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  1. I finished this yesterday afternoon with 40 hours clocked. It is a bit janky and the game does have serious pacing issues. There can be long periods of time when you are just traveling between groups being well, a diplomat which doesn't make for the most exciting gameplay. As the game drew toward its conclusions though, I found that I was getting more and more invested in the characters and events and by the end became almost obsessed with trying to tie things up in the best possible way. Thankfully I managed to do and say and negotiate the right things to get a pretty satisfactory conclusion, and I came away from the game feeling a real sense of accomplishment. I also think the game gives the player a fantastic amount of control over unfolding events which makes the story feel somewhat personal. I will play through this again in a few months to see just how much of that perceived freedom over the story is real and take some very different paths, but I have to say, this is a huge achievement for the small team at Spiders to pull together such a competent, at times beautiful, engaging and intricate RPG. Very glad I took a punt on this. It went way and above the functional fantasy RPG I was expecting.
  2. It just feels a bit clunkier to me. There's a delay when aiming down sniper sights, and these laggy menus are soul destroying. Also when coming out of the menu (especially the map screen) buttons seem completely unresponsive for half a second. Small stuff, but it all just makes the game seem janky. That being said, I'm still having a decent time with it. I just hope a quick patch or two can fix the niggles.
  3. It is a good list. I was being flippant with my previous FF remark. I've finished 26 of 50 too.
  4. System Shock 2 was a year too early for the list I think.
  5. The accents are amazing. RENOIGSE!!!!
  6. To be fair, this is not a game beyond criticism. The quality of the quests vary hugely (the companion quests being the highlight for me) so doing a few clunkers in a row could put a bit of a downer on the game. I had the opposite last night. Did some really good story quests then Siora's companion quest and it's probably been the high point of the game for me so far.
  7. It really bothers me that all the manbearpigs just stand completely still until you enter their combat radius.
  8. I was actually thinking the other day how impressive it was that AJ had been doing this for ten years without any notable controversy.
  9. Right, kids out to play for a few hours so time to get stuck in.
  10. Yeah, that scene was dark...
  11. I'm still enjoying it a lot. I've just done a great quest involving a shipwreck. It is flawed as fuck though.
  12. Same. Played it a month or so back and it was... Okay. I enjoyed it enough to finish it but it didn't particularly resonate.
  13. I agree with every criticism but I'm properly invested in this game after tonight's play. I don't think I've ever wanted to see the utter demise of a game character more than this guy just introduced. The game has a real pull in that it makes you feel like you can put some very bad shit right.
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