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  1. Awesome - just ordered a JPN Soldier Blade, plus a JPN Sonic for the Mega Drive Mini for good measure. The wife wasn't overly impressed when she saw that I was buying more games. When I explained to her that it was actually a piece of plastic that just looked like a game I don't think that did much to change her mind!
  2. I love this track, which is quite fortunate as it is pretty much the only boss theme I get to hear when playing Ikaruga!
  3. I've been jumping between a million different games (only a slight exaggeration) so I've decided to dedicate on just a select few this coming week. Inspired by the latest issue of Retro Gamer Magazine, I've gone for: Gunstar Heroes Ikaruga Shamefully, I've never beaten either and so it's time to remedy this situation!
  4. The entire OST is fantastic, but how and where this particular piece is used elevates it above the others.
  5. Ooh, I'm hoping that we get an update (release date?) for NMH3 tomorrow. I imagine that there will be some Zelda info for the 35th anniversary, maybe a collection of some sorts, and fingers crossed for a BotW 2 trailer to end proceedings.
  6. Another Super Aleste fan here. I got it as my first SNES game back in the day (Xmas '92?) - I wanted SF2 but it was out of stock and my cousin was getting Super Mario World so I took a punt on Super Aleste. Fantastic game. I've been enjoying some of Compile's other games recently on the PC Engine Mini (Blazing Lazers, Spriggan) and they hold up remarkably well. Incidentally, my younger brother also got to choose a game when we got our SNES as a joint Xmas present - he opted for Pit Fighter!
  7. PS5 will be first I imagine, though no time soon. Quite happy with the base PS4 and Xbox One X for the foreseeable; nothing I've seen so far has screamed 'must have' but it will only take one or two stunners to sway me.
  8. How disappointing, both this and the Sony presentation were seriously underwhelming. I see little reason to upgrade from the Xbox One X any time soon.
  9. At least it was only 8 minutes of my time that this wasted!
  10. This is getting bought - there's a perfect spot on my 'work' desk next to all the other mini consoles I've acquired. Do we think it will be a JPN only release or will it come to the west?
  11. Definitely agree with what you say about the magic of experiencing many of these for the first time. The PC Engine and the Neo Geo were always the exotic, mysterious consoles of my childhood that were in sight in gaming magazines but alway just out of reach, so to speak, so I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in properly in coming days/weeks/months.
  12. Ahh I had convinced myself that I didn't need one of these, but having seen the photos above, mine is being delivered tomorrow
  13. Pretty sure I read that the SFX were just placeholders for now as they were indeed lacking! No release date given yet? Wouldn't be too concerned if it didn't land until 2020 as the end of this year is packed.
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