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  1. Well in that case, what with the PSP being launched much later than the DS, it means it's been outselling the DS by miles up until very recently. Or however long it took from the 8.5 million in September to the ten million. So he's not really lying. I guess.
  2. Surely the PSP hasn't sold ten million.
  3. Can somebody explain to me how Victoria Wood and Julie Walters win prizes at these awards shows every year despite not having been on TV for 20 years? Women aren't funny, nor are British comedies or Biglime.
  4. Holy fuck! I'm definitely getting a 1080p one and I'm going to lord it over you losers who rushed out a bought a cack telly for your 360s. Mark my words.
  5. So let me get this straight, those blu-ray and hd-dvd players will play dvds at 1080p, right? And this is a better picture that 720p? Is it? And just because it was a 1080p telly I'd still be able to watch HDSky and everything, yeah? And use my Xbox 360? So, say I was in the market for a HD telly next year I'd really want a 1080p one, right? They're the best, right, foir the new dvd players? Well that sounds fair to me. Why's everybody moaning? Have you all just bought the wrong tellys or something?
  6. trevor

    X360 Jap Launch

  7. Reggie's been saying all that for ages.
  8. trevor

    Hey Now!

    I know what you mean. I haven't watched that many but everytime I catch one - which is more luck than judgment -I'm fucking amazed at its brilliance.
  9. trevor

    Hey Now!

    That's a shame for you Duncan because ITV4's corporate colours are the same as I've just painted my kitchen.
  10. trevor

    Hey Now!

    I trust you're all still watching The Larry Sanders show? Last night's was ace. Penis vagina penis vagina. Why are there not more posts about it when it's better than anything else in the world?
  11. Hey, he's got a website with a blog and everything! Good for him!
  12. http://today.reuters.com/news/NewsArticle....-MEDIA-XBOX.xml
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