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  1. Oh the dialogue was rough as old balls at times. i liked the opening scene and the aliens though. They were hideous and sinister.
  2. Also, the player with the ball was way past the halfway line before the whole dimensional warp anus showed up on the halfway line and it was in front of him. Offside or something.
  3. Well, when I picked van Aert as one of my "sprinters" in the Fantasy Tour, I didn't expect him to win the double Ventoux stage!
  4. Nice little tr There's a longer/higher route?? I love Wiggins' jacket, he's been pretty good, I thought.
  5. That woman was taken into custody. Also - Pogacar's TT time surely mings to high heaven??
  6. It wasn't pork in cycling, it was the steak that Bert Contador had. I was talking to someone who said they are 100% certain Bolt was at it. I'd like to think not - I mean he has a unique physique compared to every other sprinter - but it's difficult to rationalise.
  7. I do begrudge it ripping off Aliens. and i begrudge it having weird dead pixels that made me wonder if my TV was broken. Heli shot near the end was quite cool and visceral in spite of doubtless being 100% CGI God awful dialogue. Quite liked that ultra-tight depth of field.
  8. Tried this last night and created the ugliest spaghetti mess you can imagine but quite impressed with how horrific your conveyors can be and it still manages to figure out what you’re trying to interact with. got to the point I was making the red matrix boxes and I was starting to run out of iron at my first area and thought “hang on, you mean I’ve got to build all that shit again at a new area?! How much are you paying me for this?” It would have been interesting to see how much neater I could have done it but I just turned it off instead. Am I missing something obvious?
  9. Yeah exactly, get some uniform overlapped lighting and shoot from in between. Phone or that Olympus should both produce good results. What media is she using? I could imagine oils might lend themselves to being lit from one side but I’m really guessing.
  10. No but you could get a couple of decent collapsible neutral tripod lights for 150-200 I’d have thought. I only have a kind of cheap bundle with white/black/green backdrop etc from amazon and honestly I’ve never used it properly but that was maybe £130? e.g. (though out of stock from these UK bods) https://www.wexphotovideo.com/interfit-f5-two-head-fluorescent-lighting-kit-1579703/
  11. What does she want to do with the photos? If the end result doesn’t need to be printed and hung, and is just for web viewing, 8MP is fine. Suspect she might do better with some good lighting to bring out the colours and texture of the pieces?
  12. Only had a chance for a quick play this evening but oh my god, things have moved on a bit since I got my 30D, haven’t they. Speed of the AF on that STM lens, and the image stabilisation! I got a totally usable 4 second handheld exposure, just sticking my head out the front door and doing a quick test shot.
  13. I finally plucked up the courage to order one from these guys today. Thanks. Was all for getting one from a UK stockist but they CANNOT get bloody EF to R adapters and I've waited months. Hope their commitment of no additional import fees really works or it could get painful. I can use EF-S lenses on this too, right (cropped of course) because there's no risk of hitting any mirror with the back of it? Only got one but it's my biggest zoom and until I invest in an EF or RF I'll probably need to use it.
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