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  1. lol, it's surely the twin of Mark thingy, the tall bloke out of League of Gents.
  2. Finished this last night. What am I supposed to do now? Resorted to working today.
  3. Crikey http://auctions.potterauctions.com/_Lightning_Rifle_Prop_from_The_Matrix__Iconic_orig-lot55234.aspx No bids on my Segway yet though.
  4. Oh wow there is some seriously cool shit there! Speed Racer Segway is mine.
  5. This is my 4th covid binge series. Dropped it half way through s1ep3 years ago and picked it up again. It’s so good. Yenn is absolutely enchanting.
  6. Ghostbusters Afterlife - 4 if you don’t like this you have no soul.
  7. My imprisonment and boredom continues ao I’ve turned to this. 2.5 episodes in. I think it might just be awful.
  8. choddo

    Squid Game

    Finished. Well that was quite special. but …
  9. I thought it was grubby and unremarkable.
  10. The Alpinist. Documentary in the mould of Free Solo. 4.5.
  11. choddo

    Squid Game

    Finally got round to this. Gganbu - oh my god. What extraordinary TV.
  12. I thought this was very good. The single shot was just brilliant and all the acting was top drawer.
  13. I thought she was very good. Better than that tool Lazenby. The HDR coverage on Sky is super tasty, probably helped by the fact it was a night race.
  14. the camera is also not in quite the same position as the driver's eyeballs so reflections that hit the camera may well not be visible
  15. The Sky HDR coverage is looking pretty sweet.
  16. The Adam Project 2.5/5 some laughs. Characters as deep as carbon nanoweave. The kid does an ok job of playing a 12 year old Reynolds. Some half decent effects but some ropey as fuck sci. Not that this is about that. Jennifer Garner totally wasted.
  17. Don't Look Up 4/5 Laughed quite a lot. The Musk/Tim Cook character is absolutely amazing.
  18. You usually get a small financial reward from the popo for clearing out scum but the message can fly past pretty quickly. The menus will start to make a bit more sense eventually, they are clunky.
  19. Oh man, that poor Japanese speed skater Katagi
  20. Yeah probably, or they'll wait until she's 16 to retrospectively disqualify her. What a shame they resorted to betablockers, she's absolutely incredible.
  21. Oh ffs https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/feb/10/kamila-valieva-russian-skater-positive-test-winter-olympics-trimetazidine
  22. Just watched Kamila Valieva in the team ice skating. Perfection. Absolutely beautiful. And I suspect I was one of only 8 people watching it.
  23. If there's any value added by the regional arms of those publishers, I'd like to know what it is. Does it help justify paying for translation?
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