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  1. Spent 100k last night making my team blue. I couldn’t buy the yellow version so spent a lot more than I needed to looks nice though. I only want Ageuro and Sterling now. That’s like 230k, might have to get gold card trading again. I upgraded because I got pumped by shit players, like proper dog shit players in div 6 that had 3 fast lads and through balled all game. Maguire turned like a truck it’s was a bit annoying.
  2. I didnt realise your squad battle rank can change due to how many players make X amount of points. So last night i went on with 10 mins to go i was in the rank for 2 jumbos then boop with 1 min to go i had lost a jumbo and knocked down. You can play 40 single player matches too which i didnt know. So ill be doing my chores and getting a fair few done to make a high rank.
  3. Thank you! Hoovering, washing, clean pots etc...
  4. Shame for drivers who don’t get to celebrate it. They need to sort it straight away.
  5. It’s easier at certain times like when the kids are at school. Weekend prob has people doing 450 bids. i stopped other day I have 140k it was a lot of effort every hour or so. Try late tonight or in morning.
  6. Not a bad tactic I’m excited for this end now.
  7. Lewis didn’t slow wahhhhhh. Now safety car. Wonder if Lewis will get done here.
  8. Liverpool’s season this. Virgil just pulled from Netherlands squad. Along with the English lads and Salah it’s a good weekend for them. I realise sky are only reporting it to annoy City fans.
  9. Oh it’s on! Yep tomorrow evening I’ll be on after F1 finishes just send me party invite.
  10. My mates where talking about this one because they needed to do it, I hadnt a clue it changed. I just went in duos and chucked someone at the gas pump then shot it. (if you don’t know a challenge was shoot a gas station and damage someone with it, now it’s just shoot gas stations).
  11. I haven’t even scratched the surface but I can tell I’m gonna get frustrated with shit like above. I scored a last minute winner last night though it felt so good. That’s what we chase? We need to arrange that party night pants. I’m on tomorrow from 9 if anyone fancies it? Just party up chat and play each other try new things. Don’t worry if you get smashed just try learn from it, no shushes, dabs or replay watching haha.
  12. Yea me neither I got pummelled 4-0 just kept trying new things to break his back 7 down right to the final whistle.
  13. Well that was fun. Only my second game of rivals I scored early doors, he paused as it went in and quit straight away. Puts it down as 0-0. Randoms are so shitty to play against and they have been for 10 years. Can’t believe stuff like this isn’t fixed.
  14. Also if anyone needs coins please do pants video. I’m on 200k profit this week.
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