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  1. Dauntless is out today? I can't find it on the store yet. Edit: Ignore me, it's there.
  2. What about the porthole effect? Is there still a circular field of view whose physical edges you can make out distinctly? He's insisting there's not but either he's being precious about his purchase or genuinely isn't aware of it. Or he might be right and there's no porthole after all.
  3. I was speaking to a mate about the main things I struggled with when using the PSVR headset - the bulkiness of it (like wearing a diving helmet) and the porthole effect (feels like looking through binoculars or the window on a ship, you don't get a full range of vision) - and he reckons his Oculus Quest has solved both of those problems. Is this true? I kind of don't believe him. The porthole thing in particular I thought was still an issue with all VR headsets.
  4. Wow. Nope. That's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. The only HR layered sets I have are Brigade and Aloy (a Horizon Zero Dawn thing, I think?). So yeah, literally two. I'm still not sure how to unlock all those others in that tweet, even after reading your Eurogamer link.
  5. Oh I avoid all the crossover stuff. Find it really immersion breaking. Forced myself through the Witcher quest which actually wasn't as bad as I expected but I'm not interested in outfits or weapons from other franchises. Keep that shit out of Monster Hunter. Don't think I've done MR Zorah though, so I'll get on that.
  6. Oh, that's awesome. The rank shouldn't matter since they're just cosmetic, right? I have only two in my HR list. How do you get others?
  7. Layered armour. Am I missing a way to unlock more or is there a real dearth of options here? I have just three master rank options of layered armour to craft. At first, I thought they were going to bust wide open our ability to customise our appearance without sacrificing the skills we want to use, but it seems like a missed opportunity so far.
  8. Yeah, I started that stuff tonight. Not sure what to make of it yet, other than being a bit disappointed at seeing the same old biomes, but I'm intrigued enough to explore more.
  9. Not very impressed with what I assume is Iceborne endgame stuff.
  10. Yeah, I already tried using girros armour which has the level 3 effluvia resist skill and is supposed to prevent effluvial buildup. I remember it not preventing effluvial buildup, or, at least, my health would still get cut in half, which isn't the meaning I take from 'prevent'. I can't find a Teostra horn, by the way. There's a Lunastra one but the songs don't look particularly useful. All of this is moot now anyway because I joined another player's Blackveil mission to get some practice and once we'd slayed him together I got a cutscene progressing the game. So it seems in Monster Hunter World you don't have to be the quest setter in order to progress your rank. You can join someone's hunt half an hour after it started, chill out in camp until they finish the quest, and the game treats you as having beat the quest. Scratch what I said earlier about Monster Hunter being challenging again. I wonder how many of the millions of new players have finished the game with a completely mistaken impression of how the game traditionally works. Without any kind of forced single player aspect, and with the ability to join other people's quests halfway through in order to progess your own game, I can imagine a lot of people hunting each monster just a handful of times - maybe even just once - in the same way they'd play an action adventure game where a boss is a one-time event, there only for brief spectacle rather than mastery, before moving on immediately with the story. Compared to the much worse selling older games, I'm noticing no particular boost to how busy online lobbies are in World - for all these 14 million players, it seems extremely quiet indeed.
  11. I can't do Blackveil Vaal Hazak! It's not really his moves, it's the environmental damage that destroys me every time. I got so frustrated during my last attempt that I broke my rule and went back to camp to restock on potions mid-hunt. And even then I couldn't do it. Third cart happened at about 48 minutes. I don't really understand the effluvium skills either. I purposefully crafted anti-effluvium armour for the high rank Vaal Hazak ages ago and it didn't seem to help at all - my health would still get chopped in half within seconds of the smokey/ashy crap contaminating me, when the skill was supposed to prevent buildup completely. So I just gave up on the idea. It's pretty tough not knowing each monster's elemental weakness until you defeat them too. I'm bringing a blast weapon for this fight but have no idea if it's even that effective. (I don't want to know Blackveil's weakness by the way, as the game doesn't want me to know it at this stage either.) All the same, it continues to be awesome that Monster Hunter is fucking tough again!
  12. The Baldur's Gate double pack is £23 on base.com if anyone else baulked at paying the £40 asking price on the eshop. I'd rather have it digital but don't see it going much lower than base's price any time soon.
  13. I actually really like the backer case. It looks like a cheap dustjacket for a hardback book from the late '90s. The font on the back is soooo tacky. It just feels right, intentionally or not. It's rather surreal that chucking, what, $30 at Kickstarter years ago has resulted in a seemingly fully fledged new Shenmue game arriving on my doormat today. I'm not sure I ever really believed it would happen. I have fond memories of completing Shenmue on a secondhand Dreamcast I bought a couple of years after it was discontinued. I started Shenmue 2 on the same machine but played barely an hour or so of it. I've got the PS4 remasters. It's worth playing through 2, right? Save Shenmue 3 for Christmas, maybe. Two new Shenmue games for me that way!
  14. Wait, 400! Ok, I didn't realise that. I stand corrected.
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