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  1. Never seen anyone been so annoyed about a title sequence! Who cares? I'm really loving this, it's everything I loved about GoT. Performances are great, I love the pacing and can't wait to see more.
  2. More insanity from Krallice, they are on such a roll:
  3. Couldn't even work it out with the first 3 letters and a fourth yellow letter. Basically had to cheat and just try every combination of my remaining letters until it recognised a word. Never heard of it. Oh well at least I learned a new word today, and it's only 9am!
  4. New Krallice album is killer. Those synths!
  5. Hmm, I'm concerned even though this doesn't really affect me (I can't afford any latest gen console so ). I swear this is capitalism at its worst though? Or can someone explain how it's a good thing (ideally leaving the toxic console war shit aside for a moment)?
  6. Yeah I don't see what the big deal is either. I assumed it would use international spelling to appeal to a wider audience. Bit surprised at the reaction actually! Proper gammon vibes.
  7. I haven't read the books but I've been watching this over the Xmas period and I think it's really great. It's not too heavy on the pandemic stuff. It actually reminds me of the more drama/humanistic elements of something like The Last of Us. It's quite funny in places too! Surprised it's not being talked about more.
  8. I really loved this. Lived up to the amazing trailer and can't wait to see it again. Entire cast was great (especially Thomasin McKenzie/Ellie who I was able to relate to in more ways than one). And it's so beautifully shot as well.
  9. Dave Made a Maze was heaps of fun. Reminded me of Community a lot at times but creative in its own way too.
  10. Really loved this after initially being a bit turned off by the religious stuff. I'm so glad I stuck with it and binged it all this weekend. Suffering from withdrawal symptoms this evening, so I've started watching Hush again, since it's also on Netflix. I've not seen it since it came out 4-5 years ago and But yeah, this was really great and can't stop thinking about some of the characters - Mike Flanagan is so good at that.
  11. CGB

    Squid Game

    Yeah I thought it was very watchable (I did watch the whole thing after all) but must say I'm a bit confused by all the hype. Felt each episode was at least 10-20 mins too long because some scenes just dragged out forever (e.g. when it took the protagonist like 10 mins to chose a number from 1-16). Whilst I enjoyed episode 6, I was definitely expecting more after all the hype. I was waiting for some Red Wedding moment and then it just ended. And the VIPs were just the worst And to be honest I didn't care about a single character apart from Ali. But, it was fine, and realise I am in the minority here!
  12. Playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 on a newly built PC, with my first ever joystick is one of the fondest gaming experiences I have. I used to make a cup of tea, plan a flight from NYC to London or somewhere (usually in a 747 in the rain) and it would literally restore my soul. Very envious of those of you who get to play this - I will just have to make do with watching all these videos for now!
  13. So much cringe. Thanks for your super hot take though, never seen something like this before! Assume you won't post in any of the football threads (including this one) again since you hate it so much? Why are you even relating climate change activism to an international football tournament? Oh yeah sorry, I'm watching the final tomorrow at my mate's house which leaves me with no time to care about anything else ever. Also please learn how to use apostrophes.
  14. Seriously can't believe we're in the final! Watched it in a pub in Old Street and had the best time, such a great atmosphere. The streets were so mad afterwards! Loving all the hot takes from the anyone but England crowd (as well as from the people who have clearly never watched football before). Why does everyone hate Kane so much?! Watching England dominate possession in the final ten minutes was a sight to behold, yet so many of you moaning and complaining about it. Whatever, should be a great final on Sunday!
  15. Thought Fear Street was okay. I did like the Scream vibe but the '90s nostalgia was too much at times. If you take away the '90s stuff I don't think we're left with anything particularly interesting really. Still, I'll look forward to the next ones. Watched They Look Like People as well tonight (thanks for mentioning it @Papaya Dance, had never heard of it before) and really enjoyed it. It's very much my kind of film though, lots of dialogue and doesn't rely too much on action. Love those kinds of psychological films though, like The Block Island Sound, Take Shelter, and such. I recommend it if you like that kind of thing.
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