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  1. Nope, not how spoilers work. No context, nothing. You are not that dumb.
  2. I dropped an NPC early in the game into a river and they got swept away down a waterfall and I fired a situationally appropriate weapon in a panic.
  3. Prey (2017). Bought it not long after it came out and by all accounts it's great, but for reasons beyond me it has always been pushed aside. I really need to get round to it but I've been saying that for two years. Same applies to Dishonoured. Bought the goty in a steam sale in 2015. Never even installed it. REmake is amazing btw.
  4. What drives me mad the most are the the repeated instructions. Seconds after one NPC tells you you can do x you get a call saying the same damned thing. The game fucking trolls you at times. I really think the traversal, exploration and social aspect of the game is great, like genuinely could have been Breath of the Wild great, but it needed an editor man. Fuck.
  5. Yeah I'm having a good time playing this today, but none of the criticism in this thread seems unjustified. Ridiculous levels of satisfaction gained from building roads though
  6. We sold our mamas and papas breastfeeding chair and I miss it so much. It was so fricking comfortable!!
  7. Spent the afternoon slightly hung over farming likes and I've loved every minute
  8. They've edited the review now. It originally said the protagonist was John Conners.
  9. Do you have to review it or something? Why are you bothering?
  10. The very next day she gives it away?
  11. That was me. Can I stop reading now?
  12. John Conners http://www.pushsquare.com/reviews/ps4/terminator_resistance
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