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  1. Got a mention in this week’s popbitch:
  2. Lucas

    The Perfect Scene

    if it counts as a scene, I think the start of Mad Max 2 is pretty spectacular. No dialogue. Just a brutal, beautifully shot car chase that sets up the world and the characters perfectly.
  3. Lucas


    Amazing scenes. When does this ever happen against Chelsea?
  4. Lucas


    “If we can do more, we will do more but let’s not dream.” No, let's not dream, Arsene
  5. Wasnt it something like "old photos of you playing games"? Edit: close enough -
  6. Lucas


    No özil, no Sanchez.
  7. Lucas


    Really. My brother text me about 5 mins before kick off and told me. First cl game I've seen this season.
  8. Lucas


    Unlucky. BT were showing it free tonight as well.
  9. Lucas


    Replays showed it was just outside, by very little. Definite foul. Didn't get any of the ball.
  10. Lucas

    Aliens: Special Edition

    But, but I thought she was Irish because of titanic? Damn these actors and their acting!
  11. I wonder if the ludicrous hellraiser would have an interesting enough back story to warrant inclusion.
  12. Lucas


    Football365, in their 16 conclusions article on the match, describe coq as the lone firefighter in midfield (at times). They also say that since his return to the team in December, no PL player has recovered possession more. He won possession back 14 times today. I thought he did well today. Perhaps he misses Sanchez's high pressing/work ethic ahead of him?
  13. Lucas


    Oh man, I hate that climbing glove.
  14. Lucas

    Top Gear

    All three of them wearing pin badges of the Chilean flag.
  15. Lucas


    Well, shit. Amazing work sir! The no treasure run must have been a nightmare.

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