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  1. Not sure. I'm saving permadeath for another run through.
  2. @Gabe I've always felt the Watch Dogs games were quite innovative in how they allow you to complete objectives and that is really ramped up here. For example, and I'll spoiler this because it's an early mission and how you can go about doing it: I got one of my guys arrested, but thanks to having recruited a Barrister by settling her gambling debts, I'm able to get him out of jail. But really, the innovations are in how the incidental stuff works in the game. There are no sidequests on the map, all these come about through interacting with the world and the people in
  3. I hope this thread doesn't turn into just spec talk. There's a really decent and clever game here amidst the admitted jank. I think it's just a little over ambitious with the whole play as anyone thing and whatever AI is doing the voices isn't quite up to the task. What is also weird is how this game does hair. WTF is up with that? I can ignore that though to an extent, because the freedom the game gives is genuinely next gen. Just hacking some random stranger led me to stealing a barge and climbing Big Ben last night. It all feels so anti how Ubi games usually progress. There's no
  4. To be completely honest, not at all. If I want to play a game I will. I consider myself to be a reasonably forward thinking and moral person, yet at the same time I find it impossible to just stop buying things because it seems futile. Just as not buying a Milky Bar in the 80's did fuck all to stop Nestle being a complete bunch of cunts, me not buying the latest Watch Dogs or whatever isn't going to get any kind of message across, it's just going to contribute to poor sales and job losses for the people who are the most innocent. If you have a particular issue with certain aspects of a compani
  5. The new Nvidia driver seems to have fixed this for me btw.
  6. @Zero9X It's an issue with the DLSS. If you turn it off it goes away. Patch incoming tomorrow apparently. @PK Yes you can, that's what I'm doing. Just cancel before the month is through.
  7. @Uzi Thanks man. It's been a journey huh... Order confirmed and payment taken so it looks like I got very lucky. I was kinda tempted to wait for the 6800 but to be honest that's going to be exactly the same situation and I'm not sure I can be arsed anymore. So glad I can turn off all those damned stock notifications!!
  8. Think I snagged a Palit from Scan for 509.99. They've just put the FE cards up though and the site has collapsed.
  9. This game hits so many of my nostalgia buttons, growing up in London and getting a 70p kids travelcard and just fucking around in the city center. Haven't been back since leaving in 2011 so this really is A grade virtual tourism. I've just hacked a service drone and am using it to carry me around the map, just checking shit out. Currently hovering over Victoria Station. Port report - this makes my laptop wheeze hard! No matter what I do I can't get a stable 60fps. Medium settings, 50% render resolution... I think it's the CPU more than the GPU though so may have to lock it to 30.
  10. Feels similar to WD2 to me. I tend to use motorbikes wherever possible cos they handle much better. I'm going to try the game on my 1060 laptop in a mo. I thought the game ran quite nicely on my desktop, but resetera are up in arms over the performance.
  11. Urgh I wish I was that restrained. My current PC is doing fine, so what I really should do is wait, but I just get so swept up in it all ffs!
  12. I'm leaning towards a 6800 too. I've never owned an AMD gpu though so I feel scared and ashamed.
  13. I think it's for the invasion stuff like the Souls games. They all have anti cheat too. This one does seem to be particularly intrusive though.
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