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  1. I've been playing that Amazon MMO most of the day. It's generic as fuck and absolutely does not move an already stale genre on at all, but it damn is it compelling and lovely to look at.
  2. It's got to be a good way into development by now, surely?
  3. The os it's running on is bound to run into compatibility issues with some games down the line, and a lot of people without experience of the breadth of graphics options could be a little overwhelmed by the tweaking required to get things running optimally. It's not a switch basically. You're gonna need to dial things back if you think it'll be plug and play.
  4. I think there was another thread where a few gave thoughts on playing it. I thought it was awful. The PS2 games are far better. This was a mess imo. Edit - https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/315672-disaster-report-4-summer-memories/&tab=comments#comment-12641148
  5. Taego has given pubg a whole new lease of life for me. I'm loving the game at the moment.
  6. This thing looks immense. The hardware is particularly impressive given the size. It's like 17 switches taped together or something.
  7. The affluent manchild market continues to expand. What next - Roblox Rolex?
  8. Any tips for 2-2 boss? Too fast for me. He's like a Sekiro boss but I'm just some paper mage and no samurai. I've seen a few people do it on YouTube but they seem to all be melee builds and take less and do more damage. I did 3-2 last night but headed back to the Nexus once I'd unlocked the final path. Gulp...
  9. If this England team do win, then hopefully it would just give them an even bigger platform to speak up against this abhorrent Tory government, poverty and racism. Cmon lads.
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