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  1. Yeah, Resi 7 is by far the scariest of the series. The first half anyway.
  2. Really looking forward to getting stuck into this this evening. Heard the pc port is pretty good too.
  3. I refuse to spend 60 bloody quid on a digital console game. REFUSE I TELL YOU!!
  4. Yeah, I'm going to play it too. I'm sulking cos I can't get a physical copy of FFVII Remake.
  5. Yeah, that's worse than someone wanting to play American style pool.
  6. The controversy if anything has me more interested in this. Shame it's sold out everywhere.
  7. Sorry, meant playthroughs. Did normal in 5 and hardcore in 6.
  8. I got 11 hours out of my playthrough and ended up downloading RE6 cos I was still left with a Resi hard on. Quickly went.
  9. That's pure wishful thinking by the way. My uncle isn't capcom.
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