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  1. They’re going for about £140-150 for a decent one unboxed on eBay. So no real change since the start of the year.
  2. …and Pullblox. Best puzzle game on the 3DS
  3. Not many left in stock for anyone that’s after it
  4. First two Colin McRae games and the early toca games on ps1 for me. Via duck station they even look pretty good nowadays. Loved the handling of the cars
  5. I was considering one, mainly for the docking aspect. Russell at RGC gave it a good workout and the docking aspect is really poor, mainly due to the connectivity options with controllers and having to set them up each time you dock the machine or change controllers. it sounds like that’s a problem that’s due to using Android and individual emulators so not something that can be easily fixed with a custom OS. totally put me off ordering one (for now at least!)
  6. Yup they honoured mine as well. I’m surprised they did
  7. Returnal is PPSA01285 (plus smaller numbers 9814696)
  8. No. Bigger screen, OLED, wider stand and a LAN port. I never expected better performance. Weirdly it doesn’t seem to replace the original model
  9. Here it is then.... bigger screen, OLED, wider stand and a LAN port more info: better audio, 64gb storage, $350,
  10. Mines arrived from them as well. Installing. Other than Astrobot this is the first actual PS5 game I will have played
  11. Fall Guys. The new season has just been released as well
  12. Mine (from Currys) did the same and then overnight after a couple of days I got a shipped email. I reckon they are just having issues sorting through the volume of orders
  13. Is there any way to see what PS4 games I own anywhere on the ps5?
  14. It’s arrived! 3.45am curry’s order came through
  15. For those that have one, how is the noise level?
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