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  1. And why does it want 45.7 GB of space on the internal storage to update GTA V, when it's stored on an external drive? And how much space does it need to update F1 2021. Don't tell me there's an error and when asked for details say 'Something has gone wrong'. No shit. Sony's OS software is shit. It's been shit since PS3 days and isn't getting any better. Microsoft's stuff is so far ahead it's scary.
  2. Wingman is great. Played it on GoG and it’s got an Ace Combat feel. Terrible story, but great combat. Was hoping it would come to consoles, but it doesn’t appear likely.
  3. Just took advantage of that. With cashing in some Nectar points, only cost me £4.99.
  4. I think the most recent episode of Retro Man Cave on YouTube, is about restoring a 520STFM. He gives a bit of history of the machine, then cracks it open to show the chips inside.
  5. I came in to post this, and it’s superior successor Pacific Strike. Origin were churning out loads of games in this period that were always seemingly built for the next generation of hardware. I think my 486 DX 33 managed about 10 FPS on Pacific Strike - still loved it. Bioforge (as already mentioned), the Ultimas (especially Underworld 1 +2), System Shock, Shadowcaster - all chilla , no filla. Then came Cybermage and it all went to shit.
  6. I quite like his stuff. Wasn’t he in one of the (shit)Star Wars films?
  7. Is Dion Dublin the worst commentator in the history of football? ”Wow. Shadows”
  8. Is this coming to Gamepass as part of the EA deal? Are we getting a ten hour trial - that’d be great for me, as I’ve normally had enough at that point.
  9. Nope, heard nothing despite emailing them. Had no missed calls either. I’ve an email that ‘guarantees’ me a PS5, but I’m not holding out any hope. Not sure how they’ve managed to fuck it up so badly.
  10. Got quite excited by the price of that season pass, the realised it’s for the Bethesda launcher version. Bugger.
  11. Booksmart (2019) I really loved this. Laugh out loud funny, and good hearted with it. I went in expecting the normal mean girls/jocks to be the baddies, but all of them are sympathetically drawn. The two leads have a great chemistry, and I loved that Amy’s sexuality isn’t commented on and doesn’t become a plot point. Took me ages to realise Amy was Loretta from Justified. 5 out of 5.
  12. Suarez! You couldn’t make this up.
  13. Isn’t Paula Fonseca out of a job? He’s Portuguese and a Mendes client. Seems an ideal fit. Better than Lage, anyway.
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