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  1. Gorf King

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    The reason people prefer JW1 to JW2 - which I do, a lot - is that it has a far better story arc with a far bigger series of payoffs. As fun as it is, JW1 feels like it carries some weight. The last fight, far from being boring, has a sadness to it, a tragic inevitability that goes well with, well, tragedy. They all had it coming. So, drama. Drama works. JW2, by comparison, is more like a series of stunts and shootouts that tick all the boxes (cars! knives! a pencil!), but feel dramatically lifeless. And bereft of real (non-visual) direction. Like an episode in an anime series, lacking definition, just a linking piece. And also some of the fights seems to go on too long. The repetition of the action, and the emptiness of the central dramatic thrust, got a little tiresome, which surprised and disappointed me in the flicks the first time round. I have no doubt JW3 will be better. It has to be. I hope JW2 will be remembered as the slightly awkward transitional piece. Because it sure felt like that at the time, and I'd like to see the payoff now. Btw, I fucking love JW The First. But if JW3 doesn't surpass the glory of the forthcoming Rocketman in terms of both visceral thrills and emotional connection, I'm throwing in the fucking blood-stained towel and going full rock biopic for my cinematic cheese rations this summer.
  2. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Yeah, but you're just describing bad lfg groups. The worst excuse they ever had for a nerf (Gjally, D1), was that 'all the lfg groups are requiring it, so we're going to fuck it up'. That's no way to design pinnacle gear and weapons capabilities. Or, if it is, just design more equally powerful gear and weapons and make the encounters more varied so they demand or support a greater variety of weapons. But ultimately, there'll always be a meta, and many lfg people will demand you conform to it whether they're right or wrong to do so. I know in D1 they usually demanded you had a Gjally as a requirement for running Crota. And they were wrong - it just wasn't needed. We completed that raid over 60 times and I don't think any of us ever used Gjally. And for Riven, as you know, they all tended to use cluster rockets and none of the pinnacle exotics at all. It was we who used Whisper, and it was fucking hard to do so, in the proper encounter without exploits. LFG groups will take that approach again with any content. People always do, and nerfing Whisper will make no difference to that. I dunno, I think all the encounters except Kalli and the ogre in Last Wish are difficult, whatever you use. And these nerfs - I mean, shards of Galanor, why nerf that again? It's frustratingly inconsistent and dangerous to use as it is after the last few nerfs. It hardly makes anything piss easy, and certainly not the raids. All I know is that it was getting harder than ever to get a proper blind raid team together anyway, and this latest round of nerfs just makes it harder still. I can't see it doing anything to help 'casuals' or first timers at all, because this just makes the game more difficult for everyone, and if you can't get a three together for the Whisper quest, what hope have you of getting six for a raid anyway, let alone a blind one? But on that note of helping raid newcomers through raids, we recently took a team mate who'd never played D1 past vanilla through the full set of raids, and it was great fun to do so. So yeah, we would do that if the person's up to it, and up for it. We managed to get a raid team of six easy for all of them even at short notice, but we can't even get a three for Zero Hour at the moment. Why? Because people love their gear and their weapons and those D1 encounters. And those same people are sick of this shit happening in D2: the pushing of content into modes they don't particularly want to play (the Gambit expansion; the Forges), and the last round of nerfs to Sleeper and Whisper, and now this one to them again plus a whole lot more of our favourite things. I give Outlook Perfected a few moths before it cops it too. So what's the point? Bungie have a real problem here, repeating the mistakes of the past all over again, just when they can least afford to do so. As I said earlier, it's baffling. Nothing was terribly broken by these items and, if they were broken, they were broken in fun ways. It was enjoyable to use them, and it helped with doing the hard stuff (e.g. blind raids or the heroic version of Zero Hour). Now it's going to be a lot less enjoyable and a lot harder to do that kind of thing. If some LFG clown insists everyone has to be at max light and kitted out to their specs to do an activity, bollocks to them. I don't want my game design dictated by idiocy. I want the design and the rewards to be surprising, imaginative, challenging, and fun. Not grey and 'balanced' and with nothing exciting to aspire to. I want Gjally to drop - I want that moment of game-changing joy. I want the Whisper quest and the glory of discovering how great the reward is. I want truly great raid/secret encounters and truly great raid/secret rewards. And I want that joy to stay, to not be some temporary buzz that'll get taken away, just a marketing ploy to sucker people back in for a few weeks or months before the rug's pulled from under your feet again and you then get forced to choose which shitty purple scout rifle to plink away at a boss for half an hour with cos heavy ammo only drops every ten minutes and the DPS from your heavy weapon when you do have ammo is trash. Fuck that noise.
  3. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Sure, bring more variety to loadouts. But do it by making some better alternative weapons (which they have been doing recently). Do it by bringing some variety to the most effective tools by making the encounters and enemies and bosses themselves more varied. 'Use some different guns lads' is great if the other guns are as fun to use and as effective. It's not great if the other guns are fucking boring and not fun, or (which is the main reason people use Whisper) the ammo economy is shit and heavy perks don't work properly. Fix the game to make it better, not worse. I don't agree that the exotics make the content 'trivial' either, and I'm surprised you're suggesting they do. I know that when we did our Riven runs, we found that fight immensely challenging every time. The blind run was really challenging, partly because of working out what to do (especially the Vault encounter), and partly the co-ordination and speed needed, especially the Riven fight. I know a lot of people seemed to just look it all up on YouTube and then use the cluster rocket launcher cheese, and that probably does make it trivial. But ironically, our group, using Whisper and playing the mechanics, didn't feel OP at all in that fight and wouldn't if we did it again tomorrow. I think it's still tough. Using some shitty purple cluster launcher probably makes it feel trivial, though, and is probably its own 'we must use this strat' mandatory requirement for some. Nothing to do with the exotics at all. In fact, the same's true of the last raid - we all used Sleeper and/or Whisper for the last boss and didn't find that a pushover either. So no, I don't agree that these exotics make encounters trivial. I do think cheesing the thing or exploiting does, or just looking up and copying the 'optimal strat' on YouTube. Which there'll be just as much of, or possibly even more, when the pinnacle weapons are nerfed. You'll just be using less fun, less effective weapons, which makes people even less likely to want to embark on something like a blind raid run. It's that loss which will trivialise content, because with less effective weapons they're more likely to look for a cheese method. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason for this nerf might be that the forthcoming raid isn't imaginative or challenging enough to stand up to the pinnacle weapons. And if that's the case, the problem isn't with the weapons, it's with your encounter design. Because when they make imaginative and challenging content - like Riven - those pinnacle weapons work just fine with them. More of that please, and less of this.
  4. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    It's a really dim move (sorry, DIM). You're right, no-one much is playing at the moment, despite Zero Hour injecting some interest back into what for many of us has been a lifeless Season of the Drifter. Partly cos power levels, partly cos good as it is, it's not a lot of content to come back for. But we were struggling to get six people willing to have at it seriously come June 4 in order to get serious with another blind raid - well, by struggling, I mean failing. And now this means we'll have even fewer who're willing to put the time in. Cos you don't get to use all that glorious shit you earned over the past year. It's an odd thing for Bungie to do, when they must know they're entering a period of great uncertainty and they need to pull a few rabbits out of hats to bring players back in. Something to persuade them to shell out for the next annual pass, or DLC, or whatever it is that drops post-Activision. What's less likely to do that than taking everyone's favourite exotic PvE weapons and armour pieces, the ones people attack all the hardest content to get, or pray to the gods of RNG for? The ones where every time you use them you say out loud to your teammates 'god, I fucking love this gun/super', the ones that make the game so much fun to actually play? We love them because they make us feel good. They actually make you do proper laugh out louds when you use them. They're among the best things about the game, and a big part of the reason we play it. In most of year one they were either non-existent or grey and underpowered in the name of 'balance'. People hated that, and stopped playing. And Bungie saw that and, lo, we got Go Faster, new and amazing exotics, and then Forsaken as a playground to go and have all this new fun in. Quests like Whisper, and now Zero Hour. They told us they'd rather make something game-breakingly good than boring and balanced and mediocre. People fucking loved this shit and they loved the insanely great weapons they got from the quests and drops. Bungie know this. They know we want more of this. And so... they nerf them into the ground. I just don't get it. But I do get that they've just made it even harder to get people interested enough in the game to want to come back and do something like a blind raid. Why put the hours in when at the end of it you've just got the sort of shit we were using after beating Leviathan, then looking back and thinking, 'yeah, well, what was the point of that?'. In a looter that makes you work hard for some of the exotic stuff, you really need to covet that loot. In a shooter, you really need to covet that weapon for it to deserve its exotic slot. And they know this. They know because they've done this unexoticising thing before and have seen where it leads. To people not enjoying the game as much, and then not playing it. Baffling.
  5. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Oh man. The thing I dislike most about Bungie is this stuff - giving you something glorious, and then taking it away again. There's some unpleasant stuff in there, but by far the worst of it is them doing the whole Black Hammer > Black Spindle thing, again. I mean, they did it before and no-one liked it. And now they pull the same trick, as if they didn't know what White Nail did all those years ago in its first iteration. There's just nothing wrong at all with White Nail pre-nerf, and pulling ammo from reserves makes the exotic completely unexotic. More to the point, why reintroduce the fucking weapon in D2, and White Nail at all, if they're just going to take it away again? I mean, they knew all this already. They've done it before. All of it. Despite the lovely things Bungie often do (Whisper quest), they equally often turn around to you after their data is in and make you feel like your experience is that of a lab rat (Whisper nerf). And that leaves you thinking, despite the glory of what is fleetingly felt when you do the triumphant stuff, that ultimately there's no real point to any of this. Bungie have a habit of building you up so you feel great and then knocking you right back down again. And this time there can be no excuse about them not realising you'd be overpowered in the first place, because we've seen almost the exact same cycle in the exact same weapon before, in D1. They knew what they were doing and what the weapon did, downsides and all. Yet they did it anyway, to pull the punters back in, and then knocked it back down to jack shit again. It's such a shame, because the imagination behind the quests to get this stuff, and then the rewards themselves, are unsurpassed in online gaming. They feel special; they stand out in a sea of mediocrity. And then they undermine that feeling with this. I now confidently look forward to Outbreak Perfected being comprehensively unperfected real soon, just in time to make way for the next 'overpowered' weapon to take its place. And you know what? It makes me less likely to bother with getting it (well, I got it already, but I mean the full catalyst) in the first place. Cynical. Cynical and stupid. You really can do better than this, Bungie. And you really have to.
  6. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    I'm keen to give it a good long run, but I haven't even done heroic yet, so obviously that has to come first. We don't have enough people still playing the game in our regular crew to have given heroic a go. Maybe next week, so I guess the catalyst will drop a week later than it could have. It's a great mission and a great weapon though. At this stage I have to assume that anyone who wanted to go into the mission blind to even its reward will have already done so. There's just no way you would be able to run this shit a week after release without having seen what it is you're going to win (especially since every other fucker is using it). So I'm not considering talk of the weapon itself spoilers. That being the case, Cool Guy has, as usual, written a great review of the gun which is especially pertinent for console users.
  7. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Well, I'll be starting at midnight and quitting at 00:30 after realising for the zillionth time I'm not slayerage so need a fireteam or a carry. I've also booked the Wednesday off so I can sulk all day about how no-one does blind raids any more without my work colleagues asking me what's wrong and I have to make a story up about romantic abandonment or life-threatening illness like I usually do.
  8. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    Season of Opulence launches on 4 June and, fuck me, so does the raid: Crown of Sorrow. But the raid launches at fucking midnight in the UK. First encounter recommended level is PL 715. Some changes have been made to levelling to 'ensure a level playing field': see TWAB for more details, but basically:
  9. Gorf King

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    It's sitting at 72 on Metacritic, isn't it? That's hardly a drubbing. Sounds like the mark of a slightly above-average game.
  10. Aye, everyone knew they were only there for a month or so. Everyone also knew they were complete shite filled with worthless 'loot', and no-one bothered playing to get them when they were there. Which is why that article is non-news, especially the bit that says the chests' removal, announced over a month ago, is 'strange'. I can't see how people expected them to be replaced with anything at all, seeing as Bioware never said they'd be replaced by anything. More to the point, the things of actual substance that they did say were coming in May were canned were delayed indefinitely, but that's an old story now so I guess it's time to try to latch onto something else to fill webpages with. In reality, I don't think people actually expect anything at all at all from Anthem any more. The game is a complete train wreck at this point, but the shitfest of the game is, amazingly, rivalled by the shitfest of the commentary on it, which remarkably has even less content than the game.
  11. Gorf King

    Destiny 2: Season of Opulence / Crown of Sorrow, 4 June

    It's only Luna's and Not Forgotten getting nerfed, isn't it? No other hand cannons should be affected.
  12. It's transparently obvious they're trying to finesse the language to imply there should be less blame put on themselves and more acceptance by some imaginary judge of their business dealings that this is an unfinished product and therefore a work in progress. If they were being straight, they would have just said it's 9/10 weeks from release (what's the fucking difference now?), but it's still nowhere near good enough for release, and just got on with that. I'm sensitive to people not being straight with their language, having had to deal with it professionally on a daily basis for many years, and I'm as certain as you can be certain of anything that this is an insultingly poor attempt to bullshit. It's not even that it's bollocks per se, but that they somehow imagine we'd be stupid enough to be influenced by the obvious sleight of hand. I'd go much further than Mike and say I'm absolutely certain they know what they're doing, and I'd also go further still and say that when a company does this, in these circumstances, it's that choice of language and tone that makes me give up on them, rather than the state of the product itself. Because they are refusing to own the situation and deal with it. And I lose any faith in their ability or desire to genuinely make the game work properly, or even any charitable consideration for their situation, when they do something so stupid and insulting as this. It's funny, because I'm kind of quite laid back about what a clusterfuck the game itself has been. I'd have been fairly happy to give them time to sort it all out. But one thing I don't take well to is bullshit, and especially from people who aren't very good at lying imagining they're pulling the wool over my eyes. And this reeks of that. The game may have been a 4/10 (I'd have given it a whole 6, hype fans), but it ranks as an Edge 10 in bullshit. It really is that pure in terms of its bullshitness.
  13. I've only just fully caught on to the use of 'early access release' in the first part of that. So actually, all reddit hyperbole aside, that's fairly nauseating. It's 10 weeks from 'early access', but, ooh, also 9 weeks from the completely unmentioned full retail release. Pretty shameful, and deliberate, choice of language at this point in time. That really is a pretty shitty way to try to play things.
  14. Tl;dr - see you in 6-12 months time. NB They still haven't bothered updating the out-of-date game update roadmap on the EA site though. Not a great idea to leave it up there promising what it does after you've said everything's going to be delayed/rethought.

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