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  1. choddo

    Beat Saber

    I had a freaking nightmare with drift, to the point it was unusable. But it's been fine the last few months. No idea what's changed.
  2. Dani! I thought it was decent enough. I found the Carl thing silly but the actions scenes had a nice solid feel to them. Grace was great. Bad termies can’t be too scarey these days because you know they’re going to get beasted in the end. sarah Connor looked like my ma.
  3. choddo

    Gamer or lamer?

    Likewise. Months. I did enjoy showing some friends of the family Beat Saber last weekend though. Think there were a number of Christmas requests out of that. but since it was my love of games as a teenager that got me into coding and ultimately led to the reasonably well paid and interesting job I’ve got now, as well as meeting my wife (indirectly) through that career path, I don’t think they were a waste of time.
  4. 100% correct Mr Spag. The scientist and the Chamberlain. Incredible work. Although I thought they did a superb job with the Darkening this last episode too. I feel privileged to have watched this. So much talent has been poured into it.
  5. Venom. 3.5/5 Excellent visuals and some actual character development in a superhero movie. Quite a few lols. Ending was a bit flat. Includes a half point for audio because I could understand what Tom Hardy was saying for once.
  6. Just watched episode 5 on a flight today. A particular work of genius. So much brilliance packed into less than an hour.
  7. I am here to say one thing. This is frigging outstanding.
  8. Most of the episode was just her and a bit of exposition about back story but really well done. She carried it. And from 5 onwards the story does move at a right old pace. Still some very odd 90210 sections but I’ve decides to forgive.
  9. Sakhoff has just rescued this in episode 4. I am now hooked.
  10. Well I’m up to episode 7 and it’s all gone a bit I’ll probably see it through but not sure I’ll be back for season 2.
  11. Just got to the end of episode 1. Good god, why did no one stop them?
  12. Seriously - no one else is watching this? It’s great !
  13. Quite like the setup for this. but ... does she say 2015 at the start?
  14. She’s the only decent thing in it. Just watched 30 minutes. Sort of. Fell asleep several times. Fucking dreadful acting and the science is gibberish already.
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