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  1. Swainy

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    That’s the main thing. I had to fit the PC in the back of mine but I wired a switch to inside the coin door. The monitor in mine is from a Megatouch arcade game so it is VGA. Obviously that means it runs at 31kHz rather than 15khz like a real arcade.
  2. Swainy

    Popeye (arcade) Speccy port

    It looks very nice, is there any sound?
  3. Swainy

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    Any pictures?
  4. Swainy

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    Thanks mate.
  5. Swainy

    MAME Arcade Appreciation Thread

    Get a proper cab lol Only kidding I bought this for £50 a few months back and bought the monitor for £13 from eBay. Obviously I’ve spent some more on it it since then (it needed a new control panel overlay, new t-moulding and a lot of tlc). Im running Groovymame on this.
  6. Swainy

    Arcade 1up

    The reviews have been mixed on these. The control panel overlays smudge and fade after a few weeks use. Also the Spinners on the Asteroids/Tempest cabs doesn’t spin freely enough to use.
  7. Swainy

    Your retro youtube videos

    See me play very badly indeed:
  8. Swainy

    Atari Lynx Appreciation Thread

    The Atari Lynx gets a lot of coverage in the latest episode of RA: http://traffic.libsyn.com/retroasylum/RA_190.mp3
  9. Swainy

    Video capture of retro consoles

    I record my footage using a DVD recorder. You can see how it looks here:
  10. Swainy

    jammaplus/forum - hijacked?

    There’s always the UKVAC forums I guess.
  11. Swainy

    Retro Revival 2018 - Tickets on Sale

    Recorded live at Revival 2018, Darren Gargette (of Cane And Rinse fame) hosts our Rare/Playtronic panel. Guests include Kev Bayliss, David Wise, Chris Seavour, Simon Gerges, Chris Marlow, Jens Restemeier, Shawn Pile, Dan Murdoch and Hamish Lockwood. http://traffic.libsyn.com/retroasylum/RA_Revival_Rare_Panel.mp3

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