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  1. Just a quick recommendation. I was playing through some of the games made by other people and one of the best I've found so far is a very short game called "Panis Pot". It's a beautifully put together game with a lot of charm. You can also finish it in about 3 minutes. Anyone else got any recommendations of things they've discovered?
  2. It has some little coloured circles at the bottom-left. One is for graphics, one is for gameplay elements. I can't remember what the other one is. As you add and delete things in the scene it gives a reading next to it of how many percent more or less that change has made. When I went over the limit, it allowed me to continue editing, but wouldn't let me save.
  3. I've been tinkering with this over the afternoon and into the evening. I thought I'd have a go at recreating my front room. It's been a good starter project is I've used other people's assets for most of the furnishings. The uplighter I did by modifying someone elses lamp. The door is also a modified version of someone elses. I think I'm going to carry on playing with this and modify/create my own assets one by one to replace each of them. I've just about maxed out the graphics complexity for this scene, so I'm going to have to find more economical ways of building stuff. Please excuse the camera phone photo of my TV. I just snapped it last thing before turning off.
  4. How do they get on in Canada?
  5. Yeah. Through the rewards app. Looks like a total 1720 points available through the quests and they're on until end of March. Quests are as follows: Aftercharge - Complete two achievements for 200 points. Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice - Complete two achievements for 200 points. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Complete two achievements for 200 points. Get an achievement in a February gamepass game for 100 points. Get four achievements in ID@Xbox games for 400 points. Discover new games for 20 points. Complete all quests for 500 points. - - - - - - And it looks like you can earn achievements that will satisfy multiple categories.
  6. Looks like a load of "quests" have been added to the Xbox app. Earn various numbers of achievements in various gamepass games for some pretty decent rewards.
  7. People are mad to be claiming that their favourite scene is anything other than the one where Meatloaf's trousers accidentally fall down in the background.
  8. Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Thanks.
  9. I've checked it with him and he says not.
  10. My son is trying to identify a band/album that he's convinced that we talked about last year, but for the life of me I don't have a clue what what he's talking about. He describes them as hip-hop / rap. Late 90's - early 2000s. The band name may possibly include the words: Gentlemen, Club or Young. Their profile pic on Spotify had two black men, possibly wearing white suits and hats. One is taller and thinner than the other. Any ideas?
  11. I really enjoyed this. The way it played with your initial perception that it was just a choose your own adventure story and brought you in as a character rather than just a viewer was great. I had a fun comparing notes with my son who'd played/watched it the night before. We both saw things that the other hadn't. Anyone else notice that the name of the medical practice was St. Juniper's?
  12. I'm half way through listening to this at the moment and have loved Farley throwing his toys out of the pram twice. If this show was ever animated like the Ricky Gervais show, it would really benefit from having Walking Dead style captions such as "David will remember this".
  13. After listening to Radiohead's Spectre theme the other night, I got to wondering what other songs have been made as bond theme tunes, but never used. A quick Google turned up this Telegraph article listing 9 of them with YouTube video links where possible: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/james-bond-spectre/rejected-theme-songs/ These may be common knowledge to some, but I was quite surprised to find songs by Jonny Cash, Alice Cooper and Pulp had all been considered in the past.
  14. Just had the same email from them and 5k points added to my account.
  15. Good news everyone. I've told her it's meant to be shit. She's going to return it. Bullet dodged.
  16. Well, it looks like I've inadvertently ruined someone's Christmas. I asked the woman I work with if her son had got Fallout 76, because I know he loved Fallout 4. And if he had, I was going to ask what he thought. She said, no he hadn't mentioned it. A few days later she opens a parcel from Amazon and waves a copy of the game at me while thanking me for my recommendation. NOOOOO!
  17. I was all set for buying this originally, but with Switch tax, plus the £20 cost for the online service, it has really put me off. I ended up getting it on pc instead, as it was half price since I already owned the original. I'm really struggling to justify the costs of the Switch version (plus I now own 4 versions of it across various formats). I may pick it up further down the line if it gets discounted at all.
  18. Nevermind that. I was always impressed with the way that in an episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White managed to buy and fit a new boiler in the space of an afternoon. I was in the process of getting quotes for having a new boiler fitted at the time. And if you know the costs involved with that, you can imagine my jealousy at this scene.
  19. Good article on The Guardian website about Die Hard. Looking at how well written it is for an action film. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/jul/12/die-hard-30th-anniversary-quintessential-action-movie
  20. Odds-on for a scene involving a flat-spin and Maverick hesitating to eject for fear of what happened to the original Goose.
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