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  1. SFML is an alternative to SDL that's fairly popular these days. I haven't used it myself but its API (documented here) looks nice, so it's worth taking a look and seeing which one would suit you more.
  2. This guide has a section on good starting heroes. I'd be tempted to add Jakiro to the list too, as they made his ice path much easier to use in this week's patch.
  3. I'm going to EGL on the Saturday for the Skullgirls side tournament, and I'll probably stick around the next day for the Replay Expo.
  4. Thanks again! In the interests of full disclosure, I programmed the Hobbes too
  5. Thanks! (In the interests of full disclosure, I programmed that feature)
  6. Couldn't find any good videos of this game online so I made one myself
  7. Figured I'd bump a 6 year old thread because this game can has been cracked to run on normal Windows PCs, as the Taito Type-X is essentially a PC running Windows XP Embedded inside an arcade cabinet. After a few quick playthroughs the levels and enemies seem kind of dull to me, but the main character's moveset is amazing! Flinging yourself up a wall and across the ceiling, then floating down to the ground and opening up your umbrella to block a load of incoming bullets feels great, and it all feels completely intuitive even though it only uses 2 buttons. Makes me wish there was a sequel Anyway, the point is that it's now possible to play this game without going to Japan or buying your own arcade hardware. Have fun!
  8. Turn right at the bottom and you'll be at the boss in about 10 seconds
  9. Heroes of Newerth's game finding/matchmaking is excellent after you've played a few matches, it's just that there isn't any equivalent to Starcraft 2's placement matches so it might take a while for new accounts to reach their 'true' rating. I've been playing HoN solidly since the closed beta and I'm still not bored of it - along with DotA it's one of my favourite games ever. If anyone ever wants to play matchmaking I'm hovering between 1800-1850 MMR on the MrPeckerston account.
  10. I'm pretty sure arcade sticks worked the same as any other controller when I used XNA. And you don't need to worry about drivers or anything as an XBLIG programmer; just use GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One).DPad at any point in the code to get the d-pad state. Maybe Vampire Rage does support the d-pad on the standard 360 controller and there's something going on that I'm unaware of, but I haven't had a chance to give the demo a try yet.
  11. I completed it twice in a row with the wizard since making that last post, then completed the snake pit with the wizard too. You really don't need any altars at all, although the magic one makes it incredibly easy. There are plenty of glyph combinations that can keep you going until you get the fireball glyph too, and the wall-destroying glyph lets you carve a straight path to it.
  12. choose the race that gives you a larger mana pool when you convert glyphs, get fireball glyph, convert other glyphs, kill things with fireballs
  13. He had the fireball glyph so he didnt need to take any damage. Not if you're standing next to it afaik But it would have taken a hell of a lot of mana to take it down, regardless.
  14. How long would it have taken to use the lemmisi trick there to take out the level 3 zombie? I guess it would probably have revealed too much unexplored space, but it could have been worth a try.
  15. I must have played v0.051 for over 10 hours, so I should probably stay away from this new version from fear of getting addicted again. The game is incredibly fun and easy to pick up, and has such universal appeal that they should bundle it with the next version of Windows or something. If you haven't tried it then don't be put off by the 'rogue' description and all the stats in the screenshot. It's a short replayable puzzle game with RPG elements (like the old PC game Tower of the Sorcerer if you've heard of it), not a complex dungeon crawler.
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