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  1. He should still sell the hardware. There’s surely a market for that still.
  2. Unfortunately Ally stopped selling computer stuff a while back. He reckons that no-one was interested in it but he was always a console gamer at heart Tell him I said hello if you do pop in.
  3. It’s a shame that they didn’t just re-use the original Kickstarter’s version for the second campaign. I’m really happy with the Next but now owning a MiSTER, I’ve got to say that the Next core is spot on if you don’t mind using a standard keyboard.
  4. Neon Knights, Leigh On Sea. The Four Quarters, Peckham, South East London. Four Quarters, Hackney Wick, East London.
  5. Probably my Vectrex, especially seeing how much it would cost to replace it these days.
  6. I think that we all go through periods of not being in the mood for gaming. I think the reason that I don’t go through that so much is that my games room is at the end of my garden and other things in life prevent me from getting down there too much or as much as I’d like. At the moment as part of a future episode of Retro Asylum, we are playing a game each that we never did finish back in the day. So I’m just concentrating on one game for one system.
  7. Just have to make do with the Amiga version until someone does. Or the PC Engine one I guess.
  8. Not sure, it’s only just been made available to Patreons. There’s still some issues with it apparently. I didn’t spot any whilst playing the first few levels.
  9. Played this a few days ago, looks lovely but I didn’t really get in with the controls plus the sound effects seem a bit too weak in my opinion.
  10. What’s up with Doon Mackichan’s (Jane Plough’s) left eye in this series?
  11. Well I’ve still currently got all my hardware & games. I certainly wouldn’t sell off my stuff yet and certain pieces such as the grey Spectrum +2 that my parents bought me when I was kid would never be sold off.
  12. Also systems such as the C64 never had RGB originally so seeing those games in RGB on a CRT screen looks amazing compared to an old RF or composite signal.
  13. Some excellent replies here. Anyone who has ever listened to the Retro Asylum podcast would have heard me go on that you can’t beat the original hardware and in some cases (such as the Vectrex) I still stand by that. However, I’m going to use the Amiga 1200 as an example. I own an Amiga 1200 and trying to play some of the older Amiga titles on it (games developed for the A500) is a pain in the arse at times. You have to either try and find cracked versions which have been made backwards compatible or use something like Relokick which is hit and miss. However with the MiSTer it loads every Amiga title that I try. So in a way, it’s actually better than the original hardware.
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