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  1. Fuuuck, I already cancelled everything. Including all the other double pre-orders I did with that deal, since I figured the same thing would happen. Didn't even occur to me that the limited version would be later. God damn it.
  2. Wat. That's a bit arbitrary, isn't it? I'm not seeing any visual cues suggesting only the bottom part hurts you. How did you even figure that out? I've tried another two times and still can't make the jump. I know it's Hard mode but this is kind of crazy. Am I just shit?
  3. The framerate is the absolute least of the game's technical problems. Personally I can live with the current framerate quite easily, although I certainly acknowledge it's not great. Any tips for the first boss?
  4. Rllmuk is almost as tedious as Resetera when it comes to technical issues games have, but where Resetera is on the impossible to please end of the scale, incensed about a few drops to 59fps every few hours or whatever, rllmuk is almost credulously pleaseable sometimes, handwaving away extremely obvious and significant technical shortfalls as perfectly negligible. There are frequent moments in the opening area of the game on Switch where you run to a new room/square of the map and have to wait for the room to load. It's particularly noticeable when you jump up to a room above, and sometimes get literally a loading icon spinning in the corner of the screen while it loads something that ought to be instantaneous. But no: 'Looks perfectly fine to me,' says rllmuk. You're as bad as bloody Resetera in your own ultra-passive way!
  5. I'm going to have to do this too as thegamecollection didn't dispatch mine. Really annoying, but I think it's because I took advantage of a '10% off a £70 spend' offer they had on a while ago, and put Fire Emblem and limited edition Mario Maker in the same order to bump it over £70. Had a feeling this might stop Mario Maker being sent separately so it's my own fault for being a cheapass.
  6. Hooray. Yeah, they're usually really good for early delivery. My thegamecollection preorder of SMM2 has Fire Emblem in the same order. I really hope they're not going to wait until Fire Emblem comes out before sending me SMM2 at the same time.
  7. I'm impressed they're acknowledging the performance issues so quickly, at least, and grateful they're going to work on improving things already. It does look a little like Switch wasn't much of a priority for them, though. It was a Wii U stretch goal which they then changed to Switch, right? I'm still stuck at 2.5% progress.
  8. I am getting absolutely fucked up by ghosts. I am stuck. This is at 2.5% map discovery and I cannot get past this room with the ghosts. Each of their hits wipes out a third of my health, and I usually only have about a third of my health left when I reach that room.
  9. I have died another two times in the five minutes since making that post. Was probably mentioned earlier in the thread when non-Switch versions were released, but inputting NIGHTMARE as your file name when you start a new game unlocks Hard and Nightmare modes without having to complete Normal first.
  10. There's a Hard mode. And it's hard. Died at least a dozen times already in the game's opening hour or two. In case anyone wants to avoid it being too easy, as above.
  11. I agree that it was always a risk, which I've already acknowledged (again, such is Kickstarter) but I don't think it's wildly unrealistic to expect a 2.5D Castlevania game to run well on Switch hardware, indie game or not. In fact, I expect it will eventually.
  12. I think there's been the odd high-profile exception now and again but I get Nintendo-published games from thegamecollection on a Thursday almost every time. Maybe they're managing your expectations just in case.
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