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  1. Especially at the new Sony endorsed RRP of £70.
  2. Has progress on this initiative halted? I thought we might be seeing a few games per week getting updated. But there's been nothing for a month now.
  3. @rgraves mentioned over in the Gamepass thread that they have a spare 14 day trial code available.
  4. Don't forget that you don't even have to install anything. You can always play the XCloud version.
  5. The good thing with Human Fall Flat, is that you can get the achievements a second time if you install it on PC too. I say "good thing". It's only a good thing if you're enjoying playing it and want to do it all a second time for the easy points.
  6. You can't have rinsed every achievement from every game on Game Pass, surely. I always have a couple of smaller games installed that dish out fairly simple achievements and just do one of them each day - it helps if they're enjoyable games too. Human Fall Flat is my current choice.
  7. I turned my Xbox on this morning and that now shows up as completed.
  8. Yes. I'm having the same problem.
  9. I was just idly clicking through Amazon.co.uk and see that they have the Series S in stock at the moment.
  10. I'd imagine that the music is probably a CD quality audio file rather than being generated on the soundcard like the original.
  11. I was hoping for an airport level in this trilogy. An airport would lend itself really well as a location as it naturally has restricted areas and a whole plethora of workers wearing different outfits.
  12. Just to confirm that it is "New Super Lucky's Tale" that's being updated as opposed to "Super Lucky's Tale" as they are both on Gamepass.
  13. If you have a phone and a Gamepass ultimate sub, you can do the Gamepass quests via the app and Xcloud.
  14. It took me longer to score the goal. I'm shite at Fifa.
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