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  1. choddo

    Thread in which Yonlu posts some of his songs

    @denna are you in Brazil? I think you can call 141 to talk to someone. You sound like you could use a bit of help.
  2. choddo

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I like shooting a few things outside of that; landscapes and architecture. Maybe that’s normal holiday fodder macro plants/insects portraits. Dabbling. the moon. Badly. Still need an 800mm or a telescoooop mount. Let’s leave that one off the list. and yeah. Ergonomics is really important. My wife’s camera not having a second wheel drives me nuts in manual mode.
  3. choddo

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    OK it's time for an upgrade. It has been many years since I got my Canon 30D and it is now categorically shit by modern standards, even with decent lenses. And I want full frame. I've got a few EF and one EF-S lens which is sadly my most used lens, 18-200 IS, even though it's a bit on the soft side. I haven't spent stupid money on any of them. I can mathematically afford any of these options but it's not like money is no object. I don't do enough shooting to justify it. I just like it to work well when I do. Should I go for; Bangernomics with a used 5D (mark 2?) and a decent EF zoom? An EOS R with a bundled RF 24-105 and an adapter that will fit all the old lenses. Futureproofing? But will they bring out a load of improvements in their next gen mirrorless next week? An 80D and carry on with the same lenses. Dump Canon and get a Sony?
  4. choddo

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Didn't see this - did you ask a mod / admin and did it happen? We can certainly rename it easily enough.
  5. choddo

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Holy shit, this is amazing.
  6. No but then I probably wouldn't stop a train to rob all the passengers either.
  7. This hasn’t probably been discussed but how come when they set up a mission to set light to an oil wagon to scare a train into stopping so they can rob it ... they don’t actually set light to the oil wagon and you stand on it instead?
  8. Sadie was the one exception I thought of when I wrote that. Maybe Tilly.
  9. My disposition is - I’ve got an ethical bar way into the right hand side - so why did I have no choice other than to murder a stablehand, just to steal some horses? I did take great delight in carrying the corpse of this bloke, who was beating his wife and then turned on me, down to the saloon and throwing it over the balcony onto someone’s quiet lunch though.
  10. Yeah maybe I meant the overall effect - the reflectivity and translucency isn’t as good but the actual animation is excellent.
  11. Nah. HZD’s facial animation was better. Though they cheated because it kind of dropped all the scenery to do it. RDR2 characters often have dead eyes. related question: I’m only half way through chapter 3 but do you ever get to a point where you don’t think every character, including yourself, is an absolute cunt?
  12. Yes! I knew there was something completely wrong about the feel (leaving the script aside) of crystal skull but could never quite put my finger on it. anyway - I like this trailer but it’s doomed. Surely.
  13. choddo

    Fortitude – New Sky Atlantic show

    What the hell have I just watched 3 hours of?
  14. choddo

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Played this fir over an hour tonight. Very good but it has screwed me up. Feel dizzy almost 2 hours later. might just be tired. Was up at 3 yesterday to fly to Germany and back today.
  15. choddo

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Buy it from PSN and they’ll happily extract 34.99

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