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  1. Titanic Brewery just opened a shop... If you like darker beers.. https://www.titanicbrewery.co.uk/shop/titanic-mixed-case/
  2. ucci

    Xbox Game Pass

    Does CEMU run as well? Imagine that!
  3. Thanks for letting me know. It's a PC in a box with a different O/S so must be locked out. How can you play your original owned Xbox OG or 360 games? Not all are on gamepass.
  4. Can you plug in an external Blu-ray disc drive in the S to play disc games?
  5. Jackie Wells personality is so strong, have Quantic Dream ever had this level of human personality?
  6. Tim Sherwood showing what a great manager he is there. He had a director role at Swindon for a while, Lee Power' s mate, terrible decision, saw us relegated.
  7. Nerdgasm after nerdgasm! The little touches in this game are something else, the adverts in the Night City checkpoint interview room were ace. Jackie Wells' apathy and calmness coming through.
  8. Thanks downloading now. 2 MB/sec. 8 hrs to go.
  9. Could I try Cyberpunk on my PC? If it runs terribly, could I stop within 2 hrs/2 weeks and defo get a refund?
  10. Would Sigourney Weaver still play Ripley? Watched Alien 3 last night, so timeless which for a sci-fi film is hard to achieve. Charles S Dutton and Brian Glover are the ringleaders here, I actually didn't realise it but Bishop at the end is actually an android, his ear is hanging off.
  11. CDPR have nailed the gateway from generation to generation it seems. It's like let's show what has been decent from the last eight years followed by glimpses of the future. Bravo CDPR, bravo!
  12. Thanks for the honest opinion Partious. Youtubers can do one.
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