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  1. But you can side load any game you want?
  2. It was more hope . I’m in phase 3 and want my order bumping up.
  3. I bet they get a lot of cancellations today! I know it can’t be helped but customers can be unforgiving.
  4. I’m looking forward to play some top down racing games. The Amiga had some excellent ones. Skid Marks, Super Cars 2 and Indie 500 off the top of my head. They may not hold up well but it’ll be a great trip down memory lane.
  5. Amazon don’t take the cash until they have stock
  6. Hmm. I don't like the look of the pad. I wonder if USB joysticks would work. I'd be tempted to get the best joystick of all time the Competition Pro. Obviously the Zip Stick was the poor option
  7. I love mini consoles but I've never been as excited about a mini console as I am for the A500. I was never aloud consoles when I was younger so I spent a lot of time with my A500 then A1200. I can't wait for this
  8. No, it's not sold out. You can order, but it won't ship until 2022.
  9. I’m in the same boat. I wanted to check some GBA reviews today and was under the impression that I had all the Edge magazines in digital form. But I was getting mixed up with Retro Gamer. That’s why I posted the link to the old mags as I was looking for some kind of online back catalogue.
  10. This may interest some of you:- https://archive.org/details/edge-magazine-uk?&sort=-week&page=2
  11. What would be a reasonable price to ask for this game boy? Including official Nintendo case with the following carts:- Mario Mario 2 Mario 3 Tetris Double Dragon Super Kick Off Alleyway Paperboy
  12. I'm thinking about selling if anyone is interested? I've got a brand new faceplate too.
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