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  1. Fair enough. I'd have preferred the kind of secret where you input a string of button presses to turn the 2.5D art into 2D, instead of the kind of secret where you strike a wall by accident and a hidden carrot falls out.
  2. Out of interest, what did you both think it did better than almost every other game last year?
  3. I've been going back and forth in my head about whether to pick up a cheap Xbox to tide me over until the new one's out at the end of the year and have been checking out the All Digital version which I'm sure was going for around £130 at Christmas time. It seems to be both quite expensive now (from £160 to £200) and either low in stock or outright unavailable at the usual places I buy from. Were they flogging them off cheap to get rid of this particular SKU or something?
  4. When the game was still running on older versions, I'd read impressions about poor performance in the Towers area. I arrived in that area today and the framerate seemed ok to me. 'Awesome, they really have improved this!' Then I went a little further up the tower and I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. The game was running in some kind of slow motion. This wasn't the odd framedrop but a consistent treacle-fest across the whole area. At one point I thought the game had actually crashed because nothing on the screen was moving, but it got going again maybe three or four seconds later. This is after three updates to fix performance. The game itself is mediocre anyway. Thirty percent in, there hasn't been a single memorable location, boss or upgrade. Even with input lag reduced, the game is horrible to control, with occasional jumps and swings not registering. Miriam is so sluggish to control that exploration is a chore, compounded further by a map so poorly annotated even names of areas are absent. 'Is that the library area over there?' *closes map and trudges from room to room for several minutes* 'Nope.' It plays like the kind of discount indie game we've all bought from time to time made by a small group of students doing their best to emulate a past masterpiece on a miniscule budget, put together competently enough to recognise as the game it wishes to emulate but missing all the expertise and talent and flourish that made the masterpiece what it was. Except in this case the budget was seven figures, the development team large and professionally skilled, the development time four years and with an apparent giant of the genre at the very helm.
  5. They're cheeky fuckers though. My Nintendo Online sub expired and I was unable to use my remaining voucher until I resubscribed.
  6. Isn't it just because you can't pre-order it yet? The eshop page doesn't let you buy it at all, voucher or otherwise. It would be the first Nintendo-published game to not let you use a voucher. I can't see it.
  7. Is it possible to take advantage of this three years of Gamepass for five pence shenanigans without actually owning Xbox hardware yet? I don't want a current gen Xbox but intend to get the Series X thing later this year, but am a bit nervous the cheapo deal will be over by then.
  8. The first party line up seems a bit sparse at the moment. Tokyo Mirage port January, Animal Crossing March, Xenoblade remaster sometime this year. Saving almost everything for the second half of the year again maybe?
  9. I too would like to know this. It seems like such an inane and unnecessary addition that I suspect I'm missing something. The game already gives you too much free shit via the Argosy captain (don't hunt monsters - just buy parts!) and the ability to forge the likes of rare monster gems (don't hunt monsters - just craft rare stuff from all your junk!). And yeah, now the buttonmash forge. It's like Capcom doesn't want you to play new Monster Hunter as much as old Monster Hunter. Come to think of it, I'm kind of with them on that.
  10. After a couple of hours on the updated Switch version last night, I've decided it's just never going to reach the level of polish of a Konami Castlevania. There's a slickness and professionalism about a game like Dawn of Sorrow on the DS that simply doesn't exist here. Environments are ugly. Enemies designs are ugly. Transitions from gameplay to cutscene/dialogue cause the image to blur weirdly. Seemingly innocuous, untaxing rooms cause sporadic framedrops. It's all a bit of a mess in handheld mode really, and when the camera zooms out now and again - during the first boss fight, for example - it's easy to lose track of Miriam's position on the screen. Performance does seem much better overall. Although you do still occasionally get a spinning wheel on a black screen while it loads the next room, loading times in general are hugely reduced. Input lag is fixed as far as I can tell. Although framerate drops persist, I believe this is the case on other versions too. Oh and the typos and missing text have finally been corrected.
  11. Well, it's downloaded and it is indeed v1.04. Very weird that they chucked it out before any kind of specific announcement. Now to find out if it's finally a respectable version of the game.
  12. My Switch has started downloading a fairly hefty update for this. I was already on 1.03. I'm not seeing any news in the usual places about a new patch coming out though. Have they stealth released the new graphics update?
  13. Gamepass is the reason I'm probably going to switch from Playstation to Xbox next generation, assuming the service remains such high value come launch. I'll likely get a PS5 once Japanese third party exclusives start to hit (the equivalent of this gen's Bloodborne, Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5 etc) but I'm struggling to think of any first party Sony franchises I have an interest in. Uncharted, Last of Us, Spiderman, Horizon, Killzone, Gran Turismo - none of them are my thing. New God of War is the only game I can think of that I'd want. Are there other first party teams/franchises I'm forgetting about here? Is Team ICO still a thing? This isn't really the thread, I guess.
  14. I bought it on sale but haven't started it yet. Might give it a go today. I'm hoping for some high fantasy, interactive Choose Your Own Adventure goodness.
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