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  1. Yeah, they ended the D2 offer on Stadia Pro whereby you got the full game content up to (not inc) Beyond Light last November. If you haven't already claimed that, I think the version you can now get for free - whether on Pro or free Stadia - is just the same as the New Light version you get on PSN. And since Beyond Light came out and a lot of the old campaigns and other content got retired, that doesn't seem to include all that much. It hasn't got a lot beyond the starting stuff in each area for Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light, so they must just seem like little trailers. If they seem l
  2. I don't think it's a bug - at least not in the negative sense. It's happened to me a few times. If your engram slots are full and you have an enhancement core drop, it appears as an exotic engram, because in the code cores actually drop as engrams and are immediately decrypted. If your engram slots are full, the engram can't be decrypted so stays as an exotic at the postmaster until you free up some engram space; then it gets decrypted immediately into a core once you free up some space. The issue's more pronounced this season because of the number of umbral engrams dropping and fi
  3. Meanwhile, this weekend on PC the popular game mode Trials saw a massive improvement in its dedicated players' skills, as all those months of practice finally bore fruit: Oh dear. The Curse of Osiris strikes again. Mode suspended.
  4. Does the trophy require a Grandmaster Nightfall these days? A GM Nightfall is something most people haven't done. This season it has a recommended power of 1350 (though it'll cap your power below that, like day one raid contest mode does) and isn't available until 16 March. Probably needs a fireteam who'll all be able to pull their weight. Let us know closer to that date if you feel you're up for it.
  5. Aye, you can do clan chat and stuff on it, and there's an LFG in there too. Pity it's not in game, mind.
  6. There's a PS clan - see first post. But the distinction between platforms will become a bit meaningless once cross play comes in later in the year. Clans only do what their members do really. You get rewards/challenges for playing together, but nothing lavish.
  7. Presage is like a lot of dungeons in that it's not intended by default to be a solo activity, but it's been made to be soloable if you want to do it that way. So like some other dungeons there are triumphs for completing it solo (and flawless, and solo flawless). The Master version is going to be tough to solo, both because of the higher power level of the enemies, and because of the 25 minute time limit and locked loadouts. It has been done solo by people with ridiculously high skills and quite high power levels, but I wouldn't fancy it myself; we did it in a fireteam and it was still very ti
  8. Seasonal content isn't in Game Pass. There's usually a big or biggish expansion each year, around autumn. This is included in Game Pass. The last one was Beyond Light, last autumn. The season pass is on top of that and contains content that's exclusive to the season. There are four seasons a year and each has different content. For example, in the current season there are the four Battlegrounds activities and associated loot. (Some of the best new weapons in the game are part of that.) There's also at least one new exotic quest/dungeon that's exclusive to season content
  9. No, it's not me, it's you! Sparkling stuff from the man who can't tell the difference between £60 and nothing.
  10. Another insight-free shitpost from the man with all the facts about the future.
  11. There isn't any argument, it's just you making the same misleading statement over and over again - 'Google offered something at launch that was already free on all other platforms'. Obviously it doesn't make me angry - though thanks for the shitposting - it just disinclines me from engaging in discussion with you, as it seems a waste of time, what with you not responding to facts and all. NB 'All the bits and bobs' aren't in Game Pass either - there's nothing in there from any of the seasonal content. But hey, I'm sure you won't quite take on board that sentence either as it's onl
  12. Anyone new to Destiny doesn't care what's in it and what's missing as long as it's free? Wow. They must never get any new paying players then I guess.
  13. Not really. I just saw you make the same incorrect claim about the Google offering being free on all other platforms that you were making a year ago and wondered why you were doing it. Seems slightly tendentious, but never mind. Carry on.
  14. Yes. Now if someone could explain to me why Stanley hasn't got the difference between those two very different things, and continues to say they're the same thing despite it being explained half a dozen times, that'd be great.
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