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  1. Anyone hyped for Alvarez Vs Plant? The heavyweight division is the best it's been in decades and is rightfully getting all the attention, but this super middleweight fight is looking to be one for the ages.
  2. Finally got around to watching Willy's Wonderland and really enjoyed it. The cast are clearly having fun and hamming it up and it's just a good, silly ride.
  3. It wasn't really meant to be a perfectly fair comparison, more an observation that I find it odd that you can get something so visually incredible on the QV1 but be locked out of a port of a 17 year old game. I fully understand the reasons why just as I fully understand that the only limitation is there by design and could be bypassed by a little cable.
  4. I'm a tiny bit irritated that I can hook my Quest 1 up to my PC very simply and play HL:A with everything cranked, yet am locked out from RE:4VR. It seems a little arbitrary. I guess they want a big app to sell V2's for Christmas though and wouldn't be surprised if it becomes available later down the line.
  5. Download and run Steam VR then it'll show up in the Oculus App.
  6. Paris Hilton looking a bit rough these days etc.
  7. I'd quite like to get some basic crafting materials from breaking down equipment instead of only repair kits. At least enough to make a few musket rounds without tracking down some comically overcrowded spawn area.
  8. My gaming tastes have changed in my forties. Late 90's to mid 2000's I'd say 80 to 90 percent of the games I'd play would be of Japanese origin with a large majority being JRPG's. I'm really struggling to play JRPG's these days though and as much as I hate to admit it, I feel I've outgrown them. In the past few years pubg has reintroduced me to keyboard and mouse and I'm really getting into games that involve popping heads more. In terms of time nothing has changed. I play as much as ever.
  9. The only game I have paid close to RRP for this year is Returnal as I bought it digitally. It also happens to be one of the best videogames I've ever played so even at that price it was a bargain. You just can't put a price on experiences like that. Sorry gameass.
  10. Just a heads up that these Govee camera kits work infinitely better with oleds. I tried it on my nanocell and due to the angle of the camera and the LCD image degradation it just didn't work very well but on the bedroom oled it's perfect.
  11. You can get the Govee flow pro bars and camera for 52 quid on Amazon at the mo which seems like a steal. I mention it here cos after watching a few reviews, the camera seems to do a pretty decent job at giving an ambilight like effect. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/govee-flow-pro-led-light-bars-with-camera-compatible-with-voice-assistants-for-ps5199-delivered-at-govee-uk-amazon-3805835
  12. I'm about ten hours in and have got to the point where I get choice paralysis whenever I start the game. I enjoy the game well enough, but I'm just never quite sure I'm doing the right things in the right order. Like, I've progressed this quest line to 5 stars so do I drop it and travel around doing the 3 star stuff first? That makes sense as a game but destroys the urgency of the narrative. Or I could gather the billion nearby collectibles, or go on a tank rampage, or steal a vehicle, or race a quad bike. Then I get overwhelmed with it all so just watch a pubg stream and have a cup of tea.
  13. I loved The Night House. Beautifully shot, dripping in atmosphere and kept me guessing. I like that it doesn't spoon feed the plot to you and credits the watcher with the ability to put some things together whilst having the confidence to still keep some ambiguity. Cracking watch.
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