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  1. I wouldn't touch the Silent Hill remasters with a barge pole.
  2. I think I signed up for it in the first year. But there have been plenty of gaps where I didn't bother resubbing for a while too.
  3. Just had a message from Sony giving me a £10 credit to my wallet to celebrate 10 years of Playstation Plus. A nice bonus. I assume everyone on PS+ is receiving this?
  4. choduk

    Dreams - It's out!

    I tried the VR stuff yesterday. It is very impressive and works well. I tried walking around the recreation of my front room, while stood in my front room. I also turned all of the comfort settings off after a while. What's the worst that could happen? Well those settings are there for a reason.
  5. choduk

    Dreams - It's out!

    VR update is out today. I'm just about to leap in an give it a go.
  6. Dark Calls was what got me to try Dark Souls in the first place. I'd heard about the game before, but always worried that it wasn't for me. Hearing James getting further and further into it, it sounded like a really interesting world to be in. So I took the plunge and picked up a second-hand PS3 copy cheap from CEX. I quickly caught up with where James was and finished it around the same time he did. I loved it and now own it on PS3, Xbox 360, PC (original and remastered), plus both sequels on PC too.
  7. Good god! It's like he's turning into Paul Shane as we watch.
  8. They're not from nowhere.
  9. Not just a good cover, but one of the best things I've heard this year.
  10. choduk

    Dreams - It's out!

    I just wanted to share the latest set that I've created. It's inspired by a small section of Half Life : Alyx that I saw in a playthrough the other day. I made the tiled walls and floor, plus the moulded seats and the lighting/ceilings. All of the set dressing is pulled from other creators in Dreams.
  11. You can just use the YouTube app. Loads of locations filmed in 360°
  12. The options were Barcelona or Florence. Neither thanks.
  13. I'm starting to think that all dogs in Los Angeles are racist.
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