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  1. I do think he can get a bit tiresome for some, as he does beat that drum pretty consistently. But I like it, man. In his own way he's using his passion for games to make a difference to the world. It doesn't matter how large or small you think that difference is, he's doing it regardless! His subs keep increasing, I like the idea that his messages about capitalism could likely encourage those who have not really thought about that aspect of society to actually start some research of their own.
  2. robdood

    The Stamina Wheel in BotW

    It is strange that they didn't give a true hudless option, given that so many of the game's systems are illustrated perfectly using stuff inside the game; eg reading signposts, the way link sways when it's too hot, etc. If Link had more obvious indicators of damage taken / stamina remaining (eg, getting obviously short on breath, movement hobbled etc) then we could use that information to choose whether to heal or use a stamina potion.
  3. robdood

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    Mate, I fucking love you. Just saying.
  4. robdood

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    good times. I'd love to make time for newest hitman, it does sound so good!!
  5. Right, but in the absence of anything else that appeals for these people to buy, surely you can empathise with the frustration? It seems strange you're so determined to tell people how they feel about something is...
  6. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    S'all good mate, it's quite obviously a tough old time, but... ultimately the best thing for both of us.
  7. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Only temporarily! Though also a bit burnt out tbh! And am in middle of separating from the mother of my kids. So gaming is uh... not really much of a priority at the minute, heh. in the interim I've managed to be nicely distracted by to tetris. And now Warframe. I do want to come back to StW if only to make the guide!
  8. robdood

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    This is the only bit that I think seems unfair about the weird rotation tech. Sure for L or J peices it makes more sense, but for pieces that basically have two possible positions it seems a bit daft!
  9. robdood

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Can I log in using my pc account (ie email address) on switch? I don't want to move my profile or anything, just start anew on Switch.
  10. robdood

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    What are the perks of clanning up?
  11. robdood

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Remember those excellent TV segments at the start of MGS4? I'm hoping something along those lines.
  12. robdood

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    I need to add you, magicaldrop!
  13. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Ooooh I'm not sure. I've kind of stopped playing..! You used to be able to change gadgets on the mission lobby screen, click your character the choose select gadgets..
  14. robdood

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    This game is so great. Enjoying stumbling across things, like figuring out the charged melee attacks, and the focus type thing which means enemies go all glowy/floaty when you kill them. Love colour customisation! EVERY GAME LIKE THIS SHOULD HAVE IT. I'm a bit obsessed already!
  15. robdood

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Hehe, I'm not sure where to start!! But I kind of like this point in games like this where everything is NEW and there's a ton to learn Redeemed my Twitch Prime stuff. It looks rubbish. I'm sticking with my bog-standard Volt for now. Presume you can't change gear mid-mission, is that right?

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