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  1. I've put about 20 hours in in the last week or so. I'm working weekends so have days off in the week with fuck all else to do. I mainly play stealthy solo so I'm a pretty shit teammate tbh lol.
  2. I'm a little weary of these perfect for switch/deck posts, but fuck it; Eastbound is wonderful on this delightful little machine.
  3. I don't understand why people find Deek and Boozer unlikeable. They're some of my favourite ever gaming leads. Skizzo and the General are truly detestable though. I'm playing this through for the 4th time now on the deck. GOAT.
  4. Are there any other decent battle royale games in the works? I thought Super People was a bag of shit to be honest and had a great day off today visiting good old pubg, but just fancy something fresh. Just guns, tactics and no bullshit.
  5. Texture caching. Only does it on first load. I'm sure the deck has some fancy way of doing it on the fly or something.
  6. The only soulslikes I've enjoyed are the Surge games and Remnant. This was arse.
  7. I've totally fallen for this device. Going from older games like Dead Space and Borderlands to awesome indie bangers to *Sterling voice* triple A's like Days Gone on a handheld with such seamless ease is just magic. It's all I've played since it arrived.
  8. I paid on Friday and it didn't ship until Wednesday then arrived on the following Saturday.
  9. I'd love to see Joshua knock Fury out. Hard to see it happening, but it's not impossible.
  10. There's no way on earth Joshua wins this fight and he knows it. He's taking the money and will be gone in six rounds.
  11. I purchased on 3rd Sept, it despatched on the 7th and arrived on the 10th.
  12. The only game that gave me an issue was Singularity, but that's fair enough as it's old as heck and not supported. Shame though, as it looked lovely on the Deck, but controls were stuffed. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has had most of my time. It's listed as not supported but seems to run flawlessly and looks amazing. Also played a spot of Borderlands, Oblivion, Shadow Complex and Tales of Arise. Finished just now with Everyone's Gone to the Rapture. That blew me away a bit tbh. What a device. I haven't even begun messing with it properly yet.
  13. I'm so in love with this thing. Proper playing Atari Lynx as a youngster vibes spending my day off messing with this.
  14. I think my Deck might come today and I'm legit like a kid at Christmas
  15. I've not played the game, or even read the review, but I'm gonna say yes anyway.
  16. My 256gb preorder placed in Feb came up yesterday. This feels like the most frivolous purchase ever seeing as I have very little need for a portable device and my phone pared with a kishi is already an emulation beast, but damn do I want it.
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