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  1. There's no shame in going the cracked version in your situation. PM if you want some assistance
  2. Finally started this tonight. Have gone in pretty much blind. Can't believe how much like resi 4 this opening is! Excite! Love playing a new Resi, nothing quite like it!
  3. Black Widow. Just terrible. All the maturity and intrigue of a Saturday morning kids cartoon. And a bad one at that. And way too many arse shots, felt weirdly pervy at times. Why do people love this Marvel garbage so much? It's painful. Overacted, terrible gags, lame fight and action scenes. So predictable. It clearly costs a lot of time and effort to make, but jesus. Its basicaf. 1/5
  4. FINALLY! Steam rocket a go-go! And then not long after (though messed up and sent the steam rocket to the same location twice, whoops!) - PETROLEUM! This freaking game is 'mazing.
  5. Getting there! Though cooling these robo miners is a bit of a mare.. Did some research, seems I'm going to have to do some ludicrous thing involving dropping miniscule droplets of liquid next to them, but hey ho, I want it to be self-sufficient!
  6. Another update! Finally hit 'Home Sweet Home' circa cycle 515: Decided to splash out on some entertainments for the dupes to celebrate, they loving it! Space stuff is scary and hard (those fucking meteor showers!) so for the time being I've concentrated on some QOL improvments for my dupes and their base, so have decorated with plastic ladders and metal floors on the busiest routes, and put in some drywall for a slightly more lived-in look! Living quarters: (the spare bathroom water was barely watering the reeds, so is now being cleaned and put into the oxygen factories) Ranches, we got BBQ coming out of our ears! Industrial zone: (barely used the petroleum generators, they're for emergencies only!) Oxygen production: (the AETN isn't working very well any more, though it's still keeping everything at about 25-30 degrees) Not sure what to do as my next project, probably going to have to try and clear some space in space! Going to try some bunker tiles to give me a safe space to work in There's probably a good way to use robo miners to clear the regolith etc, but everything I've tried so far has been a failure. Might work on getting some solar energy setup, actually!
  7. Ha, turns out those updates only apply if you've bought Spaced Out. Which I will do once I've rinsed the base game a bit more! So I started a new base for no real reason, except it turned out to be my most successful yet! Some pics: 'Good ol' Peter' getting a brain upgrade. Made a little hamsterwheel room to keep dupes busy / gaining XP until they can wear suits. I started on an oceania map - modifiers were metal rich and frozen core - it's been a mad time doing huge liquid moving projects Got my first ever transport tubes running! Got space analysing running!! OMG ITS NEARLY TIME TO BUILD A SPACESHIP. That's a lot of 'sploring done! Can't wait to do rockets, I've purposefully not learned anything about it so I can fumble my way at first, that's the best bit!!
  8. No, because you basically can't die. The boss 'fights' are more of an uptempo / crescendo part of the soundtrack, if anything It's the loveliest game.
  9. Oh man they've merged the DLC and base games into a single codebase, meaning a lot of the stuff from Spaced Out is now in the base game!! TIME TO START A NEW BASE, I GUESS. I wonder if I'll ever get to the spaceship part of the game
  10. Aaaand another update from another new base! We've passed cycle 400, things going well. As ever, this is the best I've done. Some things I like: My hatch ranches with neato trick for cramping them without the game thinking they're cramped. My auto shipping steals all the eggs for drowning (thank god I discovered Francis John on youtube!) Food's getting a bit fraught now I'm on 24 dupes though, so going to need to figure out a way of cooling all my desalinated oxygen water so I can water some Bristle Blossoms or something. Finally got a little industrial area set up and working just fine - aquatuner & steam turbine is too freaking good. Most recent addition is a glass making machine so that I can.. ..finish off this guy! My base's main cooling is so shabby, I love it. It is purely driven by wheezworts (there are another 3 in another location. As you can see the ice is melting though, so this will need fixing soonish! (another aquatuner or two probably going in that empty waterhole top left, one for base cooling pwater and the other for farming water) Worried things are going a bit volatile down here. Dropped a bunch of saltwater down there by accident and it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter! Eeek! Might try finding another place to source crude oil soon WHAT A GAME.
  11. Some pics! Cool slush collector: Electrolysers: Industrial Area: Living Quarters: This is how much 'starting' water I have left on cycle ~250 Zoomed out: And my Natural Gas WIP (it's gone dormant!)
  12. Super pleased tonight.. My most recent colony is going so well! I think I've been playing too 'fast' previously, eg, I'd start churning through limited resources like coal without securing an alternate power source first. Way too keen to use the cooler refineries etc and it wasn't sustainable. This time I've just ticked along slowly, making sure I was making coal from hatches and staying about even for the power I was using. Ditto food, though my food situation is insane, I have 15 dupes, three full fridges and nothing planted, I need to figure out what the cause is tomorrow! It's been like this for a long time! Weird. I love my hatch farms, I have one of each kind (aside from sage). The smooth hatches are coolaf! I've tamed a polluted water geyser, which fueled my first base cooling thanks to the polluted ice in a bunch of storage boxes trick, which is still going strong. I am using a very simple setup with a single loop, I was way overcomplicating things on previous runs. Last thing I did this even was spend ages making a little electrolyser setup, which was only really possible thanks to a cool slush vent I found and tamed! Now I have coolant coming out of my ears!! And tooooons of oxygen. And a bit of hydrogen power! Next steps are to wait for a natural gas vent to go dormant so I can grab it, or maybe chuck an oil well down on a fissure I found near the bottom! But the latter needs suits etc so I'm hoping the former is more feasible! Once power's sorted, I might start fucking about with shipping, then figure out suits,oil and making plastics! Such a great game.
  13. Welcome to the Internet was probably my fave song. Great piece of work though, insane amount of planning must've been involved.
  14. If anyone's hankering for some instant SMB type action, you could do a lot worse than check out the pretty neat Rolled Out on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/873270/Rolled_Out/
  15. Hehe, my CO2 is out in space, thanks to a setup like this at the bottom of my base: That setup checks for gas pressure, if it's high enough and not oxygen, then turn the pump on. # Of course you need to dig a path up to the surface for the piping, but that's what I do with CO2
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