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  1. gingerling

    Pokemon Go

    Any chance some of you could add my Son please? 4354 2487 9905 cheers
  2. gingerling

    Pokemon Go

    I have added everyone from the spreadsheet. If anyone that isn’t on there wants to add me my code is 1292 0395 2925
  3. gingerling

    New handheld GBA thingy - JUST ARRIVED!

    This device is awful! Avoid. You can't save your game.
  4. gingerling

    PlayStation VR

    In regards to HDR. Just buy a switch box? https://www.outofcontrol.online/perfectish-setup-ps4-pro-ps4-psvr-hdr/
  5. gingerling

    PlayStation VR

    I have my son half the week and he wants VR for Christmas. My idea was to buy him it for his room and bring it downstairs when he's at his mothers. Is this going to be a fuck on? My PS4 is currently plugged into a Denon amp.
  6. gingerling

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Sorry if this has already been asked. Is this bundle coming to the UK does anyone know? https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/11/06/introducing-the-playstation-vr-skyrim-vr-bundle/
  7. gingerling

    Xbox One X

    Sorry if this has been answered previously. Will games that are getting updated for the X have enhancements on the S, as in HDR support? I bought the Xbox S when I got a 4K HDR TV and want to know if it's really going to be worth the upgrade.
  8. gingerling

    Stephen King

    Oh and if you lot haven't read Gerald's Game, get it read!
  9. gingerling

    Stephen King

    I'm on to book 4 of the Dark Tower and this is without a doubt the best so far. Unfortunately I've heard it's downhill from here. My Dad reckons the ending is a mess and King couldn't work out how to end it. I'm hoping he's wrong as he is a misery and stuck in the 20s. But... he possibly could be right.
  10. gingerling

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Actually proud to be a Sunderland fan tonight. Actually enjoyed the match for once!
  11. gingerling

    RPL Town - Season 38

    My Son plays Fifa on PS4 it's not installed on my PS4, I play on Xbox One. I will install tomorrow and I will then be able to play most nights after 9pm. If I am honest I thought I signed up for a 1v1 rather than a team ha ha. But I am happy to give this a go.
  12. gingerling

    RPL Town - Season 38

    I've been drinking but can get online if need be
  13. gingerling

    RPL Town - Season 38

    Oh god me in defence! I'm useless defending.
  14. gingerling

    Season 38 - Fifa 17's swansong - Sign up

    Nice one! Put me down please.
  15. gingerling

    Season 38 - Fifa 17's swansong - Sign up

    Is it too late to put my name down?

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