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  1. The only thing they've patched so far is some bugs and some difficulty tinkering. No performance improvements yet. They're working on it.
  2. I haven't watched it but apparently the Gamescom stream (above) confirms the demo is around 10 hours long if you do everything? Someone on Resetera is claiming the demo ends after you recruit the fourth party member. And the demo carries over to the full game. So ... playing it for a couple of hours every weekend will tide us over until the game comes out in a month. Works for me.
  3. I gave Superhot a quick go and the gyro feels horrible. When I'm aiming for a headshot, it's like the reticle enters some kind of weird deadzone where it stops moving smoothly and starts jumping in little steps. Like, I'll be gently adjusting, but the reticle won't be moving, then suddenly it's jumped to where I'm now aiming. I've turned the sensitivity up to the maximum and it's no better.
  4. The new trailer they released today makes it look really rough, but it looks plenty good enough in that extended video mdn2 just posted. Like, obviously it still looks a bit ropey, but at the same time it's amazing it's running this well at all. Looking forward to building up my Gwent deck all over again, in handheld mode.
  5. Ah, damn. I bought it yesterday based on the screenshots alone. I'll go in with lowered expectations, then.
  6. Unfortunately it doesn't. The icon on my Switch has now updated with a little bar at the bottom saying, 'Remaining play time: 6d 0hr' but when I try to launch it, it prompts the message, 'This user cannot play this software.' Oh well.
  7. I just finished that island and didn't think the performance was too bad. However, I've now been tasked with building a template that's made up of 4736 pieces () and as I watch my residents build it, the framerate is taaaanking.
  8. I'll believe that when I see it, honestly, but another few maps would be amazing. Give us underwater, damn it! But yeah, if they've changed multiplayer back to everyone preparing in the same gathering hall and leaving at the same time, I'm happy.
  9. Oh, awesome, that's really encouraging. About the multiplayer, I mean. As big as the main game, though? Really? I thought the ice map was the only new one.
  10. Today I discovered Iceborne is out in a month. I haven't been following it at all. Do we know if they've improved the way online works, i.e. less S.O.S. flare nonsense and more conventional gathering hall stuff? The change to online play completely killed the longevity of the game for me. I'm not up for the modern drop in/drop out co-op style they encouraged in World and really hope they've taken steps to make it more like previous MHs in that respect. Also, on the Playstation Store Iceborne is £35. I thought they were going down the DLC route rather than releasing the whole game again with G rank thrown in, unless they're seriously charging £35 for an extra map, more monsters/weapons and the usual G rank stuff. They are, aren't they? I think I'm going to wait for the PC/no-scoutflies version anyway. January isn't so far away.
  11. Alternatively they could have opted for something in between 'Press A to Win' and 'Get Slaughtered'.
  12. Accidently, you mean? I don't know why anyone who switched to Hard because the game was too easy would then switch back and forth to grind on Normal and make it the same level of easy they were trying to escape. I'm not sure why it would matter if that was possible anyway. I'm too far in to restart, unfortunately. I'm really digging the game all the same, so I'll stick the difficulty up for subsequent playthroughs with the other two Houses. Anyone about to start the game should be aware that Normal on this is more of an Enjoy the Story mode.
  13. I'm on the calendar screen and when I access the options menu the difficulty option is greyed out. 'You cannot adjust the game's difficulty.'
  14. Was anyone able to confirm if you can change the difficulty on new game+? At Chapter 8 on Normal the combat has become so easy there's barely any strategy involved.
  15. It has all of those things. It has Genres in the search page. You can select the categories you're interested in and do a blank search, order the results by price if you're on a budget or popularity if you want to know what's hot. It has a Discover tab which highlights different games each day. It has a Current Offers tab showing everything on sale which you can scroll through every few days (in most cases I'd tend to only buy something when it's on sale, unless it's a major release you're excited about). You can click on the name of a publisher you like to see everything else they've released on Switch. If nothing else, you can just click on the Recent Releases tab every Thursday afternoon and scroll through it until you reach the games you saw last Thursday. People say this kind of thing a lot about the eshop and I don't really get it. What else do you need? User reviews would be cool, I guess. I can't think of much else.
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