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  1. Yeah, pretty sure that's how they designed it.
  2. I absolutely adore this game, by the way. It's touching me in places only Dragon Quest ever does.
  3. Cyrus is the best! I wish I'd chosen him. I want Analyse at all times. You get to Stillsnow from the western part of H'aanit's woods (S'vaa-something?). Follow the sign that leads you towards Victor's Hollow (I think it's called) and halfway there a sign will lead you to Stillsnow.
  4. Yeah, the combat system is incredibly satisfying once you get to grips with boosting, breaking, turn orders and enemy weaknesses. There's a lot of depth to it, to the extent that is feels just as much an SRPG as a turn-based JRPG. Like you say, going for flawless victory bonuses every time is fun as fuck - scoping out the queue of party/enemy attacks for both the current and next turn, planning which characters' abilities can break each enemy and organising your attacks to remove each enemy from the queue one by one, then smashing their immobilised sprites to death in the next turn without taking a single hit, and getting a cash bonus as a reward ... It's ace.
  5. ann coulter

    Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of Dana

    Took me about 40 hours too, although I didn't do everything, and I turned it down from hard to easy for some endgame encounters to get it over with faster. I thought it outstayed its welcome a little. Enjoyable overall but unremarkable - a satisfyingly wholesome bread and butter action RPG which is exactly what I was expecting.
  6. ann coulter

    Nintendo Switch

    They emailed me back today and were super helpful. Turns out you have to press and hold A until the equipment slots are highlighted and then you can move stuff about. I'm getting stuck back into the game tonight.
  7. Especially when the art for the game is so beautiful.
  8. What's the eshop icon for the full game? Is it still boring white text on a black background?
  9. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop

    Hand of Fate 2 is out a week today. I didn't even know it was coming to Switch. Want. Dead Cells is out on 7th August - much earlier than I was expecting. Also want. Both with fucking pre-order discounts too. I am weak.
  10. ann coulter

    Nintendo Switch

    Not yet. I don't use Facebook or Twitter so I've had to email Forge Reply, the developer.
  11. ann coulter

    Nintendo Switch

    Apparently in the PC version you click and drag potions into your potion slots. There is no mouse cursor or touch screen comparability on the Switch version to do this. I really think they've forgotten to implement this when they've ported it over, meaning you literally cannot healing during combat, only afterwards. It seems improbable that I'm the first person on the internet to notice this, however.
  12. ann coulter

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not sure where else to post this as the game doesn't have its own thread. I bought Joe Dever's Lone Wolf and am really enjoying its nerdy, choose-your-own-adventure charm, but I'm having one massive problem that is making the game impossible to play: I don't know how to equip potions. In order to use them in combat, they have to be equipped to your belt. I have spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure out which interface or which button I'm supposed to use to equip them but still can't work it out. I select the potion slot and nothing happens. I select the poition itself and there are only Use and Discard options. No apparent way of equipping, and therefore no way of using them in combat. The game's help section says: 'Remember to put your belt to good use: place potions in its slots' but doesn't actually tell you ... how. Anyone own the game and know how to do this most basic but elusive of tasks? Google has proved fruitless and I don't know what to do.
  13. ann coulter

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Maybe I'm just not half decent, then. I find that I'm punished for healing, to the extent that I benefit more from not bothering, at least until I've had maybe four or five tries of some of the bosses, particularly the ones that chuck out loads of honing projectiles or are just generally relentless. None of you have commented specifically on the Hive section and boss and I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on that if you could.
  14. ann coulter

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I don't think those specific breaks do come up in a pattern though. I get the impression from the boss fights that the breaks happen after you've dealt specific amounts of damage. If it was learning where to heal between certain attacks/animations it'd be fine, but it's more a case of: 'We'll let you heal once you've done this much damage ... There! Requisite damage done!' *Boss pauses emphatically for breath*
  15. ann coulter

    Nintendo eShop

    Pretty sure Doom and Arms were a little over £26 on the South Africa store during the sale, and over £30 each on the UK store. No idea where 'Any of Nintendo's AAA games for £20 - £22' is coming from.

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