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  1. Am I the only one that would prefer Quake on Switch than any Doom?
  2. If you decide you want one I have 3 I may part with 1 of them if you are interested?
  3. Ordered! I don’t know what games to get though. I was utterly useless at Ikaruga on the DC and GC!
  4. Where can you get these from?
  5. I didn't know of this website! So thanks
  6. I'm very late to the party with this. I bought on Switch over Christmas with it being so cheap. Anyone still playing? I'd like to compare some of my times and I don't have anyone in my Ubisoft friends list that play this
  7. Hmm I may pick this up
  8. gingerling

    Pokemon Go

    I’m right into this again and looking for friends 1292 0395 2925
  9. gingerling

    Pokemon Go

    Any chance some of you could add my Son please? 4354 2487 9905 cheers
  10. gingerling

    Pokemon Go

    I have added everyone from the spreadsheet. If anyone that isn’t on there wants to add me my code is 1292 0395 2925
  11. This device is awful! Avoid. You can't save your game.
  12. In regards to HDR. Just buy a switch box? https://www.outofcontrol.online/perfectish-setup-ps4-pro-ps4-psvr-hdr/
  13. I have my son half the week and he wants VR for Christmas. My idea was to buy him it for his room and bring it downstairs when he's at his mothers. Is this going to be a fuck on? My PS4 is currently plugged into a Denon amp.
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