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  1. Hey Rushy I'm having a problem with the updates. For 2.18 I kept getting a message that the download couldn't complete as I didn't have enough free memory. It kept asking for 133MB but I had over 40GB available. I asked on here and did the database reconstruction thing but nothing. I ended up having to completely delete Driveclub from my console and download it again. When it downloaded it was on version 2.18. The problem is that it's doing it again with udpate 2.19. Exact same message asking for the same free space. Any ideas on what this could be? I looked online but couldn't find anything, and I don't want to have to delete the game each time there is an update. Other games have updated recently without issue so it seems specific to Driveclub, but I'm not sure how the PS4 handles a deletion, i.e. I don't know if it keeps some basic structure in place and that this is where the problem is.
  2. Cool, I'll give that a shot, thanks guys. Pretty good game isn't it? I was gutted when it came out because it was pretty fucked, and I had looked forward to it for a long time. At the moment it's my most played game on the PS4 by far, and certainly the favourite with friends too. The season pass has been great although to be honest I would rather have the tools to lay out a single event myself (more so than what we have now), or create a playlist of single events in some way, which is ultimately what the season pass events are. Either way the game has massively improved since it came out, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone now. Has there been any talk of a new location or even tracks? Maybe something for season pass 2?
  3. Thanks, I thought it might be that but I could find the option so I unplugged the PS4 whilst on standby to try and force it. It hasn't fixed the issue unfortunately. I'm thinking of deleting the game and downloading it again, but internet is slow where I live now so that's the last resort for me.
  4. Was everyone able to download the 1.8 update without issue? I haven't been able to download it since last week, it stops at around 30% of the "preparing to update" part and then asks for 135MB of free memory. The thing is that I have 40GB+ and even after deleting a few things larger than the 135MB it still asks for the same space. Does anyone know what's up? I've had no trouble downloading other things.
  5. Hey guys I bought this a few days ago on a whim and knew nothing about it before. I've just about gotten my head around it but this stuff you're all talking about with the DLC is over my head. How does this affect me? I've just opened up Venus in the story mode and I'm level 10 or so.
  6. There are brief periods where it's the best driving game I've ever played. The graphics aren't always consistent but at their best they are just obscene. I mean 100% photo realistic. I popped out of the room at one point and the game started to cycle across a forest top in the the rain. I reached for the remote as I thought I had accidentally switched the channel. I really hope they nail a good replay mode with plenty of camera options.
  7. You should be, even the toned down PS+ version is something to get excited about now. One car on one track will keep you entertained for a while with dynamic weather and trying to beat challenges.
  8. Holy moly! I wanted to hold off on commenting about the latest patch to make sure I wasn't caught up too much in the initial excitement, but this game with weather is very special. The sense of sheer pant-staining fear Vs reward/excitement as you're going at 200MPH in heavy snow/rain in a last ditch attempt to grab first place, barely able to see a few feet ahead of you, knowing that you're either heading for victory or absolute annihilation at a turn you can't possibly see coming, is incredible. The one negative thing is that sometimes things get a little crazy and it seems like you're driving on a mirror, and there are now more situations in which you genuinely can't see shit due to the sun glare. Even if it's not raining the wet road reflects a setting sun really harshly. I mean it's kind of realistic as I've had that happen whilst driving, but then that's why you're supposed to carry sunglasses with you in your car (at least that's what I've always been told). There are times where it's a bit unfair as you literally cannot see the road yet the AI clearly can. On the subject of the AI, I don't know if they've changed it again or it's just the way it reacts to the weather but I've seen AI cars go skidding off the track or into each other. I actually like it, it seems like they get caught out by the weather too which is nice. It really does change some tracks quite dramatically. It's now at a point where I would feel comfortable recommending the game to other people. I do agree that the club aspect is a bit all over the place at the moment though. To be honest as far as I'm concerned it absolute irrelevant to the game and I'm only in a club so that I can get the cars it unlocks. None of us have actually ever played together, and the original owner left and passed on ownership of the club to me so at least I can now keep all the cars I unlocked, but the rest of my team hasn't played the game in over a month so I'm assuming they traded theirs in. As I said I'm not that bothered anyway, I don't feel any attachment to my club (other than my awesome colour scheme). Rushy, is there any chance we could have some of the following as an update at some point? - Glare reduction. It's absolutely brutal in some parts, like I literally can't see the course. Maybe the gamma setting patch will address this but now with wet roads it's pretty hard. I know some of this will be intentional but I literally can't see the track at points (I play with HUD off). - Is there any way to turn off challenges? Sometimes I want to just drive/race on the track without the distractions of the on-screen prompts for challenges like the racing line one (although it's actually useful when the above problem is going on). - Any chance we can have a Create a Tour mode or just a track playlist? I'd like to cue up a couple of tracks to play as a series. - Is there any way you guys can blue up the sky for at least some of the locations? It doesn't have to be cartoonish, but blue sky days do exist in real life and would look great on the more colourful courses. - Penalties feel better balanced to me now but especially now in the rain the AI has come crashing into me from behind and I get penalised. Any chance it can be balanced so that if you're accelerating and the AI smashes into you from behind then it doesn't count as a penalty against you? It's literally unavoidable at times. Not a biggie though because it's rarely one of the penalties that also has a speed penalty. - Any chance of being able to manually engage the wipers? Sometimes in the rain the windshield is totally wet but the wipers are on their slowest setting. I wouldn't drive like that in a normal car much less at 200mph.
  9. Yeah give it a go then. I think people like me who pre-ordered or bought in on day one were pretty annoyed because we went into it expecting one thing and got quite another. As the game is at the moment I'm having a lot of fun with it when I boot it up. It's nowhere near as bad as the first month. Find a car that suits you and find a track you like and you might find your evening has very quickly disappeared. I'm really looking forward to weather and replays. I know some people aren't that bothered by replays but I'm one of those people that loves watching them again and again. I can't wait to see a lap with the Venom on replay.
  10. I'd say now. At first you literally couldn't get online, which meant you couldn't create/join clubs, which is one of the main points of the game (and which is required to unlock some cars). At some point it was pretty common to get speed challenges that were multiple times your car's top speed, but I haven't seen that happen in a while (although it could still be happening). Last week I had some connection issues online, but nothing too bad. New content is ok too, and of course the photo mode is now in. The rest of the issues are a bit more design related. The fact that you can only have 4 different liveries/colour schemes at any one time is really odd but it's just a visual thing. There are still issues with the lighting where the player is literally blinded at points, or the sun glare obscures the signs still happens. I don't find this a problem online because everyone has the same handicap so it's more like a dynamic environmental hazard, but against the AI it can be annoying as they're clearly not affected by it. I always play racing games with music off during the races so the lack of music there doesn't annoy me, and I like the music on the menus. The "garage" mode feels really unfinished and basic. Normally I wouldn't care but this game was sold on being a car club and all this attention to detail that you would assume you'd have people walking around each other's garages etc but actually PGR 2 on the original Xbox had a significantly better garage mode. Jesus now I say that it does sound bad. Again it'll be a complete irrelevance to some people. The thing is, other than wanting to play online with friends who have it then you're much better off waiting. 6 months down the line it'll be feature complete and it'll have more content and hopefully more tweaking. And it may be significantly cheaper. And there will be a PS+ version.
  11. Just my 2 cents' worth on the Rushy thing but you guys can't have it both ways. Do you want him to come in here posting with his "civilian" hat on or with his "company" hat on? If you want him in here with his company hat on then he's not going to post at all. Why would he? Evolution and Sony are clearly in damage control mode and he'll be told where he can comment and what he can comment, and in that context this place is not very important. If you want him in here as a Rllmuk poster then don't harass him about work stuff. You guys wanted him to post, he posted some useful links, and he got shot down as soon as he did. I know it seems cosy in here and he's a forumite but this is a really public place. I get nervous talking about work stuff with close friends in my own house, you never really know what someone is going to accidentally let slip and losing your job over satisfying a friend's curiosity is not worth it. It's very easy to accidentally do, I did it recently to a couple of producer friends working on something. I had completely forgotten that a specific thing about that game was very secret and I started to loudly talk about it whilst we were on a night out, at which point they quickly had to stop me talking. Now imagine him dropping some "hard truths" in print here, you can see where this is going. He is never going to post anything in here that he would not be happy with being on Kotaku's front page. At best he might tell you something if he's drunk with you at the pub. At best. Anyway, back to the game, as others have said I don't know if they have been patching it or whether I'm just getting better at it but I keep chipping away at the Tour mode stars and it's really growing on me. The clean lap stars can be a bit of a pain, yesterday I had a couple of attempts ruined by AI cars crashing into me from behind. I guess I could cheese it and go really slowly around the track at the back, but that's not fun. Trying to stay ahead though, on tight courses, sees the AI drafting me and then ramming me if they get side on with me and the track is too tight for me to get out of the way. One thing I don't really get is the challenges/face-offs. A lot of them are really easy, like beat a 60kph average or something. How are these challenges set? Is it just the last person to have done that challenge? Are my times challenges for someone else? I don't quite get it.
  12. I went back to it yesterday for quite a while. As others have said it seems to have been tweaked a bit. The Venom car used to be complete chaos in my hands yet I was mopping up races with it yesterday. I had a lot of fun. I'm not impressed that they've changed the Single Player Tour menu default to the shop page, what are they playing at? How often am I likely to want to buy stuff Vs going into the actual Tour mode? Tacky shit in my opinion, especially given the big song and dance they made of their "dynamic menus system". It's not very good design if I have to dodge the store page just to play the Tour Mode is it?
  13. I had some failed downloads in my notification area today. They were notifications for the pre-order car pack. I already had those installed for quite a while so I'm not sure if these are supposed to be the free "we're sorry" cars or what.
  14. Bloody hell, it has been installing for about 30 mins and it's only at 60%. So yeah, if you bought the digital copy then don't think you're going to sit down and play it straight away. I'd load it up and start intalling asap if I were you.
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