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  1. https://www.scotclans.com/scottish-clans/whats-my-clan/what-is-a-clan/
  2. No chance whatsoever. For PvE all that gear is now effectively useless.
  3. Probably not. Moon lost sectors tend to take longer than Europa ones because they're bigger, have more adds, and the boss and some of his underlings are Nightmare enemies and are therefore a lot tankier than Europa ones. Apart from that, it's the same deal. I've done Communion a few times and with it being solar you might want to give a warmind cell build a try (inc Rage of the Warmind), as I find cells help clear out big groups of adds more quickly.
  4. For people who don't want to group up for content and just want the glowy armour, the Solstice ornament set and an extra Celestine set are in the Eververse store, for either bright dust or cold, hard silver.
  5. You can't focus fire on a dreg when you're too busy shooting other people's cells and carrying them somewhere useless though. So it's good that the game supports such diverse playstyles.
  6. Can you define what a 'certain playstyle at lower end content' is, and explain why it translates terribly to higher level content? The only things I can see as an issue are if you've equipped weapons that are no good for content - which you should never do (but oh no, isn't that me complying with the meta?) - or if the WMC mods take up slots that would be better used for other things, usually survivability. But again, you should never do that. And suppressive WMC builds can be more effective than dumping all your slots into, say Charged with Light. Or, like most people, you could just have a mixture of the two. I think there are plenty of builds effective for content, inc high end content, at the moment. There might not be in whatever the current meta is, but in reality there are plenty of options available. WMCs are just one of them.
  7. Indeed. And eso, yes, is a machine from the future, and solo builds like that are invariably not the best (or maybe not needed) for most people. But cells themselves are quite obviously op in most content, and quite obviously helpful in high end stuff (esp the suppressive builds, but even with solar builds why is adding to cc damage a bad thing when you're struggling for cc?). This just seems more about railing at the perceived meta again to me. Meta's there for a reason, and most times I see people playing challenging PvE content, guess what? They play the fucking meta. While cursing it, no doubt. I mean, this whole take is just a troll really. You (mikey) should do a YT Destiny trolling randos channel. It'd probably be a big success (no irony).
  8. Seems like a bit of a 'hot take', that. If you look at what you're saying it doesn't make sense. Sure, anything that can die can die by most means, but if it's pointless using cells then people of the type that you allege just want to come top of the kills leaderboard wouldn't use them. If they're selfish for wanting to get tons of kills maybe they use cells because cells do indeed help them kill more things more quickly - i.e. they're effective. So if you're shooting the cells without mods instead and therefore wasting their potential, you're just slowing the down rate of kills and making the activity take longer. Which seems more 'competitive' than the people who simply might be trying to kill everything as quickly as possible. They're not as effective in higher end content, but they do still have an impact - in raids, for sure, for example. They're also really useful for survival if you go void and use suppression, though admittedly they're not used in this role so often. (I'd use them more for this myself but it comes down a lot to that 'fuck me if I have to bring up yet another set of fucking armour' thing.) But again, guns aren't as effective either. Nothing is, say in GMs, simply because of the crazy relative HP and levels of the enemies. So if just doing damage rather than outright killing makes cells useless, then all your shit is useless as it's all weak compared to how it performs in low-mid level content. I agree about the limitations they place on weapon selection. But more limiting is whatever Bungie decide are the weapons you need to use for champions that season. And there's got to be some sort of sacrifice you make for the additional power they give. Because that power definitely exists, at all levels. Which is why they're due a nerf from Bungie (and, to be fair, probably deserve one).
  9. Rabbit holes are never a good thing to go down, unless you're a rabbit - or their predator, I guess. As a voluntarily solo player you have access to the same stats and stat builds as anyone else. For example, the high x and/or y seasonal stuff. Most pinnacles have nothing much to do to do with stat rolls, though even then the vast majority of pinnacles are achievable though solo play. Getting good stat rolls is mainly about simply grinding for them, and the tier 3 focused umbrals aren't a bad place to do that if you want to do it solo. That's totally possible. Recovery is famously the best PvE stat for getting on armour, and has been since D1. In D2 it goes up 'exponentially' (not really but it's near enough) with each level and is expensive to mod into armour, so it's an attractive stat to have intrinsically, esp for a Warlock. But the problem with looking at individual armour pieces is that it doesn't look at your build as a whole. That's why, if you're determined to make the best stat build, something like DIM's loadout optimiser is a better tool than something that just looks at each piece individually. But ultimately the difference between 9 recovery and 10 - although it does make a difference - isn't going to make the difference between you completing a GM and failing utterly. It's a marginal advantage that only really matters if you're absolutely pushing your limits and need that extra 1% survivability. I'd say that these days, even something as minor as the element of the armour piece and (therefore some) mods makes a far bigger difference. As do your general loadout and playstyle, obviously. Biggest tip is to get in a group to do higher level content, see what works and what needs adjusting and learn from that. If there's no higher level content you want to do, then it doesn't really matter anyway.
  10. Was your character started years ago, and then you basically didn't play the game at all? In other words, is it still the starter gear they (mostly) have? If so, that broken starter gear was never brought up to current power level. Delete your character and start a new one, you won't be losing anything. The new one should be at PL 1100.
  11. I don't think these things have any great value, and can be misleading. In terms of weapons, for one thing, as you say, PC and console are two entirely different beasts. For another, what weapons work depend on your playstyle, preferences, and other factors such as class/subclass. For armour the situation is worse, because even if you know exactly what you want in terms of overall stats, you can't judge each piece individually because you need to take all your other pieces into account. So even if I was looking for max recovery overall, I'd not need every piece to have max recovery or some of it'd be wasted. And that's without other factors such as the effects of exotics, or mods, or stuff like a stasis fragment boosting your recovery or grenade or whatever if you're near a freezy pop. If you want to dive into making builds, I'd suggest giving DIM's loadout optimiser tools a go. If it looks difficult to use, I think datto did a guide to it recently. When it comes to weapons there's no substitute for just using/testing them yourself and getting to know which perks and stats matter most to you. There's nothing wrong with guides but I think it's a mistake to just use someone else's GODROLL stamp as your main or sole criterion. And for armour, just focusing on one piece at a time in isolation is definitely a mistake: a supposedly poor roll could combine with the rest of your kit to make an excellent build.
  12. They probably did it silently. PS The Last Of Hush
  13. Ada is selling Rage of the Warmind. If you haven't got this mod already, you have to buy it.
  14. Enforcer - someone who executes another's will. Executor - someone who executes another's will.
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