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  1. You just negged me. The only person. The other 18 gave me a positive. That means you are incorrect to have negged me. Goodbye.

  2. Just got back from there a while ago. Probably not worth going if you are travelling far. Lots of people had connection issues and other than a few extra pokestops, Niantic haven't really done anything extra for the event. It's good if you are happy to use a few lucky eggs and grind out lots of xp otherwise pointless.
  3. are you rick strider in disguise??!
  4. Caught one by my house in Birmingham this morning. Seems to be spawning at the same place as i've seen it twice more already.
  5. the devs should create a kickstarter to raise money to sue steve wilcox...
  6. when did sherlock become eastenders???
  7. i've got the widescreen one! was hankering after one since seeing them in CEX 15 years ago and finally managed to track one down on ebay in 2010.
  8. yup....did it 2 weeks ago when he got 24 points as well. it's gonna cost me the lead this week though
  9. arokib666


  10. arokib666


    we are gonna fuck this up somehow....
  11. arokib666


    it such a pity we ain't owned by billionaires like those clubs are!
  12. arokib666


    with liverpool and tottingham out, there goes our chances of finishing in the top four
  13. My wife worked with Banksy just before he was famous. Sadly she never took any pictures with him and can't remember how he looks!
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