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  1. Unboxing videos aaah! N64 kid as adult in pant wetting materialism.
  2. ucci

    Golden Axed

    Golden Axe Grinders
  3. Generic guide for the GBS board here https://medium.com/rgb-inside/gbs-8200-gbs-control-hands-on-with-the-downscale-feature-f65d3b6907be Look on ebay auctions as can be had very cheaply indeed sometimes.
  4. If you've got space a 14inch Sony PVM or Philips Amiga monitor is decent. If you want to tinker than a GBS 8200 scaler. Otherwise a decent s-video cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Bit-RB-SS-2098-Retro-Bit-SS-2098-Saturn-Cable/dp/B00FEO58G8 would be a fairly accessible upgrade.
  5. Wasn't there a re-release three years ago or something? I remember @acidbearboy bought a cinema voucher from me but couldn't use it due to it had to be reimbursed on the day of the showing.
  6. New 4k restoration in cinemas tonight and tomorrow. Got tickets for Oxford.
  7. I was using a hdmi to vga adapter for the 360, but just managed to find a 360 vga cable for a couple of quid locally to use. PS2 output whilst having component was miles behind the DC in terms of support for 480p, though interestingly the PS2 could output 1080i though few developers ever used it, I think two japanese games supported it..
  8. Paging @matt! Can the renowned Philips Wii TV be used to get an optimum picture for the PS2? Best way to connect the PS2 to the Philips input?
  9. Could you make a PC as small as the XSX and as powerful? **RUNS BACK INTO CAVE**
  10. How can customer service be awful from a beer club? The only interaction is signing up or cancelling the membership. Were the beers crap quality? Why join a beer club? Get your sen down a local beer person then ask away. You can then get what you want like the aforementioned Schneider Weisse Avenitus.
  11. This game subverts stereotypes better than any game I had played before! Would love to play it again.
  12. Ever drank beer in a kiosk in Germany? They have tables at the shop entrance, for you to drink your beers in, kind of like an off license with tables and stools to drink on. Similar to those offy/bar places in the UK but a lot more common. Would love to sip this then wander the streets of Koeln or somewhere.
  13. WOW! That beer looks like its from another dimension. Proper quality that. Never heard of that one. 8.2%er too, see you on the other side.
  14. I have a new boxed Toshiba 14" 14N31B you might be interested in, one of the later models released in 2005..PMing you now.
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