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  1. Is Modern Warfare II completely worthy of its hype. Does it have a good solo campaign?
  2. From memory, my fave Sega Saturn games are: Daytona USA CCE - JAP (much improved version, the original is still fun though) Sega Rally Radiant Silvergun Children Of The Atom - JAP version, the PAL version was rubbish. Street Fighter Zero 3 - JAP needs the 4mb add-on Guardian Heroes Dragon Force Assault Suit Leynos 2 Astal Iron Storm Panzer Dragoon Zwei Burning Rangers
  3. So basically, Sony are gonna open up its store, on-line experience to everyone. Sounds like a good plan.
  4. I don't really like Mario games if i'm honest, but I do have a soft spot for Mario Kart on the SNES... and it wasn't that bad a read.
  5. I wanna get this, but what's all this talk about 'revenge attack' has Street Fighter gone soft? And I'm a bit worried I'll splash all that cash on an old bruiser thats gone on fighting past its prime.
  6. Yep, Scart is much better... plus play the Megadrive through a stereo TV, not mono and the improvement in sound is awesome.
  7. What issue was that, I quite like the DC, did it cover Jap import games???
  8. My wife thought the Oli Frey Cover was poo... and when I told her that Retro Gamer were lining Oli up for a few more covers in the future, she said "wtf". I quit liked it mind.
  9. My PAL Dreamcast popped its cloggs over a year ago now, poor sod R.I.P I'm now tempted to get a JAP version, anyone know what price I should expect to pay, and a list of games I should kill to own would be nice?
  10. I used to love stuff like Clash of the Titans, yes it was very subjective but for me entertaining none the less. Shame they didn't build on this and do a Clash of the 16-bits.
  11. I used to like GAMES TM, but since its revival I find the reviews and articles have gone slightly down the pan. The Retro section reads like an afterthought, just to make up the pages.
  12. The Ghost track on the SNES... not really a fan of newer Mario Kart games, although the DS version seems ok.
  13. I've never played the original Metroid Prime on the Gamecube - I own it, but for some reason I've never found the time to load it up. However; I've played Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii, but didn't like it, and 2 is even worse. So not expecting much from the original, but I'm aware it's considered the best of the lot. Resi 4 for me is the best Gamecube game ever... then I'd have to recommend ikaruga and Rogue Squadron 2, I loved the cinematic feel and gritty graphics. A crying shame this console didn't become more popular, but as someone already mentioned the price of the games then and now are stupidly expensive.
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