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  1. Interesting these!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My contribution is, and I nearly didn't post because it might not be what the thread had in mind, but the following two tracks have literally the same intro, a piano key played repeatedly, the 1st being E(5) note, and the 2nd track, G(5) note. (the tracks really aren't that similar otherwise though) E(5): G(5):
  2. So I'm learning another language, but it seems that I'm still learning my native language! I guess 'fluency' in any language is sort of arbitrary then, as I've heard before. 'To conflate', and 'Ostrogoth', new words, pronouns, I didn't know before this week! I borrowed Morrissey's autobiography from Whitstable library a month or two ago, didn't manage to finish in time in the 3 weeks...perhaps will borrow it again. But is very interesting. Apparently he started writing it in 2002, and so what, was published in 2013? I have to read in 3 weeks what took 11 years to write! I am a very slow reader as well. I would recommend though! A lot of interesting info about the background to the Smiths.
  3. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    November 24th 2017! http://music.sufjan.com/album/the-greatest-gift
  4. I've seen all of the episodes to this! It's been so fun. Can't believe that the most recent series before this modern reboot was in 1995! Anyway looking forward to the Christmas Special. Also, there is an official book that has just been released! : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crystal-Maze-Challenge-Games-Begin/dp/1472250419/ - (£7.00 Hardcover, £7.49 Kindle edition) ...and how about a cosplay pic of https://www.facebook.com/FourElevenMoss/ as 'Richard the Maze Master'! (with an unrelated Princess Fiona, and Ariel)
  5. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The song 'Mercury'!: (unrelated):
  6. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    Apart from the upcoming 22/09/17 release of the Blue Bucket of Gold/Hotline Bling (feat. Gallant) 12" vinyl record, I don't think they're intending to release much of it physically: 'It is available on YouTube and Vimeo and as an audio download (and streaming) on most digital platforms starting April 28, 2017', says sufjan.com. Also, the mp3s are on iTunes to download as well, £7.99: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/carrie-lowell-live/id1227779973 (or just searching for it in iTunes might be easier) & 'The Greatest Gift' is released 20th October 2017! A mixtape of outtakes, remixes, and demos from Carrie & Lowell. (http://asthmatickitty.com/watch-sufjans-carrie-greatest-gift-in-october/) So hyped for this! Tracklist: 01 “Wallowa Lake Monster” (Carrie & Lowell Outtake) 02 “Drawn To The Blood” (Sufjan Stevens Remix) 03 “Death With Dignity” (Helado Negro Remix) 04 “John My Beloved” (iPhone Demo) 05 “Drawn To The Blood” (Fingerpicking Version) 06 “The Greatest Gift” (Carrie & Lowell Outtake) 07 “Exploding Whale” (Doveman Remix) 08 “All Of Me Wants All Of You” (Helado Negro Remix) 09 “Fourth Of July” (900X Remix) 10 “The Hidden River Of My Life” (Carrie & Lowell Outtake) 11 “City of Roses” (Carrie & Lowell Outtake) Wallowa Lake is in Oregon, (of course I guess), was trying to find it on the interactive map but is quite small, you have to zoom out, zoom in...it's near the top-right of the state, around 'Enterprise'. Anyway, looking forward to this!
  7. jamboe

    Sufjan Stevens

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Also did anyone know that Carrie & Lowell was almost 'the 3rd state album', Oregon!? He was eventually persuaded that it was too personal an album to just be another state album, so title names were altered, vocals were slightly re-arranged, but interesting huh! For example, Eugene is the city Eugene in Oregon, (https://www.eugenecascadescoast.org/eugene/), not Eugene a person...Here is a very in-depth analysis of it all, with an amazing interactive map also!: http://www.oregonlive.com/music/index.ssf/2015/06/sufjan_stevens_new_record_carr.html ...and also here is an outtake from Carrie & Lowell below! Take care everyone.
  8. Do you still believe that Shakespeare of Stratford wrote Shakespeare though!?!? And I've not finished Dance, Dance, Dance yet! Did you read Wild Sheep Chase? That's the prequel. I'm sure you'd like that if you liked Dance, Dance, Dance, because it basically just follows on in the sequel. I think Murakami is an intelligent writer. Like the observation that a particular cup of coffee tasted like 'boiled printer ink'. I think he's a sensitive writer. But I can't say I read particularly much to be honest, in general. But I enjoyed reading them. Will check out Banana Yoshimoto! South of the Border, West of the Sun was good. (honestly just had to check the synopsis to remind myself what happened in that) It's almost like there's this weird Murakami world and all the books take place in it, so in essence, in my mind, the 4 books I read in entirety is just like one big blob of a book. A good book though!
  9. I've read 'Norwegian Wood', 'Sputnik Sweetheart', 'Wild Sheep Chase', and 'South of the Border, West of the Sun' by Haruki Murakami in the last few months! Basically just a Murakami binge, one book after another. Hadn't read any of them before! They are outstanding books! Murakami is very intelligent, sensitive, and skillful in creating these worlds (quite surreal at times)! Halfway through 'Dance, Dance, Dance' at the moment, by Murakami, which is sequel to 'Wild Sheep Chase'. Norwegian Wood is my favourite. Though all good in their own ways. You sort of feel that these characters go on living after you read the books! In Norwegian Wood(spoiler): a lot of the characters commit suicide don't they! It's heartbreaking!
  10. Yes please! Here is my entry, 'Decembers of the Snow Forest' for Solo Piano. On Soundcloud: On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWF9igkklTY 1st section, D Major: 0.00-1.20 2nd section, E-flat Major: 1.20-2.28 3rd section, F Major: 2.28-3.01 Also if anyone wants the sheet music just send me a message, this was composed especially for this of course so I'll unlikely be using it for anything else! (sheet music/mp3 itself) 'Everyone's a winner!' p.s. not sure about the Off-topic aspect, I always think it's quite dizzying trying to keep up with everything there, very 'busy', so really not sure I'm afraid. Whatever you/everyone else thinks, though I'm quite content with just the taking part to be honest.
  11. That cat book looks amazing! It definitely does! I'd/I'll definitely buy it! Here are some pages from it!: 'This is the ultimate fucking book. I need it' 'Omg' 'I ordered me a copy!' 'At last my dreams are realised.' 'My cat would be so useless in the zombie apocalypse.' That Lovecraft one is amazing. Presumably inspired by The Colour Out of Space. Here's the text of The Colour Out of Space ! (which I'll read now! I haven't read it! I'm impressed with your Lovecraft knowledge!) 'Tulzscha having a rave party?' 'The pink one is the scariest.' 'Wow.' 'hee hee hee.. oh my god.. he’d be so MAD.. hee hee hee.' 'OH MY GOD'
  12. ^ "Synopsis: You are Holden Catfield. You're a cat! It's a pretty peaceful life. But one day the man in the family you live with comes home feeling quite sick, passing out in the living room. When he awakes, he isn't the same. He tries to bite everyone! The only people in the house when he changes are you, the girl, and her girlfriend. Quickly you're all out the door, the man trapped inside. The girls are getting into a car and beckoning you to come with them but this whole thing is frightening. Your thoughts stray to your girlfriend several houses down the alley. What will you do? Inspired by the gamebook fad of the 80s - You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse! is the much anticipated sequel to the first book in the Pick-a-Plot series, You Are a Cat! Lavishly illustrated from the first-person feline floor purrspective." ^ "Synopsis: Explains how to achieve physical fitness and spiritual growth at the same time." ^ "The absolute worst." ^ "This Brazilian book jacket for Stephen King’s The Shining was obviously designed by someone with a firm grasp of The Master of Horror’s work, and certainly doesn’t employ a photograph meant for a 1980s knitwear magazine."
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