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  1. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

  2. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    The gold shop refreshes weekly as well, so you're missing out if you don't buy all the upgrade stuff each week!
  3. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    You earn so much gold (and it can be capped) that it seems like buying up all the account resources should be a matter of priority imo.
  4. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    You should have or soon be unlocking a method to increase rarity of schematics / heroes / defenders! Make sure to check the quests tab for extra tutorials!
  5. robdood

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    You can finish the game without doing it. The alternative is to leave it.
  6. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Hey @bradigor - glad to have helped! I had a bug at the end which meant I had to ALT F4. Lol. Good work epic!
  7. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Yes mate I'll be around
  8. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    It is v- tricky to be fair!! Best bet is to get on voice comms & strongarm (beg for) some assistance from your allies. Or get online in a minute and I'll help!
  9. It definitely sounds intriguing! I'm not a fan of real-time day/night though, it means I'd end up almost exclusively playing in the dark...
  10. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Yeah defenders are a bit weird. I dislike that you have to use Hero XP to level them. Having said that, I've done a few horde missions where some like level 80 guy came in, forbade me from building trap tunnels and just brought out 4 max level defenders and just rinsed it for us! They seemed quite useful with good gear!
  11. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Yeah there's no rush to finish objectives, the more thoroughly you rinse a map the higher multipliers you get for the rewards at the end (ie the reward chest rank). Here's something interesting I stumbled across the other day: you have limited skill points to put into the levelup tree - i.e. you can't buy every node, so be wary!! There's no respec either, though I think they may be giving us one eventually.
  12. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

  13. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Don't wait to power up! Am pretty sure I've partied with ps4 players, from pc at least. Happy to help you smash through lower levels any time I'm online mate! Add me up! (user name is same as on here!)
  14. robdood

    Fortnite | Save The World

    2K material limit? I'm lugging 4k of each with STACKS spare in my storm shield storage! Also, this site is good for stats / etc, here's my profile. https://www.stormshield.one/pve/stats/robdood I looked up a couple of you guys and was mortified / chuffed at how I've been rinsing it in comparison.. It's so bad I'm seriously considering creating a new account and buying in just to make guide creation a bit easier.. I'm also keen to try a 'spend no physical money on llamas' run and see how it goes. Could make for a good youtube / twitch series..
  15. robdood

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Now I loved that latest video. It looks incredible, from a tech perspective at least. But man, it looks like the same old game they always make. Barring the online, they've basically just made the same old game time after time. I will get caught up in the hype, but I am steeling myself when it comes to giving them money. I alway love Rockstar games for the first 8ish hours, but then the mission tedium sets in. Theyre excellent tourism games, but in terms of actually playing and doing interesting / cool / new stuff? Naaaaah.

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