they can commit to a schedule / plan for the entire thing. I never even really played FFVII, I think I got a bit into disc 2, or maybe 3, but can't remember much of it. I am kinda excited to play this one though, for some reason. Even though I've been burned so many times by JRPGs over the years. I just don't gel with them, but something about them (and their popularity/fandom) is alluring.
  8. fucking hell that breaks my brain trying to read it!
  9. Man, it isn't about 'winning'; it's just a discussion. People get so riled up and presume they're being judged etc. I certainly am not judging anyone or trying to 'win'.
  10. @jonamok there's a Shadow Point thread btw!! Bump that shit next time, more people need to know about its existence!
  11. These could literally be responses to the Tropes vs Women series. Its not wrong in isolation, but when mass media general use of transfolk is for laughs, I think its something that absolutely be called out.
  12. The stereotype that says trans people are freaks here for us to have a good chuckle at? That seems the intent of that goofy poster.. I mean. Why else give that person a huge boner?
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