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  1. He blew before the guy shot didn't he?
  2. You know the items you get in delux edition. If i make another character would it be best for me to open them at like level 20 so theyre much stronger or does it not work like that?
  3. What?! I binned then without realising I guess. I had 2 skills on instead.
  4. If Barca or Madrid come knocking then you have to go.
  5. What a player. You could see his qualities at the Saints that he would end up at a top side. He’s just waiting for that dream move
  6. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    One of my favourite plays is the 2 point attempt to win a game rather than tie and go OT. 2 teams tried it last night, Jags so unlucky he didn’t stretch his arms out I was on the edge of my seat but applaud them going for it. Then Broncos did it boom what a play after a couple of daft penalties. But wait... they left 31 secs on the clock just enough for the other team to score a field goal from a mile out to win that’s why we love the NFL.
  7. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    No QB sorting that defence out.
  8. I'm a bit on the fence about it even though i've paid £80 ish digital super deluxe. I did over 400 hours on BL2 so i'd love the same output and excitement. Time will tell. SP games have been dying for me over the years so i'll need people to play with late on from 10pm to keep me awake. If anyone has 2-3 hours most evenings from 10pm im your man Baring7usa PS4, add me.
  9. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    I thought a real player was gonna jump in.
  10. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    My Browns prediction going well.
  11. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    What a move for Pats.
  12. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    AFC East: Pats AFC West: Chargers AFC North: Browns AFC South: Texans NFC East: Cowboys NFC West: 49ers NFC North: Packers NFC South: Saints Best W/L Record (regular season only): Saints (14-2) Worst W/L Record: Dolphins (3-13) League MVP: Baker Mayfield Rookie of the Year: Nick Bosa AFC Champions: Browns NFC Champions: 49ers Super Bowl Champions: Browns! Tie-Breaker: How many TDs will Brady throw (regular AND post season): 24
  13. Baring

    NFL 2019!

    I’ll join in.
  14. Better not be for you! you should be in Boro that day
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