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  1. Are you based in the US Minstrels?
  2. How did Wheatley end up making... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_(2020_film) ? A director on a salary?
  3. Good session on Oakham Double Hopped Citra (£1 a can from M&S), lovely beer, also for Loch Lomond Bravehop beer from Lidl for £1.79 a can, different flavour entirely but great to see Scotland making great beer.
  4. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4220-outrun-2-sp-dx-lindbergh-on-pc-using-teknoparrot/ This has some working links in it and instructions on how to setup, I am just starting it now, but I have an AMD Fury X card so maybe not suitable for teknoparrot....
  5. ucci

    Xbox Game Pass

    Can you change Xbox location to Japan then install japanese shooters on game pass? Failing that, are there any 2d arcade shooters on there?
  6. Pre Covid a visit to three supermarkets every couple of days to source the best ingredients from each then cook whatever.
  7. ucci

    Great CD Revival

    Cotton wool balls and some multi-surface polish do the trick and does not scratch. Also if the artwork looks a bit grubby, apply a bit of polish to the ball then wipe the artwork. Its how Oxfam revitalise old book covers.
  8. I always found the CRT output terrible on the 360, it just lacked that vibrancy that the DC had. Would be cool if the new gen supported CRT resolutions but too small a niche market so no chance.
  9. Thanks for recommending this, watched it last night. A porter in the hospital I work in, was telling me his Mum recently died of cancer in Romania and the treatment was strewn with bad decisions. Kind of reaffirming from an outsider perspective, when he was pointing out that this it was a working hospital looks like (NHS Cancer Centre) but easy to forget when you are dealing with many patients.
  10. I only found out today the tragedy behind Snyder leaving the original cut https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/zack-snyder-steps-down-justice-league-deal-family-tragedy-1006455
  11. £300 million budget! The 4K version is worth a watch though for the clarity.
  12. The Shout Self centered traveller bloke comes back from Australia and shits in John Hurt and wifey's living room. Quite a premonition as quackery has grown since '78. Phwoar/10
  13. Managed to get some Citra T90 Unfiltered in the Oakham sale, less hoppy than the original but still the original bwad bwoy. Gave some cans to my nephew to share with his mates, hope he enjoys them.
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