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  1. Control's definitely worth playing. Wot I thought (not really spoilers, but the words come over more negatively than I actually feel about the game; it has much to commend it):
  2. Well, the gun things give a chance at another roll for a specific gun. Plus her bounties give XP, and XP is power, so it's worth doing them in the same sense as it's worth doing anything that gives XP. There's nothing extra special about them, but you could say the same for almost all bounties really.
  3. The damage you deal has always stopped increasing once you get 50 above the enemies' level (and the damage you take stops reducing at that point). For Shadowkeep they did change the max threshold for underlevel damage to <100 and scaled that delta accordingly, but I'm not sure they changed the part when you're over level. Don't think they did. Edit: It's actually 50, not 20. It used to be 20, then it got increased to 50, then... no idea what it is now. Further edit: to clarify 'the damage you deal', I should say it's the PL of the weapon that counts there, not your overall PL. The latter affects the damage you take, but damage given relates only to the level of the weapon you use.
  4. Well, Crimson's catalysed range was mad to start off with, so there's that. But I think maybe the fact that it's a three-burst might help with the range nerf too. Maybe the calcs mean that sometimes one of the shells might not land out of the three, so a couple still land? No idea really. But yeah, it's always been great for chaining red-bar kills together, and that's basically what these fools are. Like a line of thrall.
  5. Like all HCs, it got a nerf to effective range, by a few metres. But it also got a Crimson-specific damage buff from 13.76/24.75 base/precision damage to 19/30.5. So as long as you can hit your shots, that's a pretty substantial increase. I think everyone I've spoken to has enjoyed Crucible a lot more this season than in previous ones, especially Survival and Iron Banner. Even I've started playing it again, so they must be doing something right/horribly but magnificently wrong.
  6. Nah, it's always been that way - the most common thing has always been to get a couple of guys appear in the roster with blue gear a hundred levels below the norm, think 'I hope they're not on my team!', and of course they invariably are and the other lot is a six stack with flawless Trials emblems/Recluse/Not Forgotten [delete as applicable according to era]. It's part of the fun of IB. (Though to be fair, this time round it doesn't seem anywhere near as keen to stack six solo players against a big team. I guess the experience of creating that Survival solo queue has rubbed off on IB in some way.)
  7. Power levels aren't factored into IB matchmaking - it's supposed to be like that. If you're higher power, you'll have an advantage. Festival of the Lost starts on 29 Oct, but we don't know if it's the haunted forest again or something new.
  8. If you're not going to play Crucible, Gambit or raids then the only new stuff I can think of (apart from the campaign missions) are Vex Offensive, Nightmare Hunts and the new tiers of Nightfall, called Nightfall: The Ordeal. And a dungeon to come. Vex Offensive is good fun, 6-player matchmade with very light mechanics (if you can call them that), and some of the weapon rewards are great if you get good rolls - which you will if you play a reasonable amount, as the drops are plentiful. But if you're not buying until the end of November you might only get a few weeks at best of that, because it's a seasonal activity and will be removed when Season 9 drops (no date given, but may be in December even though Shadowkeep was delayed). The four new Nightfall tiers are fun, but only the first two are matchmade, so you'd need a pre-made team for Legend and Master. Nightmare Hunts are tiered in difficulty too, very similarly to the new Nightfalls, and they also only have matchmaking for the first two tiers. They're ok, but are pretty similar to Strikes, albeit increasingly difficult. There's also a dungeon coming on the 29th of this month. Obviously we don't know what that'll be like yet, but past record suggests it'll be at least very good. Oh, and there are also several exotic quests. One for a Riskrunner + catalyst, and one for a new rocket launcher, Deathbringer, that are both in-game now. There's also a quest for Divinity, a trace rifle, but as part of that requires a raid completion, you won't be doing that if you're not raiding. A quest is released next week for a bow, Leviathan's Breath, and another for a machine gun, Xenophage, comes out on Oct 29, same day as the new dungeon. Think that's about it.
  9. And more pertinently to the conversation above about not being to see what mods you've unlocked:
  10. No, and it's faintly annoying. There is this though: Still doesn't tell the whole story. For example, class items seem to take different ability cooldown mods (purple cloaks for life, yo).
  11. And yes. Survival replaces the competitive playlist.
  12. This Iron Banner's been the best one since D1 Y2 imo. Despite the odd outlier, it feels 'balanced' enough without being a totally dull as ditchwater team shooting game. While at the same time giving lots of scope for those hero moments and overpowered plays from time to time, to turn things around. Come to think of it, Survival was like that too - you could totally be left 1v3 (or more) and save the day with a great clutch play. That was always a hallmark of D1 PvP for me, and it seems it's back again big time. But more than that, both modes have just felt fun to engage in again - I even played more IB tonight after completing the quest and all the bounties, just because it was fun to play. I hope that there are sufficiently increased player figures to give Bungie the impetus to continue in this direction. Even though our team doesn't have the numbers to raid any more, which removes a significant part of the interest for me, this has been a great little expansion regardless, which says a lot. It'd be a real shame if Bungie's new direction doesn't bring in a lot of new players or convert New Light people to paying members of the community. I can't think of much that's wrong with this at all, and the basic gameplay loops and the rewards systems probably feel better than they ever have in Destiny. It all seems to scale really nicely as you go up the difficulties, and the weekly drip feed of new stuff works really well, better than in last year's annual pass. That Crucible actually seems fun again is just the icing on the cake. GG, Bungo. PS Recluse is as broken as the Trump administration, and equally dangerous.
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