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  1. Give ebay a go as well. I have bought several King books from there that were mega cheap.
  2. This game is the only reason I put Yuzu on my Steam Deck.
  3. Due to some tragic circumstances I’ve been away from gaming as a whole since mid August. I am slowly coming to terms with these events and I am looking to get back into my Steam Deck. Have I missed much when it comes to emulation? Much improvements? I had Outrun C2C running along with a few emulators
  4. I used the guide but no doubt missed something. I'll go through it again and try to stop pestering everyone for help!
  5. So I've got Lutris installed. But I cant get Virtua Tennis 3 to work. Is it just trial and error to which version of Wine I should be using?
  6. It's not in games either. I am going to have to google the Flatpak installation steps. Thanks for the replies,
  7. Yeah, I added the script to Konsole. Then installed from Discover.
  8. Anyone got any ideas why Lutris won't install? The installation appears to complete but it doesn't show within games or applications.
  9. Emulation is my main motivation to get the Steam Deck. I went for the 256gb Steam Deck
  10. Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that. I will have a look around. I think 256 will do for now.
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