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  1. 4/5 stars not bad though! I myself have not seen any full episodes of this yet. It seems to be polarising opinion, but no-one can deny that it’s certainly a classic British televisual institution. I’ve been studying UK politics recently also. (Patel as a vampire is amusing) Can’t they just show this on BBC1 though? (Dominic Raab actually has a black belt in karate)
  2. Two threads with one stone (the covers thread): Dreamcatcher (K-Pop) (as already seen in this thread!) covering One Direction. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJO3ROT-A4E
  3. I listened to a Radio 4 interview with Le Carre in October 2019 about that book. Here is a segment of the interview. You say you 'started' reading the book! Did you finish it?! I am reading The 120 Days of Sodom by The Marquis de Sade. France has declared the manuscript of it as a 'national treasure'. Sade himself described it as 'the most impure tale that has ever been told since the world began', which I wouldn't disagree with. It is disgusting, but meant to be, but (IMO) so intelligently written and interesting.
  4. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    He's an all-round talented fellow! Can't wait for the next full-length. I sort of vaguely know Tonya Harding's story, but will check out the film soon!
  5. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    Awesome! He definitely has a gift. Also, have studied enough music theory (also by playing the piano myself) to know what Eb major means! Apparently there's a biopic about Tonya Harding as well, referenced here on sufjan.com:
  6. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    1996: 2019: Also, Sufjan composed some piano music for a ballet recently - 'experimental' let's say! :
  7. Just replied to you in the Netflix thread! Yes. From the imdb page, Dris, Sully, Dushane reprise their roles for series 3, but seems to be generally newer characters overall: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1830379/ You could always backtrack to watch the earlier seasons at a later time after having watched the new season? Here's more from the soundtrack!:
  8. Yes. From the imdb page, Dris, Sully, Dushane reprise their roles for series 3, but seems to be generally newer characters overall: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1830379/ You could always backtrack to watch the earlier seasons at a later time after having watched the new season?
  9. 1, & 2 are on Netflix, but is entitled Top Boy: Summerhouse, whereas the new series is just Top Boy (but series 3).
  10. Not seen any of this yet, but have heard good things. Great soundtrack. It's the most-watched show on Netflix this week:
  11. Kind of revised lyrics. I myself would call this a cover - whoever may dispute this, BBC Live Lounge Radio 1 says that it is indeed a cover! And a good cover! So here it is. Original: Headie One - Both
  12. £12.99 - Cartridge only: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nintendo-DS-Professor-Layton-and-the-Last-Specter-Game-CARTRIDGE-ONLY/174005468437 Perhaps will purchase it...I loved RPGs growing up, but being so inundated with study these days, the only games I prefer to play now are kind of quick-fire puzzle games. I'm worried that London Life might be too much of a time sink for my liking (100 + hours? when the main storyline of the game, and about 130/160 puzzles completed is at about 15 hours?)(it does look amazing though)...might just try another classic Layton game perhaps (at least for
  13. I thought London Life was included in the EU version when I bought it to begin with - was so annoyed to find out that it wasn't after all! Am considering buying the import version...but on Amazon, one used version for £140.27, and one new version for £166.28...? Hmm. Also, it's just simply out of stock on Play Asia. Oh dear! Will have to do more research it seems...
  14. Just completed this finally (the main quest at least)! Some of the puzzles are quite unclear (frustrating) (perhaps this is unfair on the designers, probably tough to try to think of new puzzles), but a great game! Have racked up 15 hours on it so far, with about 30 remaining puzzles still to complete. Shame about London Life, huh (not on EU version)! I've got the EU version, but when this is an amazing potentially 100 hour+ (side)game set in London. where I frequent often - to get the American version also is quite tempting!
  15. 4 and a 1/4 years later, currently listening to (although I have been listening to other things other than Wye Oak in this space of time):
  16. Interesting these!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My contribution is, and I nearly didn't post because it might not be what the thread had in mind, but the following two tracks have literally the same intro, a piano key played repeatedly, the 1st being E(5) note, and the 2nd track, G(5) note. (the tracks really aren't that similar otherwise though) E(5): G(5):
  17. So I'm learning another language, but it seems that I'm still learning my native language! I guess 'fluency' in any language is sort of arbitrary then, as I've heard before. 'To conflate', and 'Ostrogoth', new words, pronouns, I didn't know before this week! I borrowed Morrissey's autobiography from Whitstable library a month or two ago, didn't manage to finish in time in the 3 weeks...perhaps will borrow it again. But is very interesting. Apparently he started writing it in 2002, and so what, was published in 2013? I have to read in 3 weeks what took 11 years to write! I am a very
  18. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    November 24th 2017! http://music.sufjan.com/album/the-greatest-gift
  19. I've seen all of the episodes to this! It's been so fun. Can't believe that the most recent series before this modern reboot was in 1995! Anyway looking forward to the Christmas Special. Also, there is an official book that has just been released! : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crystal-Maze-Challenge-Games-Begin/dp/1472250419/ - (£7.00 Hardcover, £7.49 Kindle edition) ...and how about a cosplay pic of https://www.facebook.com/FourElevenMoss/ as 'Richard the Maze Master'! (with an unrelated Princess Fiona, and Ariel)
  20. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The song 'Mercury'!: (unrelated):
  21. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    Apart from the upcoming 22/09/17 release of the Blue Bucket of Gold/Hotline Bling (feat. Gallant) 12" vinyl record, I don't think they're intending to release much of it physically: 'It is available on YouTube and Vimeo and as an audio download (and streaming) on most digital platforms starting April 28, 2017', says sufjan.com. Also, the mp3s are on iTunes to download as well, £7.99: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/carrie-lowell-live/id1227779973 (or just searching for it in iTunes might be easier) & 'The Greatest Gift' is released 20th October 2017! A mixtape of
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