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  1. Have a guess who's just picked that up in the sale?
  2. Jesus. I literally just bought The Surge 2 this morning. I was going to put a gag in here that no one needed to buy it, as my purchase guaranteed it would be on Gamepass. I’m a fucking digital Nostradamus.
  3. They unlock when payment is taken, on the last Friday of the month. I can pay early, but there's nothing there I'm desperate to get my hands on.
  4. You can have mine at the end of the month, when they unlock.
  5. I've read it and it was pretty terrible. I couldn't recommend even at that price. I got it from the library, and even for free I felt I was robbed.
  6. Oh, OK that makes sense. I assumed it would all happen transparently, and it would just work with less input from me.
  7. I’m having issues with this. Works fine on my desktop (where the games are actually installed), but when I try and run a game on my laptop, in opens up an instance of Steam and wants me to install the game. What’s going wrong? Googled it, but can’t find anything.
  8. Yep, me too. More tracks I can’t get around in more cars I can’t control.
  9. Good shout. There's a precedent - it was given away on the Epic store before Xmas.
  10. Nope. The Last Autumn is the latest dlc. Rifts is meant to ok, and is a decent bonus.
  11. A couple of questions. Does it support ultrawide resolutions, or is it limited to 1080p. Is it just Steam games, or does it work with GOG or Epic? Do I earn achievements and cards with Steam games?
  12. I noticed that my version of Warcraft 3 had a 24gb update on Battle.net. Which is amazing for a 600mb game. I assume reforged has overwritten it. Does that mean I can no longer play the original? If so, that’s a pretty shitty trick.
  13. Magnum P I Battlestar Galactica Greatest American Hero Buck Rogers The Fall Guy
  14. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Loved it. Great turns by Pitt and Leo. A meandering pace just adds to the slow build of tension. 4/5
  15. I’m not sure that playing the ghost of Danny Drinkwater was a good idea.
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