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  1. One for all the tat collectors - Anthem glow-in-the-dark steelbook, available from Amazon with or without an actual game disc.
  2. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    If you're just wanting to play each story/campaign, then go straight to the next one, there will likely be little gaps of power between them. Because just playing the campaign isn't going to take you to what was max power level at the time that DLC was current. So I'd say you're going to have to play content other than just the campaigns - strikes, all the other stuff that comes in the milestones/challenges/bounties etc. It shouldn't take too long to get to level for Forsaken though, given that anyone under PL 600 (?) gets far more generous powerful drops and prime engrams.
  3. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    If your entire 6-person team is taken out by a single Blade Barrage, you done fucked up somewhere.
  4. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Just decouple PvP for Christ's sake. It'd be a massive error to impact the power people can feel in PvE for the sake of chasing the uncatchable PvP phantom called 'balance'. They've been down that road before and it didn't end well. Edit: Of course, they'll never do that, as the evolution of hybrid game types like Gambit (and some others rumoured to come) show. I totally get their philosophy there, but the effects on PvE activities of nerfs clearly derived from the complaints of PvP players and Bungie's supposed desire for a level playing field just restricts them in so many ways.
  5. This is a reasonably informative video looking at the differences between the four classes: Probably Interceptor for me, although there are some aspects of the Storm that are also fairly Destiny-Huntery and that appeals too. But since you can only choose one Javelin in the demo on top of the default Ranger I guess I'll plump for the Interceptor there (I'm sure others I play with will want either the Colossus or Storm). The Alliance system mentioned at the end of the video is odd. It's not a Clan/Guild system at all - the devs have said they'll have more info about Clans/Guilds later (and maybe they've not even implemented them yet) - but just tracks five people from your friends list and awards you a quantity of coin determined by how much they've played. Coin is the in-game currency that you use for cosmetics - emotes, arrival animations, victory poses - and you earn it just tooling about the world doing almost any activity. But if you have an 'alliance' with up to five friends, whenever they do shit (whether you're doing it with them or not, and even if you're offline), you'll get a little bonus coin yourself. So the more they play, the more coin you get. So basically, make sure you have five friends who play the game a lot. Not sure if you have to select which friends you want to have in your alliance - I guess you do - but I foresee a massive surge in friend requests for Ben in any case.
  6. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Nah. Blade Barrage is great fun is PVE, and doesn't hurt the game at all. That and the nerf to pole dancer are completely unnecessary in PVE. They don't spoil any proper hard PVE activity and the nerfs just make those subclasses less fun to play and your team less powerful. The only justification is to appease some PvP whingers and if Bungie decoupled the two modes it'd be fine. If they keep doing this, fuck PvP. I mean, who doesn't want their team to wreck the hard content in the actual game? It's hardly like BB solves puzzles, works out tactics, or one-shots raid or dungeon bosses. Kinda crazy is exactly what we should be getting - that feeling of power that doesn't break the game but gives you moments in the fight when you feel actually super. Keep this up and you might as well take a few exotics out of the mix as well, and return us to vanilla D2. Big mistake.
  7. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    I should have added, it's hard to say if the annual pass is worth it. Apart from the new raid, and an exotic quest yet to come, there's only the Forges in Black Armoury, the third of the annual pass content we've had so far. They alone are definitely not worth a tenner imo. But adding the raid in, and some of the new weapons, that does make it worth it. The main focus of the next content drop is Gambit, so if you like that, maybe that's good value too - but there's no raid in it. The content of the third content drop, due in summer, is almost completely unknown, except that it'll have a raid. So it's very difficult to judge the overall value of the annual pass yet. The problem if you don't have it is that obviously you can't play the new content. And in terms of raids, of the four groups I mentioned, three were focusing on the raid that's in the Black Armoury expansion, Scourge of the Past. If our lot raids again this week, it's likely to be that one. I dunno how many people are still banging away at Last Wish (it is the better raid though), but if you're after doing that or the year one raid and raid lairs you might have a harder job getting a team.
  8. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    There's a few groups of people raiding on PSN of largely rllmuk people - I think about four have been spotted in the wild over the past month or so. They all seem fairly infrequent now though, as you might expect at what could be considered the tail end of a relatively minor DLC.
  9. Gorf King

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    If you're playing the digital vanilla then yes, you can give the disc away.
  10. Also Also also, you'll start with one Javelin in the demo (presumably everyone gets the Ranger) and will be able to choose one other, so you get to experience a couple of them. Sounds like you'll complete your little slice of levelling quite quickly and will also be showered with cosmetics at a rate you're not going to be in the actual game. Then I guess it's just a case of free-roaming or replaying the mission/bounty/stronghold to test all your shit out, hopefully in combination with other Javelins.
  11. Just to confirm what might have been obvious anyway: Doesn't necessarily mean it's a solid 30fps, which is all I'm after really. Edit: Also, the demo is about 30 GB, for those to whom that matters.
  12. Official gameplay series video, part one:
  13. Not right now, no. It'll be available on 23 January, apparently.
  14. Demo times are set (UK, but simultaneous in all regions). VIP Demo Friday 25 Jan 5:01pm - Monday 28 Jan 2:00am Open Demo Friday 1 Feb 5:01pm - Monday 4 Feb 2:00am
  15. Gorf King

    The Division 2

    It's worth it for £8.99. The missions and levelling to 30, then getting a bit of decent gear sorted, were the best part of the game for me. The setting's quite atmospheric, too. It was what came after that (in the initial incursion/endgame and the patches that bookended it) that were the disaster.

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