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  1. I'd bet you a lot of money (at least 14p) that it won't have any trouble selling, whatever the competition. At least at the beginning. People will buy blind, and that thing will fly off the shelves on launch night.
  2. I don't think "bitch" actually qualifies as a swear word. Poor lil' Martin. He looked genuinely ill today.
  3. That bit wasn't a comedy, you know. There's a long-running battle between the continental orderly ways of the Romford Essex men, and the barbaric Scotch.
  4. DVD release? Just after I'd got all the episodes on UK Nova, too.
  5. It's not shite, and it's not a sit-com. It's just a fairly amusing, not-especially-deep, but still well made and enjoyable drama. Certainly better than fricking Lost, anyway.
  6. Congrats Arsenal. Now don't let yourself down. You're good enough to go far in this competition.
  7. Anyone else seen this pile of twonk? Their take on MP3 players just had me shaking my fist at the screen. http://gadgetshow.five.tv/jsp/5gsmain.jsp?... still King?
  8. How would buying it on eBay benefit the developers/publishers exactly? Unquestionably not. It's one of my favourites. The 360 pad being my favourite, blatantly ripped from the DC's pad (or the Xbox one was, you catch my drift.)
  9. o/\o I have a downloaded Ikaruga. I REALLY DON'T THINK IT MATTERS NOW.
  10. My heart is warm today. My 5 year old Nephew is obsessed with Sonic - no, not Sonic Heroes or any somesuch nonsense, but Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He can't get any further than Aquatic Ruin (or the "water levels" as he calls them) so muggins here took him through the entire game, to completion - which surprised me. It seemed a lot easier than I remember. He really wants to play Sonic 3, getting really excited about seeing it. It's me, when I was twice his age. Anyway, yeah. I thought that was good.
  11. Both this, and My Humps, ARE FRIGGING AWFUL MAN. I'm amazed you thought posting the lyrics would actually show the song in a positive light.
  12. The point of that film though is that to them, it didn't appear mad or horrible. It was how they wanted to live, and for reasons time prevents me going into, they didn't think a world without Hitler would be worth living in.
  13. Darkplace is fricking amazing. Perhaps, it a Fawlty Towers kind of way, the fact there are only six episodes adds to its legend.
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