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  1. In this episode Chris and Mads scrub in and take a deep dive look at Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital. Will Chris convince Mads that it really is a classic or is it just a radiator too far? We also announce something very special for June. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/Episode_252_-_Theme_Hospital.mp3
  2. Just a heads up for those wanting to hook up to a CRT, Spectrum Next RGB Scart cables work perfectly on the MiSTer. £13.99 delivered https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/sinclair-zx-spectrum/312-zx-spectrum-next-analog-rgb-scart-cable-0705693507088.html
  3. I love Turbo, so much so that I finally bought the steering wheel for the Coleco version a few years back. It should work well with an Atari paddle.
  4. Cool, I’ll give that a try.
  5. Guys, just bought one of these. Works fine on my modern TV but just tried hooking it up to a CRT using the scart lead from my Spectrum Next and it’s not working correctly. Do I have to change any settings in an ini file or something or should Scart work straight away?
  6. In this episode Mads and Chris reveal our Discord members’ choices for June’s game club theme and whittle down the list to just four for the public vote. https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/retroasylum/Episode_251_-_June_game_club_theme.mp3
  7. First teased 2 years ago, don’t think it’s been released as yet.
  8. Tube Panic? Yes I’m clutching at straws now.
  9. Personally I love the sound effects as it reminds me of Robotron & Defender by Williams but yes, a few people have mentioned the sound effects.
  10. He’s based in Much Hadam which is near Harlow/Bishops Stortford in Essex/Hertfordshire. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/159619705991218/
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