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  1. Skyrim is great, but has combat that genuinely makes Witcher 3's feel like Sekiro.
  2. A little OT but how is the original on modern PC's? I don't think I ever finished it but loved what I played on a borrowed PS2 copy.
  3. I watch twitch and I'm 43. It's great background viewing when i am in my office and need some company that I only have to semi-engage with. I've even been known to watch a bit at home whilst cooking. Imagine living in this world now as a younger person though. Imagine how alienated you would feel by all the old white men failing everyone but their mates with such ridiculous consequences yet being completely accountability proof. I'd find a lot more solace there if i wasn't so busy too. What else is there? Read a book by a terf? Watch BBC N word? The world is fucked right now. Twitch is sanity by comparison. I don't watch cunts though.
  4. I've found if you turn your TV off then on again it breaks the HDR. There's also a bug with 4k resolution sometimes upscaling a downscaled image. The port is more than playable (I'm getting 70-90 FPS outdoors and 100 plus in cauldrons at 1440p) but clearly a very budget effort. They didn't even bother with any additional DRM which is rare for such a big release. It's all over yarr sites already.
  5. I don't think doc has many fans here at all really.
  6. Sea of Thieves? Dauntless? (Monster Hunter clone)
  7. It's nowhere near as bad as the internet pitchfork campaign would decree for me at least. The frame skips when entering and exiting cutscenes and whenever dialogue happens is annoying but the performance is acceptable. Fighting robohorses at 70-80 FPS felt great. I still think the PC port is the ps5 4k60 beta, and hope they fix it soonish.
  8. Yet Death Stranding didn't. Must be something to do with it being a shit port. Aloy deserved better.
  9. This is disappointing. I'm having a fairly shit week seeing family and sorting various issues before the inevitable next lockdown and looking forward to this was keeping my spirits up. Damn you AMD. Death Stranding spoiled me. I was expecting similar results
  10. So the PC port has no dlss? That's actually a big shame.
  11. Not horror, but this thread reminded me of it. Does anyone remember Chanel 4 Pot Night in the mid 90s? A whole evening dedicated to weed, finished off with the classic Cheech and Chong movie Up in Smoke.
  12. Yeah, I can totally understand the praise BotW gets, but I preferred Horizon.
  13. Well worth 13 quid. It's a fun little game.
  14. I can directly trace my love of horror movies to watching John Carpenter's The Fog on late night TV with the volume so low I could barely hear it when I was about 9 years old. Thanks for reminding me of that. It's a great memory (and movie).
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