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  1. choddo

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    I don’t even know what Katusha do. Are they an oil company? Obviously Kazakhstan is a largely oil funded govt.
  2. choddo

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Team fucking Brexit Fracking Ineos. As if there could be anything further from the ethos of cycling. Dirty money.
  3. choddo

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Fucking autocorrectTM
  4. choddo

    Curfew (Sky)

    Worst episode for sure. Like “Final Score” on wheels. I almost didn’t bother watching the second.
  5. choddo

    Curfew (Sky)

    Anyone else watching this? Mix of cannonball run and a Neil Marshall movie. Absolutely ridiculous but I’m quite enjoying it.
  6. choddo

    Love Death and Robots

    3 robots was great. The visuals in Ice Age were cool but the introduction of human actors immediately reminds you what’s missing from the cgi bods in Secret war for example. Sonnie’s Edge was also very good.
  7. choddo

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    I now have the following queued up that I’ve bought but yet to watch; 3 Billboards First Man The Meg Darkest hour Predator shape of water balderunner 2049 sicario 2 was decent. “Not as good as the first one” of course. Dark Crystal is a superb transfer imho.
  8. choddo

    Love Death and Robots

    Half way through the first one. The dialogue seems a tad ropey. And the uncanny valley thing is still there though it’s among the best we’ve seen so far. Visuals are great though so I might stick it on the big telly and persevere.
  9. Compounded by how difficult it is to turn back off by pressing randomly on the front of the console
  10. The fans would alert them soon enough
  11. See it? How the hell are you supposed to miss it? Even these apes can find it no problem
  12. I've got one in the garage I think - anyway, it was those plastic fang bits on the back below the buttons, you had to have your fingers braced under them. Maybe it was my ring finger, but I'd end up with the left one especially pushing against the hard plastic all the time because of the offset from the thumbstick on top. Bloody painful.
  13. Oh - the touchpad. The one you can't get to without letting go. As for the impossible to find whatever that sunken button is called (options?) that loads of games use to pause, what twat thought it was so dangerous they'd better make it so you'd have to dig for it with your thumbnail to ensure no inadvertent calamitous pausing?
  14. Years ago, on the ps2, I used to get massive red marks and indentations on the sides of my middle fingers from trying to keep the dual shock steady while using the thumbsticks. It's got a lot better over the last 3 iterations but I was trying to play an fps yesterday (Titanfall 2) and ALL the time, my left thumb would slide fowards over the stick so I had to keep adjusting my grip. Slightly compounded by having to click the damn thing in every 5 seconds to sprint. This never happens on any version of the xbox or anything by Nintendo. Why can't Sony make a decent controller ffs?
  15. choddo

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Watch The Day Today. Now.

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