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  1. Had some fun starting permadeath mode tonight. first three attempts were super punishing!! A bad first planet can kill you. As can overeager rocketjumps. In the end I just spent 20 mins in Creative mode as, seeing the impressive structures above, I wanna make sure I know which bits to prioritise buying, and what looks nice together, before I do it for real!! And while I'm here, a few other choice shots..
  2. This is very well observed. I'm still slightly dumbfounded that there wasn't at least another weapon or two, and that the prosthetics weren't more.. mandatory / useful. The fact that everyone *has* to basically play it the same way to get through it makes it kinda of the antithesis of Soulslikes, yanno? I still fucking love it, mind. Best melee combat feeling they've done. Bloodborne still the pinnacle in terms of action:adventure ratio though.
  3. Oh god it looks so terrible. BUT ITS MEIN.
  4. You know that feeling? The feeling where you're like 'Right fuck it, lets just stop wasting time and just jump as far as I can before setlting into some exploring'? Yeah, well the first planet I found: ITS THE ONE
  5. Quick screenshot dump. I've done loads of vagabondage since last time. Can't remember everything, but by golly I love just seeing new stuff. Before I get into it though, I do kinda wish the galaxy was more sparse. Finding life, whether on a planet or by the presence of a space station, would be waaaaay more impactful for me if it was a once in a blue moon thing. I also wish it was a bit harder to get materials to aid exploring, making you spend more time trapsing around planets for resources to be able to fly between planets/star systems. ANYWAY. Love my freighter - was a bit confused though, saved another and although it offered me the chance to purchase it (couldn't afford), it still joined my fleet.. wtf? Need to do more playing around to figure it out. Landed on a toxic planet with these frankly ludicrous flying beasties - their wings were TINY. This was the first CACTUSPLANET I found. I love these!! I wanted some wild west music while exploring. Supermanning around a moon for Gravatino balls, made about a million credits - escaping sentinels on foot sooooo easy in low gravity What the fuck is up with all these lovely lush planets I find, and scalding / boiling rain? I want a nice lush planet to call home! Space I love the planets that have weird geometric patterns in the landscape, proper spooky alien amazingness Did a bunch of missions at the nexus after figuring out how it worked (stocked up on about 50 wiring looms as rewards! yaaaay), some of the planets I was taken to looked amazing!! This place with giant flower things was immense. Finally started progressing the Atlas path. This part of the game would feel so much more important if up until this point I'd met no other lifeforms. Still, it looks immense. Space again! Found a 'nuclear' planet, had no idea what that meant. Still don't. Landed right by a drop pod. The sentinels here were frenzied, which meant lots of benny hill action as I refined materials etc Space again again This 'glitched' planet was mindblowing!! Crazy structures and weird life forms made out of the weird metal crystals. Love it. OMGOMGOMG I FOUND ONE. My frames per second was about 10 though, so I didn't even explore. So annoying! Never get bored of epic sunrises <3 Final stop off of recent sessions was this pretty glacial planet. Half of it was ocean, took me a while to find land. But it's a bit like Jurassic Park! Tons of life and decent enough weather. Think I'm gonna set up a base here and try out my exo craft, now I've bought the building bits for them!! THIS GAME
  6. Visit, yes. Destroy, no (just like you can't destroy the NPC buildings etc). It's insane. And arguably more impressive than Elite. Elite is excellent, but it's a whole lot of (highly realistic!) empty space, really, compared with the amount of.. stuff in NMS!
  7. I did skim through this thread, I'm sure we had a few canvases available to look at via the forum, for some reason. Wanted to give the Mrs an idea of them - though the backdrop on the kickstarter did that just fine!
  8. Playing no man's sky again now, after obsessing for a month or so when n it first released, is pretty mind blowing. Yes its the same old semi-meaningless trek through an infinite universe, but the fact that they have generated a universe with 5 quintillion unique, procedurally star systems or whatever is so awesome. A staggering technical achievement. Especially now that people can dig / build and it stays forever, for others to randomly (never) stumble across
  9. Wasn't there an old thread containing some of these? Was the old app iOS only? My mrs is mad keen on these sorts of things. We're in, @jon_cybernet!
  10. Haven't played for a while, but the other night while absolutely hammered at 4am I was showing some mates NMS. I lost it when I landed on this planet. This was the second one like this in the 20 minutes we plalyed. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
  11. robdood

    Inktober 2019

    I had a busy weekend of birthday celebrations so am gonna catch up tonight!
  12. Just watched this with the Mrs, we were a complete wreck during a lot of it, especially Koreys story during the last episode. Fuck the police.
  13. robdood

    Inktober 2019

    Almost ran out of time to do mine tonight, been busy! This one was a bit weird as I basically did a bit of life drawing / portraiting which I've never done before. I'm not entirely happy with it but it is what it is! Slightly over my 15 mins..
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