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  1. Just a bit. Take it you have never seen a race then and the size of the crowds? It's huge. I'd need to check but im pretty sure Daytona has the highest viewing figures of any race in the world.
  2. If you didnt like FM1 you wont like this. It's near as dammit exactly the same game with two extra A.I. cars and less tracks. Career mode is almost identical down to the cars that you win. There are a whole 3 new tracks. If you are going to reuse old tracks I expect at least as many new ones. And there is FFB, but the wheel is pretty rubbish. I bought this and played for ten hours then traded it It's Forza 1.1 HD It might not be so bad if it actually did what it was supposed to do well. But as a sim it's not that great either. Was looking forward to it, ultimately very disapointed. PC is still the only place for proper sims.
  3. How does the full game run on PC. The demo ran like crap on mine, and it isnt exactly slow...
  4. That was my thoughts. It's very similar to Forza, even down the same problems. Like the brakes locking very easily. I'm not saying it's not "realistic" it just doesnt reach the same level like other sims do. Maybe Rushy played RBR with a pad? It's hopeless unless you have a decent wheel. I just dont agree with 1up's claim in the slightest, it's completely wrong. Most realistic console racer perhaps, but not most realistic sim.
  5. Fair enough perhaps I was a bit over the top. I still feel it is a little to forgiving to be the best sim around... It also feels to me like the cars spin on central axis which isn't that impressive.
  6. Selling my wheel. Bought it after Xmas and it was pretty poor with PGR3, having tried it with Forza it's not much better. I've had mine replaced three times because every one has centered slightly off center and there is to much play in the steering column. FFB is pretty poor and allows for no subtlety. I can't belive the company that brought the Sidewinder FFB wheel came out with this half-assed thing. Maybe after several FFB wheesl on the PC, I've been spoiled, but every FFB wheel I've owned on the PC for the last 7 or so years has been much better than this in every way. Pedals are awful too.
  7. I couldnt disagree more. While reading the review I couldnt help thinking Microsft owns Cnet, Cnet own Gamespot... Forza 2 is nothing more than a tweaked Forza, that was my impression from the Demo. It felt almost identical and looked a bit better. while the review was detailed it was too gushing IMO As for 1ups claim that its the best sim, no question. He certainly knows his sims. Obviously he has never played Grand Prix Legends, rFactor, Live for Speed, Richard Burns Rally etc. They all make Forza 2 look stupid from a simulation standpoint. Perhaps they made Forza more accessible and forgiving to appeal to a broader market. That's understandable, but it also still makes the game less of a sim no matter how you look at it.
  8. Sure, got anything in mind?
  9. Doh, and I was at clan base the other day! It looked interesting. I'll check Enemy Down to, thanks
  10. I'll add you guys tomorrow. My username is FooAtari for both. I'm looking for some proper tactical play in CS. Most servers just seam to be a team deathmatch, which removed most of the fun of the game IMO.
  11. So I'm just getting into PC gaming again. I've started playing CS:S and CnC 3 but am looking to maybe get into UT 2004 or Quake 4, Sup Com etc etc Joining random servers and playing random gamers is all well and good. But I'm a member of a 360 community site which is basically just a fourm where users just chat and arrange games and stuff. You know you are going to get decent games with these guys and team games are great as they are played properly rather than 4 random people doing their own thing. Also having decent players in your friends list you can just jum into a game with is great. So, does anyone know of any similar site (uk based would be good) for PC games? Preferable where a wide selection of games are played rather than a clan or something for a specific game. I also have Xfire. Dunno if there is a bit of a PC community here? Ta
  12. Does anyone know if conference is available Live anywhere. Im suprised after Sony and N, no one, not even MS has a live feed.
  13. Lol You for get the L@@K
  14. Really? Excellent. In that case I will go and get me free Satarn this weekend!
  15. Does anyone know what kind of of power adapter i need for a uk starurn, and where to get one cheap! thanks
  16. I have it on the DC Magic, just wondered how it compared on the PS2 if you had played both. I'm just trying to decide weather to buy a wheel for the DC or F355 for the PS2. Both get to the desired end result, just trying to decide the best way. I have Daytona Cheeko, great game, which I suck at.
  17. Will do! Have you played F355 on the DC Magic? Just wondered if you have to compare it to PS2 version. Seems to go for a about a tenner on ebay for the PS2, I thought it would be a bit cheaper than that...
  18. Runs at 30fps? The DC version really smooth and still looks great. Dunno i I could go from DC to PS2 if its 30...
  19. I dont think any realistic console racers have got the feel exatly right. They all manage to get something wrong. I find F355 very satisfying to get right but its pretty hard with the tiny thumbstick, so I want a wheel
  20. I'll pick up the PS2 version first. After I have worked my way through single player I'll see if I want to go online
  21. So F355 does work with the DFP and support Force Feedback? Hmmm very tempting, especially if F355 is the only game on the DC worth getting a wheel for. F355 on the PS2 will be cheaper and take up less space! I feel dirty playing one of the best games on the DC on the PS2 though
  22. Not at all. Blimey, thought it would of at least under the limited turn setting. Hmmm, well I might just get a wheel for the DC then and play both games on that. Although Le Mans is ok with the Pad, it really only F355 that I think will benefit from the wheel.
  23. The PS2 FFB wheel? Sure have. My PS2 aint online though... Do alot of people use RD3 online on PS2? I guess I would rather get the better experience than online. If it works well with the DFP and it enhances play, PS2 version it will have to be! I could always get both should I miss online badly or get the PS2 online!
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