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  1. Game continues to look and run extraordinarily well to me, but then I haven't once docked it. I've noticed a couple of bugs (I think) which I don't remember existing on PS4. Sometimes the background music will fade out and stop when I don't think it's supposed to and there'll be a weird period of silence until it kicks back in. And every quest in my log has a yellow exclamation mark as though there's new stuff for me to read about them, despite my having scrolled through and selected them all. Even my completed quests have exclamation marks beside them.
  2. I played the default difficulty on PS4 and the combat quickly became trivially easy to the point where I was practically pressing A through everything. With the stronger enemies option turned on, I'm having to actually strategize, swap party members in and out, and sometimes grind. Make of that what you will!
  3. A few hours in, this is running extraordinarily well. Smooth framerate, impressive draw distances, perfectly readable and sharp UI and menus in handheld. Could all change on leaving White Orchard, of course, but so far I'm amazed there isn't a much more significant scaling back of the game's scope. Compared to even Nintendo's own efforts on Switch, where Breath of the Wild had quite aggressive pop in and Link's Awakening had frequent stutter, the performance here feels far superior, with foliage everywhere and dense trees swaying in the wind as far as the eye can see. The real test will be on arriving in Novigrad, I guess, but so far it's a rather remarkable handheld experience.
  4. Seems to be a large day one patch to download. 2 hours 17 minutes remaining on my admittedly shit BT connection.
  5. I was surprised that the higher profile games were available to download and play. It's now a very cheap way to play God of War, Bloodborne, Gravity Rush 2, Metal Gear Solid V etc without needing to stream them. I'll probably give stuff a go that I never cared enough about to actually buy - Shadow of Mordor, Vampyr, Abzu, Pillars of Eternity, Until Dawn, Wasteland 2, Elder Scrolls Online are on the list so far. That's if any of them finish downloading before the trial expires.
  6. I gave it a try last night and, before I could even start a game, a message popped up going, 'lol no your connection sucks'. And this is just at 720p, right? An all streaming future does not bode well for me. At least they give the option to download and play offline, which I wasn't aware of previously.
  7. In the Data Management section of the Switch's system settings, there's a Transfer Your Save Data option which then has an option to send save data to another console. Never tried it myself but maybe you can transfer your save to your Lite that way?
  8. GAME gave me £165 for the old Switch (I think that's ok for a console I've been using for 2.5 years although no doubt I would have got more selling privately) so I had to make up £115 for the new one. I put Link's Awakening and a few other games I'm done with towards the rest. It's rather a lot to pay for better battery life, but my justification is I also get a shiny new Switch with its shiny new pair of joycons and no money actually came out of my bank account...
  9. I traded in my launch day Switch for a new one with the more efficient processor/longer-lasting battery. On the old Switch I was getting a little over two hours on Dragon Quest XI, and now at least four and a half hours on the new Switch, both at medium brightness. Happy with that improvement. Also betrayed my grey homies and joined team neon. I wasn't up for transfering all my shit from one Switch to another in the middle of fucking GAME (first time I've been in there in many years - I always feel grubby when I leave) so I unlinked my account and wiped everything off the old Switch beforehand, then got the new Switch, added a new user and just linked it to my existing account. Surprisingly straightforward for Nintendo. Unfortunately it forced me to delete all my games off my micro SD card (but let me keep all my screenshots, weirdly) so I'm having to download the whole lot again, but they're all in the eshop 'redownload' section - again, surprisingly straightforward compared to the old days. Downloading all my saves from the Nintendo Online cloud is working without any issues too. RIP my Splatoon 2 save though, since the game's not compatible with cloud saves. Still, maybe it's a good excuse to play it all again...
  10. Before people go buying these vouchers, be aware it's cheaper just buying the games digitally from shopto. Almost all of their digital codes for first party Nintendo games are £39.99, rendering the £42 vouchers pointless.
  11. I've noticed two tracks so far that haven't been orchestrated, which isn't too bad, I guess (the night theme in towns and Sylvando's theme). And as much of an improvement as the orchestrated tracks make, I'd argue that the existence of the DQVIII overworld theme is the biggest audio improvement of all. It can't be overstated just how much it enhances the joy of exploring the world. All the DLC for the game is free (unless you're in Japan) so I'd urge everyone playing this to download it all and select that option. The game continues to look gorgeous on the Switch screen. Gallopolis Region and Laguna di Gondolia are particular highlights so far in showing how extremely competent a port this is. I've barely touched any of the 2D stuff yet either as the main game has sucked me in all over again. There's something incomparably whimsical and adorable about Dragon Quest's enemies, spells and abilities that makes the very traditional turn-based combat outright joyful, like when a gnawchid clobbers Veronica with Catchy Tune and she spends the next few turns grooving about on the spot instead of fighting on my behalf. Oh, and the Super Strong Enemies option is essential, I think. The enemies aren't actually super strong, but it forces more caution and strategy than the vanilla difficulty necessarily demands.
  12. Edit: Never mind, no longer needed.
  13. When I started the full game, it detected demo save data on my Switch and gave me the option of choosing from the three different saves I'd made, so I think it'll let you continue from a partial playthrough of the demo. Not 100% sure though as I'd finished the demo - hopefully someone else can confirm.
  14. Assuming you finish the demo and resume the full game from where the demo ends, you get thrown straight into new Switch-exclusive story content within literal seconds. I was like, 'Wait, I don't remember this NPC. Oh, wow!' The 2D mode is gorgeous.
  15. Reviews are live. 9s as far as the eye can see. Just about finished the demo, I think. Somehow managed to make it last a month. First things to do on launching the full game at midnight: replace the rubbish overworld theme with the classic DQVIII theme, and dress the hero in DQVIII outfit.
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