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  1. I've spotted a new way of getting some extra points every day. If you open a new tab in Microsoft Edge (I can only speak for the PC version), you get a feed with loads of recommended news articles and stuff. If you choose the "Gaming" submenu, then one of the articles that appears along the top row is a Microsoft Rewards one. Just click it to get the points.
  2. Didn't seem to be clocking up for me either. But just played through a whole level on easy and it pinged when I completed the level.
  3. I've got to say. I was convinced that it was you, but you having no knowledge of it is making me second-guess myself. It may have been Mat. It was all getting a bit hazy around that time.
  4. It was right when we were about to start the late night, drunken laser quest session. So that would make sense.
  5. Yes David. Thanks also for stepping in when the woman in laser quest asked what the name on my badge even meant. And you gave her the explanation of a Chode. You cheeky scamp.
  6. Boom! Just finished* this with 120 hours on the clock. What a ride! * I know that there are areas and bosses I haven't found. Something to go back for.
  7. Is that the one on the bridge? If so, I ran to one of the little balcony areas, waited for him to get up to the other side of the wall. Utilised the terrible collision detection to stab him through the wall, then once he looked like we was going to come around the wall, I ran to the next balcony area. And repeat.
  8. We're big fans of Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys when it comes to gentle television. And NHK World is our go-to background TV channel when nothing else is on. Lots of documentaries about Japan. Including travel and craftsmanship. Very chilled.
  9. If you think you were close to getting it in two... Wordle 230 4/6
  10. Those trailers are nothing like the books. Where is the coffee?
  11. Judgment could be tricky. My girlfriend is into a lot of Japanese stuff and was occasionally glancing over my shoulder with interest as I was playing this. However, it's more serious tone in the main missions is not reflected in the side missions. So I felt I had to explain that I'd taken on a case from a teenage girl to track down whoever it was that was stealing her knickers from the washing line, as y'know.. this sort of stuff can happen. It became somewhat more problematic when a fist fight with the culprit culminated with him sniffing the stolen knickers in order to power-up for the fight.
  12. I went from being indifferent and just using it farm a few easy achievement/reward points while furloughed, to really loving it and getting every achievement possible, including some tricky ones. I've managed to find loads of clever ways of speed running the levels too.
  13. Using the threat detector to cover the rear: https://www.xbox.com/play/media/SY766F48
  14. It really is amazing that a company that codes operating systems as a core part of its business can have such problems running an online rewards scheme.
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