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  1. I have a USA account so it was 99 dollars and I hear that’s the pre order price. At launch it will be 120 dollars. Prob have an increase in pounds also.
  2. Digital for the last 5 years since my daughter jammed 6 discs in and broke the drive. It’s probably saved me a bomb though, I’ll only buy games I’ll play now. If you’re on psn add me baring7usa. I want to play new dlc haven’t got round to it yet.
  3. Just pre ordered the super deluxe version that includes the DLC. Cannot wait!
  4. Wow Mexos, i want more! Full report and pics please. What did you win for beating the time?
  5. Baring

    The Man Utd Thread

    That is such a poor squad list.
  6. £70 mil been rejected! Unreal. Man Utd could invest it into training Smalling and Jones.
  7. I don’t want a penalty but to be consistent I think he deserves one it was like online racing used the car to help him round the corner.
  8. Wow Max just wow. Theyre gonna ruin it and penalty him aren’t they.
  9. Young and Tony did well I thought. Both had decent careers and time to move on.
  10. Hamilton under investigation for coming back onto the track in practice in front of Max. Ferrari want the win back from last race also. I dont see how it can be reversed when Hamilton almost certainly would have got him in the remaining 15 or so laps. Or he would have had a good go at it and pressured Vettel.
  11. He wasnt in my top 10 either but i've really come around since hearing his interviews and about bringing an attacking style to Boro, im certain he wont be playing 5 at the back with 3 holding midfielders, he's gonna go for it and get Britt scoring, get your money on him with 20 plus this year. Woodgate has calmed down from the lad who was always out partying now he has 2 young kids and a cosy home life near the moors. I wish him all the best and really hope he's a fans favourite like Ole.
  12. Why isn’t the ref and linesperson just doing their job. Taken penalties shouldn’t be going to VAR.
  13. It wont let me buy it, im going to assume its because i dont have a kindle? Ive nearly finished my current book (I read about 1 a year ). Is this digital only? Ideally i need a physical book, if you have a spare lying around i can paypal you?
  14. Instaflag I do feel for Seb but he was forced into another mistake.
  15. Don’t boo Lewis! He said it was dangerous
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