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  1. I’d have more faith in Ludwig Wittgenstein. I don’t really care about the game really. I’m guessing he wants to give everyone a run out before the World Cup, so he has a better idea of who to take out behind Bodymoor Heath and shoot.
  2. And certainly not with the team he’s picked…
  3. My sole contribution to this thread appears to be the bearer of bad tidings. It appears Kevin O’Neill has died. https://goshlondon.com/the-gosh-blog/rip-kevin-oneill-1953-2022/?fbclid=IwAR16MrZtMm3MaQ5kQm_fBsfVdZxAMYePmGD4PVIxs7SJFMkUb7J7NlGmL5w O’Neill was famous for League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Martial Law and Nemesis for the prog. Met him a couple of times and a really lovely bloke. Not the sort of person who’d you’d imagine would produce this…
  4. I’m pretty pleased with that. Better than we deserve, I think.
  5. It's almost as if Gerrard were a shit manager who was dragging the team down.
  6. Surely, this is the end for Gerrard?
  7. Not convinced. None of my Wolves mates are sad to see him go. In fairness, we could have signed Mbappe and Gerard would make play him out of position and make him look shit.
  8. I can’t think of a single player who has improved under Gerrard. There’s no system, no understanding of how they’re meant to play. We’re like a budget Man Utd. Three wins in fourteen. Norwich, Burnley and Everton. Are there three teams in the league that look worse than us?
  9. I always thought he could be a DM for a team like City. Where they have loads of possession, so he’d do less Ding allowing more time to M.
  10. I think probably pissed off. The 'when he can look me in the eye' line, doesn't strike me as motivational. I think all that sort of stuff should be kept behind closed door. Praise in public, bollock in private.
  11. Good job Gerrard hasn't pissed off Mings, now that he has to rely on him.
  12. My concern is the lack of progress, from when Smith was sacked. We’re still a streaky team who aren’t mentally tough enough. We’ll win a few games on the bounce and look ok, then fall apart for the next few. Too much quality to go down, not enough grit to threaten anything. For all Gerrard’s talk of how he has a philosophy, I can’t see it. He still doesn’t seem to know what his best team is. He appears to have fallen out with Mings and Watkins - both of whom seem popular in the dressing room. McGinn as captain? Midfield is our problem area, and making one of our worst players undroppable seems foolish. Kamara has to play, so only one place is up for grabs. I think the bulk of the squad is good. There haven’t been many disasters - nothing in the Balaban class. Bertie is too inconsistent and we’ve not used Dougie the best, but I’m sure a better manager would get more out of them. I know you think Poch is unobtainable, but the board are rich and determined. I’m not convinced he couldn’t be brought in. Other than him, I don’t know who’s available and good.
  13. If I was in charge, I’d be breaking the bank to get Poch in. Can’t see anything in Gerrard that gives me any confidence that he can build an effective team. Agree about Sanson - I haven’t seen much of him, but from what I’ve seen, he’s comfortable on the ball and can control it when under pressure - which are two advantages over McGinn. Pretty sure he played in France with Kamara, so there’s probably an understanding there already.
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