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  1. My other half needs to offload some if you could open later please:)
  2. In my shop today there is an elaborate kimono stand for 220,000 bells!
  3. I must of asked this 5 times now so sorry for that. But does anyone have Mums as their native flower?
  4. Does any ones shop have Mums in today?
  5. Whoever is at Oreo, Rachaelle is a goon and freaking out as she doesn't know how to reply to messages I've been telling her that you are all stealing her flowers.
  6. Opening my gates for anyone that wants to check out the shop etc. Help yourself to fossils and the flowers that are next to them can be dug up. There's a few hybrids too. More will be added when I get a chance.
  7. I've accidentally wasted 60k on a bloody ring.
  8. @MagicalDrop Popcorn maker in the post. 4900 bells is fine. I need to sort my house out it's a right mess. Then decide what items I want. What do people use for kitchen cupboards?
  9. @MagicalDrop I have a popcorn kart if that's any good?
  10. I have sent you a best friend request. I will then order one and post it.
  11. My gates are open. I am working so won't be around.
  12. I am popping out for an hour. I will open up when I get back and my upgraded shop opens today
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