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  1. Me too. Im also super hungry, all this talk of curry has made me order one up
  2. rexel1

    PS4 Pro

    HDR is on all PS4 versions
  3. Thanks all. I think I will jump straight into 3 this weekend. I’ve got the DLC as well, presume it’s best to go through that after the main quest?
  4. I bought this on release for the PS4, but have never got round to playing it (shame on me!). I have the second game on the Xbox (which I’ve also never played...), is it worthwhile playing through the second game first? Will I miss much in terms of a backstory by jumping straight into 3?
  5. Hi I can't seem to enable my messenger feature. Just keeps giving me an error. Is it okay to post my address on here?

    1. Quexex


      nope this is public keep your private deets out of here. I tried messaging you but clearly there's an issue.

  6. Just got a copy from argos on cheapside, so looks like all of their stores are now selling it
  7. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Not really, it feels a bit cheap...and nintendo certainly skimped a hell of a lot on the controller battery (open up the battery pack and see how tiny the battery is!), but I still think the machine has some classic games on it.
  8. Fantastic isn't it? I couldn't even get my ps4 connected to my hub for about a week (purchased a new router in the end), but I wasn't even that bothered as once I'd got mario on the go I forgot all about the ps4. It's one of those games you could sit and watch someone play and never get bored.
  9. So after three hours of trying I still cant get the ps4 to connect to my hub. Given up and gone out to get drunk
  10. Mine can't connect to my wifi network, but think it's probably the router
  11. Mines arrived. Seems to not like connecting to my hub though :-(
  12. Downloading now I'd totally forgotten this was out today, for some reason I thought it was next week. Doh!
  13. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    New update on the wii u available to download now. No idea what it does though! Edit: system stability
  14. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    The poor battery life on the controller is beginning to get annoying. Has anyone tried either the official extended battery pack or a third party one? And if so, is it any good?
  15. Just got back home from silverstone. Amazing atmosphere there today. Was gutted for Hamilton, the whole crowd was down when his tyre went. I was sat at Abbey, everyone in the stand went mental when vettel went out. Great weather as well especially considering what it's been like so far this year.
  16. rexel1

    Nintendo 3DS

    I thought mine had never arrived and then double checked my gmail inbox, the code had been there a day after registering!
  17. Still not got mine yet, registered on the first day that you could
  18. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Unfortunately my old Samsung doesn't have the option to do that. Tried through all the menus but only options are 16:9. 4:3 and zoom (which just screws with the picture even more). Ps3. 360. Hooking laptop up to the tv. All work fine. Just the Wii u causing issues. .....gives me a good excuse to get a new tv...
  19. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Really liking the machine. My only grumbles so far are: 1. Overscan problem - seems a common probably with Nintendo not allowing for this, means I'm missing the edge of the screen all around. Quite annoying and I'm hoping they fix it in a firmware update. 2. Noisy drive - The machine itself when on is very quiet, but when a disk is put it the drive really ramps up. It's making me reconsider to rebuy the games as download versions only. 3. Slow OS - A pain when you want to flick between options Otherwise it's great, think I've sold it to two mates after a quick NintendoLand session
  20. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Leave it for a while (not sure how long you've left it for so far), but I had to leave it on no progress for about 30 minutes, then the download started! Took another 30 minutes after that to complete - The wii u resets itself after that and then installs the download
  21. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Adding everyone on the NDID list I'm rexel1
  22. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    my thoughts exactly.....my controller has just run out of juice and I've not even played on it yet
  23. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Woohoo, just nabbed the last premium bundle from my local blockbuster along with Mario U and Zombi U ....now just the tedious wait while the machine is updating :-)
  24. rexel1

    Nintendo Wii U

    Picking mine up tomorrow. Is there a list of the eshop game prices anywhere?
  25. Spent quite a few hours on this now in multiplayer. It feels like 2010's medal of hono(u)r game to play.
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