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  1. Gizamaluke

    Just Cause

    Why? JUST CAUSE!!!!
  2. @NickC Here here. Well said. Drogon returned to Essos and burninated the countryside
  3. Gizamaluke

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    The issue I am having is MSI afterburner OSD only shows up on my 4k monitor. Not really a huge deal, but I like to optimise frames when I play 1080p and it's difficult without a precise indicator of what is good to lower for performance.
  4. Gizamaluke

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Same. One 1080p 144Hz and the other 4k 60Hz.
  5. Gizamaluke

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Odd. I have two monitors connected and have no issue (one HDMI and one D-port). @MK-1601 You'll be happy to know I played with my mouse and keyboard last night.
  6. Gizamaluke

    Years and Years - BBC

    So is Keith the Robot!
  7. Gizamaluke

    Years and Years - BBC

    Anyone else watch the first episode? I wasn't really interested but my wife had it on whilst I was reading and I was gripped after 15 minutes. It's a bit of an Armageddon fantasy where the writer has taken the current political situation forward 5 years and taken it to (hopeful) extremes and it's very Black Mirror, but I enjoyed it. Well written and acted and with likeable characters. I read up on the writer Russell T Davies who has loads of BBC stuff to his name from Dr Who to Queer as Folk, and he said he'd been working on this off and on for years and promised his friends he'd finish it if Trump won the 2016 election. We all know what happens next... Anyway I like it. Very much looking forward to what happens next after the end of ep 1 bombshell. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000539d/years-and-years-series-1-episode-1
  8. Gizamaluke

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    The Fortnite effect is huge.
  9. Even bigger icon filled open worlds
  10. Gizamaluke

    Is the summer drought here already?

    A Plague Tale is amazing and deserves everyone's cash. Go buy it.
  11. Gizamaluke

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    End game spoilers: Didn't spoil the game, just felt like a missed opportunity.
  12. Gizamaluke

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    Well I've just seen the credits roll on this after 50 odd hours and ended up really enjoying it. The empowerment the game gives you through the course of the game is really second to none. At the start, a little camp with a dozen or so freaks is a challenge, yet the end has you tearing through hordes hundreds strong with relative ease. I also really enjoyed Decon's journey. Sure the plot had some missteps, but I can't remember the last time I really felt attached to game characters like this. Deacon, Boozeman, Sarah, Iron Mike. I liked these guys. I also really fucking hated that Skizzo fucker and the General so the end was very satisfying. So yeah. Gonna miss Days Gone and its stunning Oregon. Had a blast. Maybe I'll go back and clear a few more hordes.
  13. Gizamaluke

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    I flick between the two. Depends how I feel. Sometimes it's quite nice to have the accurate control a mouse offers and feel like a badass, but other times I just want to kick back. My PC is hooked up to a 40" 4K monitor and a 24" Gsync monitor on the same corner desk so it just depends whether I want to sit in my chair hunched over a desk, or turn it 45 degrees, recline it and pull out a foot stool.

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