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  1. Just checked, and I’ve had a code as well. Told to expect a call in the next seven days. May have to actually answer my phone, for a change.
  2. It does make you realise how fragile digital ownership is. Suddenly, Gamepass is broken, and even games you purchased won’t load.
  3. I think it shows how thin the squad is, and that some of the squad know that this is as good as it’s going to get. El Ghazi isn’t going to a bigger team than us, and that’s true for a fair few. But Smith has got no one to replace them with. Unless he’s going to blood some kids. Up until now, I think he still thought Europe was a possibility so stuck with his experienced players. Perhaps we’ll see some changes in the last games. Jack papers over a lot of cracks. He’s double marked and that creates an extra 10% of space to allow our average players to look better.
  4. Rain on your parade has had lots of positive reviews, though it did nothing for me. Donut County is a decent little indie physic puzzler.
  5. I am I right in guessing it won't see my save from the disc version as compatible with the digital complete edition?
  6. Well, it’s still broken, so I’m guessing not.
  7. I don’t think it has updated properly. Books I purchased last month for 99p are know showing at increased prices. There are a few new books at sale prices, but not may. I’d imagine they’ll fix it at some point.
  8. I liked Dark Void. It’s got a Rocket Ranger vibe with decent movement mechanics. They’ve given away worse.
  9. Has Control Ultimate Edition received it’s Series X enhancements? I’ve got the UE disk version, but it doesn’t show as Series X enhanced. Is it launching the normal version as I have Gamepass?
  10. So, I've got a Series X with All Access. I'm already subscribed to Gamepass Ultimate until 2023. You don't appear to get 12 month codes with All Access, so is it linked to the machine? If so, how will it take into account my existing membership?
  11. I’d be interested in some of those Dreamcast games. Probably the same ones as Marlowe, knowing my luck.
  12. There’s a treasure trove of great licenses, but not sure how many are big names outside the UK. Having said that, if we’re dreaming: Button Man. Like a more kinetic Hitman - crossed with the Hunger Games. The VCs. Either as a Stellaris style 4x, or a third person shooter. Bad Company. Squad based shooter. With Apocalypse Now vibes Mean Arena. 3D future sports/brawler hybrid. Of the modern stuff, Kingdom is a great source. Rescue the Earth from Them. Breed new creatures to fight and discover ancient tech to help win back your planet.
  13. Yep, it's the weekly streak on the xbox app. Complete it for 10 weeks and it's 2500 points. I'm on an Android phone . I'll load on my ipad and see if that helps.
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