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  1. It's ok, but I wouldn't like to start much/any later.
  2. We finished the raid tonight, so if you guys want to do ST tomorrow I'll be free.
  3. Unfortunately we'll be raiding tonight, but maybe Wednesday if you can't get three. (It's quite possible to do it with two (or, indeed, one), but obviously it's easier with three.)
  4. Just a regular Shattered Throne run? As you probably know, the clan roster is fucked up (i.e. invisible) and has been since April*. But give us a shout if you see us on in your friends list and, as long as we aren't raiding (I dunno if we're even doing that next week), I'll jump in and help out. You'll need comms though for sure. * We've reported it to Bungie via a few means, but no response. Looks like the clan roster is semi-permanently invisible at this point.
  5. The Forsaken complete collection has been reduced in price by 60%, though, to £35.99. So if you want to look at it this way, you're not really paying for everything again - Forsaken itself, plus the annual pass, cost significantly more than that new, and this contains all of that. Well, it contains everything to date, really. Alternatively, you could just wait until September and buy that bits that you want then. The free 'tasters' from Forsaken onwards that you get in the free-to-play version won't contain much more than the patrol zones, strikes, and crucible/gambit activities. The quests, and raids, and the hidden adventures and stuff from Forsaken onwards will all have to be bought if you want to play them. But obviously we don't know the per-item cost of those things yet. If anyone's waiting to see what comes in September and is thinking about what bits to buy then, or is even thinking about buying anything right now, I would recommend Forsaken itself - the single best release in D2's life - but also the current third of the Forsaken annual pass, Penumbra (sometimes called Season of Opulence). So far at least, it's easily the best third of the annual pass content from this year, though two of its three major new repayable activities - the raid and the forthcoming heroic version of Menagerie - do require a pre-made fireteam of six. The normal version of Menagerie itself is pretty great though, easily the best matchmade activity they've introduced in Destiny, with a lot of raid-lite mechanics in it. The addition of the Chalice, which lets you refine and target the rewards you get, is pretty much the best mechanism Bungie have come up with for taking away the pain of RNG while still leaving some randomness in there (for good/god rolls) to ensure the whole thing doesn't just feel perfunctory. It's a shame you can't just buy Forsaken and Penumbra now - the pairing of those two would be my recommendation as the pick of this year's crop. But fuck knows what they'll cost when bought separately after September - or if you will even be able to break off each individual bit of year two content like you will be able to with year three. And by then, of course, we'll also have Shadowkeep, and if everyone's playing that and it's as good as the best stuff this year, it might all add up to a fair bit of money if you've only got the free version as a base. @moosegrinder - DIM is found at https://destinyitemmanager.com and has been around since March 2015. It was the first third-party item manager to come out for Destiny. It's similar to Ishtar et al but, in my opinion, better. It just does more, and (usually) does it better. YMMV.
  6. Yeah, the Wealth of the Emperor buff stock reset last night as well, so you can pick up another three. Odd time for a reset, especially since after picking up the first three the vendor text said you'd reached your weekly limit.
  7. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Again, you're not getting the version of D2 which is going free. You're getting the full version with everything up to date, and all of Sept 2019's new Shadowkeep expansion, and the rest of the year's seasons up to Aug 2020. That would cost £50.
  8. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    I'm sure a lot of people on here are interested in Stadia, but sceptical about its performance and the claims made therefor. It's pretty sensible to play wait-and-see; I'm probably in that camp myself, and if it actually worked as well as a hardwired local connection to the game, and some of the games I want to play are on the platform, I can see me buying into it. Not for the games' exclusivity or for cost-saving reasons, but because, if it does work as claimed, I get a fairly powerful PC to rent for £8.99 a month, and get to take it anywhere with me. I suppose, in the case of some games, I could just rent it for a month or so when a game or games come out, and rinse the game(s), and cancel the sub. The downside is you don't get to sell the games on, but with most games I probably buy digital these days anyway. And ultimately, if the service actually is good, I might just keep up the sub anyway because £108 a year isn't *that* far off what I'd spend on a console platform without any games. And the online play won't cost anything, unlike in MS and Sony's cases, so it pretty much evens out cost-wise. If anything, what puts me off online games on Stadia is a) where do your mates play? and b) how can you replicate that whole Xbox/PSN friends list and walled-off messaging/chat/invitations/events service? On PC it'd be Discord et al. I haven't researched this enough to know what the equivalent would be on Stadia. Anyone able to end my ignorance?
  9. Have you got Forsaken and the current annual pass? If you have, you can just do the Invitation quest at the start of the new Season of Opulence and that'll give you full 690 gear for all your characters within half an hour. That's good to go. Edit: oh, snap.
  10. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Yeah, I'm not sure about any of that either, but I have significant doubts about how it'll perform, especially in games like FPSs (and many others) where lag is a real issue. But with that big 'if', if it does perform well, then renting a half-decent rig that comes with some software bonuses and discounts, as well as the portability that this claims, could be quite attractive. It's a new platform your paying for, one that claims it'll offer better performance than any current console, and that portability - not a rental library. Like I say, if, for example, D2 ends up playing like it does on PC - which for framerate and FOV on any console is a lot less impressive - then that alone is quite an attractive prospect. But it all comes at the wrong time for me, because we don't really know how these same games will perform on the next gen consoles. I think I'd have to wait for that. With cross-save though, I guess you could just dip in and sample it for a month to try it out. Or just wait for reviews.
  11. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Yup, I think that's it. And that's another thing - I play everything on console. And for D2, for example, the PC version, running at 60fps+, would be nice, if I played using a controller. This in theory gives me that but without having to buy a PC. And if that holds true for other cross-platform games, that's definitely a thing I might be interested in. Especially since a lot of this stuff (D2 included) will use cross-saves. And then - if it works ok - you can play on the move, say at someone else's place, with just a chromecast/tablet/whatever. The 'if it works ok' is a big question that needs to be answered before I'd be actually interested though. That and seeing next year how the new console generation performs.
  12. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    What I'm saying is that, firstly, D2 is not 'free to play', as you said. Changing that to 'well, it's free if you're not bothered about having more than half the content and hardly any of the latest content' is a different proposition. So if you want to play D2 fully, you need to pay, and that cost is £50 this year, and likely £50 almost every year. So getting that as part of the pro sub is a saving to be figured into the cost of Stadia. When you buy the one-off founder's pack there is also, as Chooch has said, the fact that you're getting hardware that has a standalone value of, I guess, about that same as the founder's pack. And then knock off £30 for the first three months' sub. And when it comes to the pro sub itself, again as mentioned above, we don't yet know what those free titles will be, and what the discounts are on others. I'm not massively interested in Stadia myself. No at this point anyway - I need to see more, and hear about the gameplay experiences people have. I just think the argument that 'with Destiny 2 going free to play in September anyway it makes their launch pack in game far less enticing' is inaccurate. For obvious reasons.
  13. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    Well, not really, no. As I said, the pro sub includes all D2 content, now and ongoing, and that's going to cost you £50 this year as a standalone game with season passes. And it'll likely cost something similar next year, and/or the year after. That's if you want to play it, of course. So if you do, that's £50 a year in the cost of this sub. And the sub is likely to be £10 a month, so £120 a year - your adding on to that the cost of founder's pack has nothing to do with it. You don't need that to use Stadia.
  14. The fallout in this thread's worse than it was at Pripyat.
  15. Gorf King

    Google Stadia

    It's not going free to play. Year one content is free to play, along with some of the content from year two, and a little bit of Shadowkeep. Shadowkeep itself is £30 (on PS4/Xbox), and if you add all the seasons to that it comes to £50 for the full year. And that's what you get with the pro sub here, along with all future releases I guess. If you want to play the best of the content, and almost all of the newer content, you have to pay.
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